Refuse to be bloated! Dress like her this fall and winter
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It's getting colder. Is it getting harder to get up in the morning?

In winter, when it is dull and easy to produce negative emotions, have you ever thought of releasing pressure by wearing clothes, such as steamed fish, a blogger likes to change his mood by trying different styles of clothes.

Her wardrobe is filled with the usual basics -- pullovers, wool coats, down jackets -- that are essential for fall and winter, simple but textured.

Her collocation is simple and easy, match color low-key harmony looks very comfortable, dressing style will be adjusted as the occasion, leisure, sweet, elegant, temperament can easily control.

White undergarment

Autumn and winter really need a simple and versatile single product, classic round collar, slightly loose version, not easy to be out of date, single wear do inside take are very good, can be incorporated into the capsule wardrobe.

White inclusive is strong, how to build can have particularly good confluence feeling, build light color coat can wear a gentle feeling, build a few brunet coat can avoid depressing again, rise to lift bright effect.

Steamed fish used it to match the competent suit, neat coat, are autumn and winter atmosphere sense strong camel color, clean light senior sense.

Red coat

As we approach the end of the year, I imagine many of us will have a red item for ourselves. Red itself is a kind of more high-profile color, the proposal on collocation chooses low-key neutral color to balance as far as possible.

The steamed fish chose a red coat, with a white shirt underneath to highlight the texture of red, and a black skirt with ankle socks and boots underneath, which is casual and formal, and a small chain bag, delicate and elegant without too much publicity, which is suitable for the annual meeting or New Year's Day.

Retro plaid coat

For those who are accustomed to dressing in the comfort zone, they might as well learn from the steamed fish. She never sets her dressing style to death, and dares to try different styles, so she will feel different in a different way of dressing.

Isn't retro all the rage this year? Change the pure color coat into case grain element, succeeded for the most part, the combination of pumpkin color and pencil gray, showing A sense of nostalgia, the version of the coat slants A glyph, showing nastiness and age-reducing, avoiding old age. Black pants with dark coffee boots, bag and coat color echo, down a set of very British style.


Knitted sweaters are necessary for autumn and winter. Steamed fish also likes loose and lazy versions, which do not emphasize the curves of the body, are comfortable and have no ties. It is very stylish to wear alone in a warm room or not too cold.

When wearing alone, she prefers straight pants and suit pants with a certain amount of spare leg. The fabric is straight and neat, and the lines are neat, which will not expose the defects of the figure and show the straight legs while hiding the flesh.

In terms of colors, she prefers low saturation colors, such as soft milk white, beige, and light pink, which can not only relieve the cool feeling of autumn and winter wear, but also improve the texture of the item.

Especially a set of light color collocation comes down, gentle along with sex, who see who love.

Feather waistcoat

If you want to wear something warm and not bulky in autumn and winter, a down vest is definitely worth having. Have you found steamed fish for autumn and winter wear, no matter inside or coat are rarely dull dark color.

All sorts of light color sheet tastes to wear can feel full youth vigor, reduce age not only, very comfortable also on the vision, looking at the mood also can become good.

Down vest liberates both hands, inside fold to wear a little looser sweater sweater, also won't have cramped tight feeling, lower outfit she usually takes leisure to take trousers, sports pants, match board shoe, sports shoe, leisure and vitality.

A casual wear, also do not forget the hairstyle of the cooperation, the hair tied into a high ponytail, stylish nifty and age reduction.

Short style down jacket

In the middle of winter, we all put on warm and cold down jackets, but at the same time, do you feel that the whole person has gained a circle?

In order to avoid oversize, steamed fish prefers short down jackets to long ones in daily life. When walking on the leisure route, they wear lazy wide-leg pants, which are restrained in black to make them look slimmer visually. If you think the collocation is a little common, you can add a hat, whose color echoes the pants and makes them look taller.

If you are a small person, you are worried that you can't handle the loose pieces of the whole body. The steamed fish is very suitable to copy the collocation of the wide leg pants into the small leg pants, which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, and then tie a ball head, full of vitality.

Red party overcome

Classic red and black match, we can also refer to, especially close to the end of the year, want to wear a bit of festive atmosphere, and do not want to be too high-profile, red and black match calm and do not break bright spot.

In order to avoid being top-heavy, the steamed fish chooses a pair of thick-soled Martin boots to balance it. The whole pie looks sweet and cool, and it is very durable.

Fur coat

The heat of MAO MAO coat in these years is not reduced, I believe there will be one in everyone's almirah, white nobility and elegance, collocation is not easy to go wrong.

The steamed fish is a short style, neat and not heavy, with dark blue jeans. When the legs are rolled up, it is very layered to wear. The crisp and simple blue and white color is also worth learning from.

Long down jacket

Autumn and winter are especially afraid of cold girls, with a long down jacket to ease the winter.

She is 164cm tall, but she pays much attention to proportion in collocation. The length of the long down jacket is usually controlled between knee and calf, and the version is not very loose. Moreover, she will choose the down jacket with less line pressure, which makes her look young without being too fat or bloated.Read more at:long prom dresses | princess prom dress uk

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