Cute and prepared to weather any storm
by Holly Wilensky
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Fashionably speaking, there are 36 days until Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, dictating how many more weeks of winter we are subjected to ruining our good shoes.

Even though we asked for a white Christmas, I don’t think anyone asked for their shoes to be ruined by snow melting salt and disgusting black slush everywhere you step.

What’s a fashionista like you supposed to do when a tragedy like this hits the streets?

If you have a fabulous night out on the town planned and want to wear your new cute shoes, it’s important that you take strict precautions when hiking up mountains of snow, ice and slush to get to your final destination.

• A Change in Shoes

There are no bones about it; you have to change your shoes approximately one block before entering your event. Even though this requires you to bring an additional bag, it will be well worth carrying the extra weight to keep your shoes looking like new.

Dress Recycler Tip: Considering most people wear boots this time of year; bring a plastic bag to throw them in before you tote them in your tote bag to keep the NYC dirt out of your belongings.

• Small Gift = Big Help

You have probably seen these everywhere…and I ended up getting one as a gift this season. These nylon tote bags roll up as small as a dinner napkin and stay ever so conveniently in the bottom of your purse.

Once you are ready to whip out your designer heels use this bag to keep your street ridden boots together and out of the way. It’s cute and simply convenient, whatever your style may be.

Dress Recycler Tip: The rolled up tote pictured here is from Bath & Body works.

It was a total free gift with purch, however downright great to have in a shoe emergency or any other fashion emergency. It rolls up super small when not in use and will truly come in handy.

• Don’t Let Your Boots Die a Slow Painful Death

Those of us that have “nice” snow boots are really in for a rude awaking once we get to work. You can waterproof them with any waterproofing spray which will help, but will not prevent long term damage.

Dry those designer snow boots off once you take them off to avoid any major staining. Nothing a few swipes of a damp paper towel can’t cure.

Dress Recycler Tip: Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on your soles and sides of your boots, it helps get the grime off and brightens them back up.

Since we are all trekking through the streets after the battle with the most recent blizzard, keep your fashion spirits up and your shoes pretty and clean while you remain the shining star in rain, snow, sleet or shine.

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