Don't go wrong in winter
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Many people may think good garment product is by the money, willing to spend money must be able to wear beautiful and graceful, actually otherwise, clothes and wear take their own aesthetic, tie-in skills has much to do, and at the same time to have a clear understanding their own advantages and disadvantages, if he used to dress up their own brand, so even if the good genes, dress will look old soil.

Like the blogger's dress to share with you this time, whether it is body management or skin condition maintenance, she seems to have more advantages than her peers, but due to the collocation, it is very expensive but difficult to cover the country. Obviously wear very expensive but show dirt, after entering the winter these several dress mistakes, 50 years old woman should try to avoid, let's have a look!

A short down jacket with small pants

After entering winter, all kinds of warm coat have entered the public line of sight, such as down jacket, cotton-padded coat, coat or coat of lamb hair, these pieces have warm comfort, practical and generous this one common point.

But for 50, 60 years old ripe age woman, these coats are usually more thick and fluffy, especially down jacket, cotton-padded suit, collocation is not easy to pressure, bloated.

For example, the short down jacket is used here to combine all kinds of tight-fitting pants. The overall shape is wide on the top and tight on the bottom, but the length of the down jacket is relatively short, which gives people a top-heavy sense of vision, but also causes the upper body to show strong.

And the combination of thick and fluffy short down jacket and tight pants is also difficult to block and modify the effect of crotch and thigh area. If it belongs to the pear-shaped body with thick legs and wide crotch, it will be rolled over in a minute.

A long coat in a combination of skinny jeans and skinny leather pants may enhance the look, but a short coat will also expose the shortcomings of the leg shape, such as leg bending.

Two, small foot pants boots

Winter is the home field of all kinds of boots, fashion warm and can promote aura, but boots are picking money and collocation also pay attention to, and not how to wear very look, into wear mistakes can give a person old feeling even.

Whether it is tight ankle pants or over the knee boots, knee boots, are more common in winter, many people like to use them to create a long height leg effect.

But if the top is short, such as wearing a sweater or wearing a variety of short jackets, then it is not recommended to use over the knee boots, boots below the knee combined with small foot pants.

This is because the overlap between the boot and the pant is very easy to look bloated, but also will divide the proportion of the leg line, wearing a short leg effect in minutes.

Don't assume that ankle boots will solve the problem. Ankle boots don't contain the line of the leg enough, and bending the leg can compromise your outfit.

Three, with bright red to lighten the color

Bright red is bright and gorgeous and festive. Wearing it in winter can really break down the depressing feeling and make it more festive.

However, there are many categories of red, and styles and matching methods are changeable. Some bright red or dark red is not only difficult to promote fashion sense, but also can cause wearing old age, as well as exposing the shortcomings of skin color.

Not to mention above this kind of design is out of date red department sheet is tasted, winter carelessly can wear a dama feeling, calculate skin color fair-skinned, figure is slim also hard to hold.

Four, with sweet careful machine design to enhance the sense of girls

No matter how old they are, women want to look younger and more girlish.

But in the pursuit of foreign fashion, we should also understand that not all careful machine design is suitable for us, a lot of sweet or eye-catching design will only let the dress at a discount.

Knitted bell-bottoms like the one above or a baby shirt with irregular flounces superimposed on it will only give people a sense of tiredness.

Still have design of flower of overlay large area, glitter design or the sweater that pull wool designs, bottom unlined upper garment or trousers outfit, also come contracted and intellectual far less than pure color money.

Adding these elements to a look can make even the most expensive look look old, and even drag down your look.

Five, think accessories can play a finishing effect

The way to dress lies in the details, and the details are mainly reflected in the use of accessories, such as hats, earrings, necklaces, scarves, scarves or belts and other accessories, appropriate use can really enrich the layers of dressing.

But when it comes to choosing accessories, women in their 50s and 60s need to understand that they can only be complementary if they are right for them, otherwise they will only feel burdening.

Winter hats, in particular, seem versatile, practical and stylish, but in fact are not unflattering.

A beret, for example, is playful and elegant, but if the face is naturally round, the softer beret will only magnify the problem and make the face look bigger.Read more at: white prom dress | pink prom dress

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