Queens-based author releases picture book on bullying
by Jennifer Khedaroo
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Author L.A. Kefalos
Author L.A. Kefalos
Queens-based children’s book author, L.A. Kefalos, is hoping that her new picture book can help communities end the problem of bullying.

“A. Blob on a Bus” is Kefalos’ second book in a three-part series centered around the purple, slug-like bully, A. Blob. In the first book, readers were asked to view life from the bully’s perspective. In “A. Blob on a Bus”, the book explores the issue of bullying through the perspective of the bystander and asks children what would they do in the situation.

When A. Blob boards the bus and begins to poke, prod, and pester, it seems like the children of Lincoln Elementary will never be free from the bully. That is, until one brave girl raises her voice. Through this amusive, rhymed story, Kefalos hopes to encourage children to find their own strong voices and stand up for what is right.

“We all have a responsibility to watch out for one another and we are stronger when working together,” Kefalos, a Glendale resident, said.

An engineer by day and author by night, Kefalos is passionate about creating literature for children that helps begin early conversations about relationships and the effect words and actions have on those around us.

Kefalos has been writing for years, including publishing pieces for multiple Fortune 500 companies, magazines and films, as well as creating several shorts for children.

She was first inspired to dive into the world of picture books after reading about yet another young person taking their life as the result of childhood bullying.

“I wanted to write something about these tragedies, but there were no words that would bring any comfort for the tremendous loss,” Kefalos said, “but I thought there were possibly words that could prevent it from happening again. Something had to change.”

She believes that talking with kids at an earlier age about bullying could prevent it.

The impact of bullying on both those who are victims of bullying and those who bully is a reality that schools and parents know all too well.

For everyone involved, bullying can lead to drops in grades, increased absence, low self-esteem, aggression, depression, inability to hold a job later in life, and much more.

According to several studies, early interventions, such as reading books and holding focused discussions have been shown to reduce bullying in schools by 50 percent.

Through her writing, Kefalos hopes to be a part of that solution.

“We are all in this together...children, parents, teachers, the whole community,” Kefalos stated. “My book can't end bullying alone. It is just one line in an enormous conversation. But it can start the discussion.”

The book, which was released on July 22, can be found on Amazon and at www.laughingleopardpress.com.
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