Gifts that keep giving
by Holly Wilensky
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If you’re on a budget just making ends meet like most of America, then the following suggestions below will take the pressure off of finding and giving that perfect gift and will escalate you to “favorite” status in the family. Let’s face it, as our parents are aging it’s important to be an ‘extra’ set of hands around the house when duty calls. And what better time than at Christmas to show how much you care by giving a gift that keeps giving? You can even do it as a surprise for that special someone.

So, if you’re broke this holiday season, have no fear. You can:


The guest bathroom or small room is a great place to start. Parents and siblings really appreciate things getting done around the house that are a burden to them. These are every day chores that leave a lasting impression when completed without having to be asked.

-Clean out

The garage or storage room ‘monster’ that is taking over CAN be slain. Even if it’s too big of a job for you to take on alone, starting small can make a huge difference in the energy of the space. It might spark interest and motivate someone else to continue where you left off.

-Fix up

This can be something as simple fixing up a piece of furniture, changing the knobs on the kitchen cabinets to newer ones, or installing drapes or blinds. Power washing and yard work also fit in this category. Jobs that are overwhelming seem less intimidating when they are done in stages.

-Hang and/or Decorate

Tired of the same wall décor from the 1970’s every time you go home? Create a wall in your parents’ house of corkboard. Take old family photos or posters that your family loves and create an oversized wall collage. It’s really fun to install and create while being a great conversation piece for family and guests. This is the gift that keeps on giving.

-Room face lift

Make the most of your space by giving one of your relative’s rooms a face lift. Rearrange furniture, use some inexpensive throw pillows or change out the old lamp shades. These are small changes that can and will brighten an old dingy room that has looked the same for years.


Make it a pleasant surprise for the hostess by taking over the kitchen duties. Even if they won’t let you, bringing your own dishes to add to the meal will not only be a surprise but a break from the same holiday meal year after year.

Have your family member buy the supplies and you do the labor. It’s usually one day of hell that will make you the shining star of your family and erase all of the wrong doings you have ever done as a child.

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