Your wardrobe: Your calling card
by Holly Wilensky
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When was the last time that you reinvented yourself? Is ‘transferable’ in your wardrobe vocabulary? Are you stuck in a fashion time warp or do find yourself buying the same thing in a variety of colors? Chances are if you are feeling deflated when opening your closet, then a wardrobe ‘reinvention’ or ‘intervention’ may very well be in order.

Think of your style as your personal calling card. It’s the first thing that people see and judge about you until they get to know you personally. With that being said, let’s look at some helpful solutions to get you unstuck and fashionably rolling again.

• Focus on one season at a time. For spring, rotate your pieces to the front that you have for the upcoming season. From here, figure out what you are lacking and replace with updated pieces.

• Reevaluate. Are these items still fitting you? In style? In good condition? In need of repair or cleaning?

• Shop off season. You can save tremendously (especially if you have kids) when you shop off season. When the seasons change, the sale racks are out in full force. Figure out what needs replacing for next year and find discounted merchandise at least 50-70 percent off. If your snow boots went in the garbage after this winter, now is the best time for snow boot shopping. The spring merchandise is on the floor and the leftover winter inventory is tremendously discounted. Take advantage of it!

• Break the monotony. Is black your fallback color? Try accessorizing in color. Bright bags, belts and shoes are in this spring to break you out of the ‘black’ cycle. This will transition you into color slowly while keeping you in your comfort zone.

• Keep your wardrobe classics, (neutrals, black pants, etc.) in full rotation mixing and matching to multiply your wardrobe selection. Wear jackets over dresses or cardigans over your shoulders to accessorize and give some older pieces a new flair. Patterned tights, scarves and camisoles fall under this category as well.

As much as you grow and develop through the years, your clothes need to keep up with your lifestyle and budget. Develop your look and tailor it to your personality. Get creative with color and accessorize when outfits look drab or mundane. Take the time to invest in yourself and your clothes. When you present yourself with pride you make a memorable impression!

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