Enough is Enough
by John Jastremski
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In the week leading into Father's Day, there is still incredible uncertainty as to if and when we will have a baseball season this year.

The state of affairs in the sport brings emotions of anger, frustration and just plain sadness.

How is it possible that when it comes to a restart plan that the NBA, NHL and other sports have figured out their plan of attack, but baseball cannot?

It’s not because of health concerns, but rather it comes down to pure greed.

Look, trying to figure out the dynamics of labor negotiations can be incredibly boring for most of us. This one is pretty simple.

The players negotiated and wanted 100 percent of their prorated salaries. Not complicated.

The owners and overmatched Commissioner Rob Manfred simply don't want to pay them that over a certain amount of games.

They are willing to do it for up to 50 games in a last-resort scenario to salvage a season, but in each of their individual offers to players, the same math has applied.

Manfred's lack of leadership in thinking about the overall growth and vision of the game have been obvious throughout these last few weeks.

His focus has been 100 percent in the direction of helping a contingent of owners that seem content with playing as little baseball as possible.

You actually wonder if some owners would prefer not to see a season in 2020 at all.

As of late last week, it appeared a 50-game season was inevitable. No compromise, but it’s the only way the players would get their full prorated salaries.

Last week, Rob Manfred said, "unequivocally, we are playing baseball in 2020, 100 percent."

On Monday, he backtracked from those comments, sending baseball fans into a state of panic.

Manfred's change of heart is clearly one last-ditch effort to try to iron out a deal by forcing a state of desperation among the players.

It won't work. The MLB Players Association is a united front and has called the league's bluff.

The rallying cry from union president Tony Clark since the weekend has been a simple one: when it comes to playing baseball in 2020, "tell us when and where."

The fighting and the back and forth has been impossible to deal with from an optics standpoint.

People are hurting, our country is very much in recovery mode and, for many people, the last thing they are going to want to read about is bickering about money between two incredibly wealthy groups of people.

Baseball has missed the boat already. There will be no July 4th Weekend Opening Day. The warm feelings surrounding a return have disappeared.

Now, it's trying to figure out when the sport will return and what that will look like. If there is a return.

Dear baseball, I love you, but get your sh*t together. Enough is enough.

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