How to Write an Essay on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”
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It’s one of the most popular children’s books. Disney turned it into a classic animated film in 1951. Tim Burton will release his interpretation of the book next year. It’s no other than “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.


Lewis Carroll’s fantasy novel was partly inspired from his friendship with the three young daughters of Henry Liddell, a close friend of Carroll. In fact, the first name of Liddell’s youngest is Alice. This is one of the many coincidences that reader would stumble upon while reading the book. Can they also be symbolisms as well?


Many custom essays would give theories on this. For one, many fictional works during Carroll’s time are guises for adult themes that Carroll and other authors wouldn’t dare discuss openly. Another thing is “Alice” may be a classic example of literary nonsense, a genre that many English writers excel at.


The plausible explanations would go one and on, but college students can focus on what Alice, the novel’s little heroine, have encountered after entering a rabbit hole. They wouldn’t run out of explanation for their essay because Carroll’s masterpiece is both imaginative and entertaining.


What items can students discuss in their essay? Here are some suggestions:


  • Is there meaning behind Alice’s sudden change in her size? Students wouldn’t find any significance behind Alice’s predicament after eating a cookie that made her grow so fast. Perceptive readers may think otherwise. Can it be sexual adolescence? It may be one possible interpretation.


  • Why Carroll chose a Cheshire cat as one of Wonderland’s enigmatic characters? The cat’s name pertains to an English county that Carroll visited. It also provides mystery for sharp readers too. Why not a Persian cat? Or a Siamese cat? There may be custom essays that shed light on this.


  • Did most silly characters that Alice met reflect the adult world that Carroll lived with? Most children don’t understand adults. Perhaps it’s due to kids being earnest and naïve. This may be one interpretation for Alice’s impressions with characters like the Mad Hatter. Students are smart enough to make this as their main topic for their essay.


  • Why Carroll chose a heart for the Queen? It’s impossible for readers not to wonder why the British author didn’t pick a spade, diamond or club. Does the heart pertain to emotions that mankind can’t live without? Students can write a few-page essay on this one.

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