“App”licable apps for anyone on the go
by Valeen Kalimootoo
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Let’s face it. If you have a problem or you’re bored, you can bet that there’s an app for that. We are living an app-saturated culture and if you don’t get with it, you could be missing out. Here, we’ve put together some of the coolest, hippest apps (for iPhone or Android) for anyone who is constantly on the go. If you don’t know, now you know!


For all the fashionistas out there or just those who want to pump up their style, My Style Fashion Assistant is the app that will bury all your memories of past fashion mishaps and catastrophes in the closet. This app assorts and assembles entire outfits for you and even plans ahead for special occasions or the weather. It will find the perfect outfit for that special date or important interview in seconds; so no more planning and trying on clothes for hours at a time. While on the train, or waiting on a bus, the perfect outfit is only a few taps away.

Kids often get embarrassed by annoying phone calls from mom and dad wondering where they are and what time they’ll be home while their friends are in the background laughing. Avoid that issue with the iCurfew app that allows kids to send their location to their parents email informing them of where they are. This will put the parents mind at ease in a discrete manner and excuse the embarrassment that growing kids try so hard to dodge.

For those who love to be in the kitchen, whipping up original homemade recipes, Cooking is the best app to get that guides the cook to the perfect meal. Unlike other apps that gives recipes to follow, this app takes your original recipe and explains what can be used to improve it and why. Also it tells what ingredients can be used to substitute others. This helpful app also includes general cooking terms, measurement conversions, and temperature considerations. Now, you can enjoy perfecting original recipes while keeping your guests guessing.


For all the latest releases or old school music, Pandora Radio is the app to get. There is no more need to download and transfer music from a PC/Mac to a phone or iPod; Pandora Radio instantly brings the hits to you. Just type in your favorite bands and musicians and instantly a channel comes up and plays all their music, new, old, and even ones linked to different artists giving more variety for an endless playlist.

Everyone had their share of paying for over priced ring-tones or trying to record their favorite songs to set them as a ring-tone but the sound quality is just not the same. Ringdroid kicks all those problems away. It simply pulls up music saved from your phone and allows you to not only set your ring-tone to the song you most desire but cuts to your favorite parts as well, and it’s all for free. 

Music means something different to everyone, whether they enjoy listening to it or creating it. With Garage Band, it gives the opportunity for music creators to have a band in the palm of their hands. Fully equipped with a variety of touch instruments and a recording studio, it is a music lover’s paradise giving them a chance to make, produce, and edit on the go.



Angry Birds is paving its way into phones and iPods everywhere. This simple yet addictive game is based on angry birds with different powers that try to destroy the evil green pigs who’ve stolen their golden eggs. The high flying birds catapult themselves from a slingshot into a suicide mission to destroy the towers that protect the pigs. After each pig is destroyed, the levels become harder and different birds are used to strategically fight their way to success.

For puzzle lovers everywhere, Glow Puzzle is a simple yet addictive game that involves connecting all the dots of the puzzle without reusing a path that was already used.

With its neon themed lights and catchy theme music, it will bring hours of fun trying to get through each increasingly difficult brain teaser.

Where’s Waldo is a classic book-style game that was played by children and adults from all over. Now it has entered the app world in the Where’s Waldo game app. It takes this classic game from a book, onto a screen, using the same simple instructions; locate Waldo in his trademark red and white shirt, hat and blue pants. It also gives other items to locate in a frenzy of mixed objects and people that resemble the given item. This game is loads of fun and excitement for everyone.



Instead of spending unnecessary money on an Amazon Kindle, just get the Kindle app that you can take with you anywhere. This app works just the same as the device, giving customers the chance to read, browse, and buy all the books they desire. It is easy to use and stores all books either in a list or on a bookshelf showing the cover of the book for easy access. Never worry about carry heavy books in bags when this convenient app can give you a library in your pocket. Other similar apps include iBook and the Barnes & Noble’s Nook.

For the comic book fans, Marvel Comics is definitely the go-to app. This app provides full comic books, both free and for sale, of favorite super heroes and villains from the earliest comic book years to the most recent. Readers can enjoy their favorite child hood hero’s right on their phones. 

The GoodReader app is the best for on-the-go reading. This genius app quickly makes reading books, maps, PDFs, documents and more, simple and easy no matter where you are. It is an essential for the busy business person or college student who are always buried in their phones, doing homework or getting ready for a presentation. GoodReader makes life good and simple.
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