The summer do not cut short hair, it is recommended that 30 women cut these short hair more
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It's a good idea to cut your hair short in the summer, so many people will choose to cut their hair short, which not only looks good and fresh, but remember not to cut your hair short, if you don't cut it right, it will be especially old and rustic, so it is recommended that 30 women cut these short hair, which will make you look younger and younger.

What style of short hair is suitable to choose? So 30 women cut short hair to pay attention to these points?

The first point, can not cut too short hairstyle

Because too short too short hair, the hair will easily expose the shortcomings of your face, more difficult to manage, and it is easy to step on the mines, so it is not recommended to cut super short hair.

The second point is to try not to choose a perm with too small a volume

For example, corn perm, tin foil perm, wool volume, and so on these perm, will look like you are particularly old and mature, after all, only 30 years old, is the best age of women just beginning to bloom, of course, to dress themselves young, temperament.

The third point, short hair dyed young hair colour or hair ornaments embellished

Originally after the hair cut short, its style is relatively small, so it is recommended that in the short hair above you can dye a colour you like, it is recommended to be brown hair colour, more versatile show white some, or with some young elements of the hair clip, can increase the young feel, show young and temperamental.

look1, first love short hair

30 years old a woman's most beautiful an age, so do not care too much about their already to 30 years old feel old, still have to dress themselves well, summer is very suitable to cut the hair short, Yang Zi cut this kind of first love short hair, instantly look very young and innocent, and then dye a good hair colour, show white and temperament!

look2、straight short hair

After the first love short hair, to the straight short hair, straight short hair is in the short hair type inside one of the easiest to manage a haircut, whether you are round face long face, or oval square face, as long as cut this straight short hair, you can easily manage to. If your face is fat and round, it is recommended to cut the hair to the shawl place, better trim your cheek curve, visually more thin, with flush fringes, age reduction and temperament, 30 women cut hair, choose this is very good.

The high round is very temperament goddess, she has always been to short hair, this partial bangs shawl hair, just good to her temperament are natural out, so the summer want to cut short hair girls and do not know what style to choose, then learn high round this shawl straight short hair.

look3、vintage style short hair

If you want to be cute and lively, you can try this year's very popular retro style short hair, is the hair for a substantial perm design, do not need to dye hair colour, hair will look more charm, more kind of 90s taste, this short hair on the round face or melon face and other small face type of girls, cut will look better.Read more at:formaldressau | formal dresses for women

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