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Flow reign of the era, a lot of stars do not have enough acting but still can get enough attention, said the mouth do not want to be a vase but still do what the vase to do.

But not all stars agree with each other, among them, Scarlett Johansson is an exception. She has both good looks and acting skills, and once became one of Hollywood's hottest international stars with her film "Black Widow".

Scarlett Johansson, who starred in Black Widow, was once hailed as a box office elixir after the film surpassed Fast & Furious 8. As official photos continue to be released, Johansson's looks in the film have also been revealed.

To the sexy royal elder sister line of her appearance, really become a sweet and wild beauty, can wear outline the temperament of the body of the small shirt also control the battle clothes, the new image is really beautiful sa and with a sense.

In the screen, although she is the image of a female warrior, most of her modeling is based on tights. Whether it is a pure white onesie or a pure black tight suit, the upper body items all show the superior body curves without exception.

In order to make the image more fit the role in the cartoon, the widowhide specially did a long time of fitness and plastic, can be called the devil's waist-hip ratio and long legs, so that she unlimited fit the two-dimensional cartoon image, very cool and future wind!

In the film "Black Widow", Johansson Widow not only showed her "heroic qualities", but also explained the internal strength and domineer of women beautifully. "Who said that women are inferior to men" was raised to a new height by her.

However, the age of 37 has been a child's mother of her figure is really good, in the movie, a variety of tight plastic single products wear the upper body, still do not see any flaws, waist is waist, legs are legs, physical conditions comparable to 20 years old beautiful girl.

The actress, who announced her pregnancy in July, was absent from all of her offline roadshows. But don't feel too bad, because she still has a look that meets the current aesthetic requirements.

All kinds of beautiful and colourful modelling she can easily master, pure white halter skirt wears on her 37 years old body still does not disobey feeling, let alone other temperament type single article!

Before her pregnancy, she kept her figure pretty good, wearing a vintage Polo shirt with a high-waisted, wide-legged suit pants. The chic and retro look combined with her shoulder-length wavy hair made it easy to turn heads.

However, this unscrupulous way of dressing has certain limitations for ordinary people who want to learn from her. Whether it is a dress or a retro suit, it will be beneath the standard for girls with dark skin or unattractive temperament.

Widow sister dress has always been bold, a piece of broken diamond style with a bust skirt to wear, really let a person feel what is the image of heroic.

As for the low-cut, slit dress, it can be worn for casual occasions, as long as the material meets everyday aesthetic standards. The age of lowest tone is no more than cotton and linen material is qualitative, the most elegant fabric is no more than velvet material is qualitative, the most noble Lengyan fabric is no more than real silk satin material.

But the mesh fabric worn in the widow sister, also will not fall on the conventional, ordinary people difficult to control the pink mesh fabric to her body, instantly changed the taste.

However, this kind of fabric for ordinary people, is a double test, one is that this color is really not ordinary people can control, the age is a threshold, the color is also a threshold.

Second, this kind of fabric is easy to change the low price, the mesh density on the mesh is the key to determine whether the fabric is foreign style.

Learn star to dress, what need to do above all is to know well, because we do not like her from the United States as a child to large can choose the right of single, but also not all single to wear the upper body are no advantage at all.

Sometimes, only need to change the fabric can achieve the effect of half the effort, sometimes need to change the style can meet the double requirements of figure and aesthetic.Read more at:special occasion dresses | formal dresses in sydney

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