Every one knows the difference
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Unlike the waves, which are purely surface phenomena, the w ind on the surface also generates surface currents which involve literally the transport of occan water unlike the waves. Occan circulation is also influenced by the 24-hourly rotation of the earth and also by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon. The Coriolis effect of the earth's rotation on the sub-surface Sketchers Shape UPS currents in the ocean results in a clockwise deflection in the northern and anticlockwise in the southern hemispheres in the tropical zone.

While every one knows the difference between climate and weather very few. including scientists, realise that a similar distinction applies to occan currents. As
Shape UP Skechers advanced techniques were not available till recently, we have known so far only the P90X average features of the occan movements which we may call "climate" circulation. With the modem techniques, it was shown that there is a fine structure superposed on this climate circulation which varies from day-to-day like the weather and which cannot be easily predicted. Synoptic charts of ocean currents are narrow, fast and winding, while the climatic Skechers Shape UPS maps arc smooth, broad and slow. The later arc used for long-term studies of the effect of ocean currents on coastal erosion and Shape UPS climatic conditions, whereas the synoptic maps are used to pilot ships and submarines to follow the currents to gain in speed. The current system in the ocean, like the wind system, tends to circulate and form gyres which follow generally the wind circulation. The theory of ocean circulation developed during last thirty years, explains reasonably well the experimental data. Model studies Reebok in the laboratory helped scientists to simulate the MBT formation of currents like Skechers Gulf Stream in North Atlantic, Kuroshio in North Pacific and Agulhas in Indian Ocean. Some of the detailed studies on Gulf stream indicated that occasionally the main stream forms a smaller loop of a few hundred Reebok Zig Pulse kilometers which breaks off and separates as an Reebok Easytone eddy and gradually weakens. This Zig Pulse spectacular discovery involving sometimes transport Reebok Easy Tone of tens of millions of tons of water from North Atlantic to sub-tropical regions along with its living organisms is of consider¬able importance to the biology of the sea. Such eddies constituted the biggest natu¬ral transport of part of the ocean along with its marine MBT Shoes organisms and econ-systcm.

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August 02, 2010
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July 23, 2010
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