Ben Affleck, either act or direct
by Nathan Orians
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Remember “Good Will Hunting,” which garnered two Oscar wins? In the film, Ben Affleck plays a working-class guy from Boston. Affleck clearly remembers – after all, those were his glory days. Affleck's role in “The Town” is almost a continuation of the same character, only now he robs banks.

Who knows why Affleck made this movie. Maybe he was hoping to recreate a little of that Oscar magic, or maybe he just wanted to use that wicked good Boston accent in another movie.

If Affleck is in fact hoping for an Oscar, or even a nomination, he forgot the key component to the success of “Good Will Hunting” - actor Matt Damon. While Damon has gone on to star in great films (“Invictus.” “Ocean’s Eleven” and more), Affleck has been in theatrical flops like “Gigli,” (I haven’t been able to forgot that one yet) and “Daredevil.” (Thanks again Affleck for ruining a piece of my childhood.) Clearly, Affleck doesn’t hold a lion’s share of the talent.

It bothers me when an actor is lazy and plays the same role twice. If Affleck had cast someone else in the lead role and simply stuck with directing, it probably would have been more enjoyable.

All else told, “The Town” is a fun flick. It has gunfights, car chases, and some heartfelt dialog. The plot is that this one town in Boston, Charlestown, produces more bank robbers than anyplace else in America. The movie follows one group of these thieves as they run a series of jobs.

During the first robbery, the crew takes a hostage, taking pains to ensure she doesn’t see their faces. Affleck’s character does some recon-work. Here’s the twist – they fall in love. (Not a good move.) The movie also shadows an FBI agent, Jon Hamm (A.K.A. Don Draper in “Mad Men”), as he tries to take down the gang of thieves.

The movie is predictable but worth checking out. If nothing else you can start practicing your Boston accent so next time you see somebody wearing a Red Sox hat, you can yell at them in a language they understand.

(Rating: 3.5/5)
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nancy g-ma nichols
October 04, 2010

So if you yell loud enough the Red Sox hat wearer will be able to hear how wonderful you think the Red Sox are. Right?