Short boots over-the-knee skirts, short boots pipe pants, is the best way for small people to wear
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A middle-aged little girl with a height of 158cm, because there is no advantage in height, if you want to win the temperature and elegance in the winter of three layers and three layers in the dress, you need to think about wearing it, especially in the combination of shoes. .

Compared to wearing flat shoes and small white shoes, it is recommended to choose small short boots in winter. In addition to fashion and warmth, small short boots combined with over-the-knee skirts and pipe pants can also make you wear elegant and fashionable temperament. This winter, short boots over-the-knee skirts, short boots pipe pants are the best way for a 158cm small person to wear, elegant and thin!

1. How to choose small short boots?

Short boots mainly refer to the styles of boots with the length between the ankle and calf. However, with the development of fashion, the styles, materials and colors of short boots are gradually increasing. For middle-aged women, if you want to wear short boots well, you need Choose the right style.

First of all, in terms of length, it is not recommended that you choose too long booties in winter. It is easy to expose the short legs. Too short is difficult to take into account the temperature. Generally speaking, small boots with a length of about 10 cm above the ankle are the most suitable for small people. friendly.

Secondly, the boots used in short boots should not be too tight and narrow. Boots with a stiff and slightly loose shape can show the thin legs. The color can be selected from black, brown or milk camel.

In addition to the length, shaft and color of the boot, the heel, boot shape and material are also important factors that affect the wearing effect. First of all, it is generally recommended to choose medium thick heel or kitten heel styles for boots, which are both elegant and refined.

Secondly, pointed toe boots can have a line of sight extension effect, which is more friendly to small people. In terms of material, suede and leather are the most common styles of short boots, which are warm and stylish.

Two, small short boots knee skirt

The short boots are elegant and fashionable, and the skirts are gentle and romantic. These two items can be called a natural pair. When combined with each other, they can easily emphasize the elegant, fashionable and decent lady style. Winter wear is beautiful to the bone.

1. Sweater over-the-knee skirt short boots

In addition to showing temperament, when using short boots with over-the-knee skirts, a small man with a height of 158cm also has a lot of choices for tops. If you like a gentle retro style, you can choose gentle items such as sweaters, sweaters or knitted cardigans.

In addition to the common black and coffee-colored sweaters, retro colored sweaters such as maroon, maple leaf red or ginger yellow are also very suitable for winter. With a black knee-length skirt, the combination of light and shade is amazing.

It should be noted that with sweaters with knee skirts and short boots, middle-aged and small girls should pay attention to the waistline problem, try to increase the waistline position by plugging the hem or using the waist belt to adjust the body proportion.

Secondly, over-the-knee skirts are not recommended to choose too loose styles. Straight skirts, hip skirts or knitted skirts combined with short boots will look more feminine.

2. Coat knee skirt short boots

With the gradual drop in temperature and worry that sweaters or knitted cardigans will not be able to withstand the cold wind, you might as well fold a mid-length woolen coat over the sweater to keep out the cold and warmth while showing the elegant and intellectual side of the middle-aged woman.

However, the woolen coat is recommended to be worn open, revealing the high waist line to show the height and leg length. In addition, the knee skirt is better to be longer than the coat, but don't cover the short boots, revealing a calf line, it will be more fashionable than you think .

3. Down jacket knee skirt short boots

Down jackets have great advantages in keeping warm from the cold, but they are not friendly to small people. In order to resolve the shortcomings of down jackets that are overweight and bloated, you may wish to use knee skirts to enhance lightness and femininity.

Wear the short boots together in the street combination, revealing a section of the calf, which not only shows the leg length, but also avoids the bloated dress, and the romantic feeling is full.

Three, small boots cigarette pants

The matching pattern of short boots and skirts is elegant and romantic, suitable for creating a sense of light familiarity. If you want to wear more elegantly and neatly, you can combine cigarette pants.

The biggest advantage of pipe pants is that the shape is straight up and down, and it has a good modification effect on the leg shape. In addition, the trousers are narrow and narrow. The combined short boots can easily stretch the leg length, and the small person can also have long legs.

After the winter, wear some heavy coats and down jackets, so that you can avoid bloated clothes by following the principle of elasticity.

The more common materials for pipe trousers include suit fabrics and denim fabrics. Among them, the suit material has more advantages in modifying the shape of the legs. Wearing a combination of short boots in the workplace is capable and elegant.

If it is a daily street occasion, then you can choose cigarette jeans and Chelsea short boots, neat and beautiful.Read more at:navy prom dresses uk | white prom dress

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