A long 127 hours, if you could handle it
by Nathan Orians
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An actor being able to carry an entire scene without the help of a supporting cast is rare. If an actor can single handedly deliver an entire film without any aid it’s more than impressive – it’s almost unbelievable. James Franco manages to do this.

Franco does one of the best performances of this year in “127 hours” and the majority of the film is shot without the presence of another actor on screen. Franco deserves recognition for his work, because it truly was a great solo performance.

In “127 Hours” Franco plays wilderness enthusiast Aron Raiston. While Raiston is hiking alone he falls and traps his arm under a boulder. Unfortunately for Raiston, he failed to tell anyone where he was going hiking that weekend. He is his only hope. Based on a true story the movie documents the 127 hours he was in the wilderness and his heroic efforts to escape.

With Oscar season right around the corner the big question is, does “127 Hours” deserve to win best picture? Judging by its competition, I would be more than surprised to see it take home the trophy.

While Franco’s performance is amazing, the movie as a whole is overwhelming, and not necessarily in a good way. There are times when the movie is hard to watch. The problem with the film is that it is so focused on making the viewer feel and understand the suffering that Raiston endured that it fails to do much else. There aren’t enough side stories. The film alludes to a love plot previously in Raiston’s life. It also suggests a certain amount of family drama and an upcoming wedding. But other than that Raiston’s character remains somewhat of a mystery.

Watching the film you will feel sick to your stomach. There is an over abundance of graphic detail and far too many close ups of Franco’s face as he grits his teeth or screams in pain.

“127 Hours” is worth seeing if, and this is a big if, if you have a strong stomach and don’t mind feeling like you are trapped under a bolder for the duration of the film.

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