What fashion rules rule your house?
by Holly Wilensky
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When we become teenagers that then become parents, where do we draw the imaginary fashion line in the sand that says, “You’re NOT going in public in THAT….?”

It seems that both boys and girls are having similar issues these days with their wardrobes pushing the envelope between fashionable and age appropriate. And by the way, who gets to make up the rules anyway? As America becomes vainer by the second, the issue here is helping your teen or better yet, help them embrace their own personal style, whichever style that may be.

As children we come into the world needing all of our basic needs met to survive. Once we get that down pat, we start to push our parents back and push society, culture, and peer pressure to the front. With that being said, it’s important to remember as we were once teens too, that most people (especially our kids) just want to have the chance to express themselves with their style (or lack thereof).

Research shows that teens spend more money on clothes than any other societal class. If the thought of going shopping for clothes with your kids makes you cringe, then here’s a few ideas that might soften the blow a little while letting them have the freedom to make some of their own choices about their style and appearance.

The 50/100 Dollar Challenge:

A fun way to give the offspring a little freedom to stretch their fashion creativity when shopping is to give them a challenge. Pick one item, (tops, bottoms, dresses) and challenge them to see how far their dollars will go. They will have fun being frugal; saving money and making their dollars stretch. Most importantly, they will be forced to explore other options instead of going to the most expensive stores.

Make Up and Hair:

These are big “small” issues that give our newest generation the opportunity to feel beautiful. Make up can be their best friend or their worst enemy, but when taking the following approach you can reach common ground.

If make-up is allowed in your home, help them choose colors that complement their skin and hair. Educate them and show them the way, then let them make their own choices. Even if you don’t agree, then try to compromise the best you can.

Harsh colors, piercings and dyed hair are only a phase that kids go through when they are trying to stand out from a crowd. With our celebrity obsession today, who can really blame them? With the more beauty and skin information they are provided, they will want to make the right choices for themselves.

Take advantage of the endless amount of how-to make-up videos and information on the Internet. In addition, there are TONS of fashion, style and shopping blogs that give excellent tips and shopping advice to get the most bang for your buck.

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