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Autumn half skirt, carrying the woman to this season all romantic imagination. Not the short skirt of summer as lively, but a more calm and with the expression of sex. Especially for middle-aged women, the knee skirt in the elegant bearing when dressing, is other single products can not give, can be graceful, can make public, is a kind of poetic painting worth careful appreciation.

And the matching jacket can not be careless, if not carefully selected, but pulled down the aura. In fact, every skirt is looking for its "best partner". In this episode, we will talk about how to choose the top of various skirts. Let's have a look

1. The plaid skirt

The plaid pattern is a very classic pattern of patterns, but it has a problem that it is easy to look old-fashioned, and the color of the plaid can easily affect our impression of the dress. Warm tone and cool tone of the case grain, temperament is not the same, the former classical wen wan, the latter pure and fresh grace, the proposal will choose according to their temperament.

When choosing a top, if the shape of the skirt itself is relatively simple, we can add some small designs to the top as a highlight of the look, such as patchwork cuffs to highlight the feminine. On the contrary, the grid skirt that already contained a design, jacket is about a few simple but elegant, will match with low-key black more secure.

2. A half dress with a strong texture

There are some fabric material will have a unique grain, then the dress will become the best fabric foil. A textured hemline is easy to draw attention to, so when we choose a top, we should not make the top so obvious that it does not steal the attention from the dress.

Wear it with a simple T-shirt, preferably a slim one. If you have a short neck or a big face, you can also choose a T-shirt with a big U collar.

3. Shiny skirts

The half skirt with strong sense of luster will have a luxurious texture, especially the knee skirt, because its proportion of the area is very large, do not need additional decoration can be easily carried out, in color matching pay attention to use more low-key color, can reflect its texture, such as smoke gray, brown earth color department.

At the same time, the choice of top should not be too ostentatious, otherwise it will make the whole person look very flamboyant. Either wear lighter colors on the top, like black, which goes with everything, or blend in darker colors over a lighter top, like a dark green or navy knit.

4. Fold dress

Pleated skirt refers to skirt with pleats at the hem. Pleated skirt is also one of these skirts. This kind of skirt if the distribution of folds is lower, then the modification effect will be more subtle, so the upper body can be used to highlight the line of sight, but also to emphasize the waist line. For example, wear a silk shirt with streamers to match a long black dress.

If the texture of the skirt itself is cotton and linen material, which is easy to wear wrinkles and looks low, then the upper body should emphasize the high-level sense, and it is suggested to use a suit coat or metal accessories to create the overall delicacy of dressing.

5. A flowing half dress

Although the skirt with a strong sense of elegance is easy to appear ethereal, but if you want to be elegant, just relying on the sense of elegance is absolutely not enough, we need to express this temperament more appropriately, otherwise it is too soft, but soft without personality.

When collocation, with a suit coat or coat coat will enhance agile feeling, can let the temperament of half skirt more composed, although wear a pair of flat bottom shoes only, also won't affect your aura.

6. Thick hemlines

The half skirt with thick texture, if the style is still above the knee, it is easy to make people look heavy, so when choosing clothes in the upper body, we should choose the light style, of course, if it is in summer, we can use suspenders to fold the method of wearing see-through shirt, simple and fast. But in autumn winter, to keep warm, we can add a white inside clairtight unlined upper garment to build inside, let dress rich administrative levels, still can reflect our fashionable qiao think.

7. Gorgeous half-dress

Only the big half skirt of luxuriant feeling has two characteristics, it is skirt place above all enough big, big skirt place has an advantage namely can highlight waist, so the collocation of upper body should with tight or cultivate one's morality had better.

Another feature is its simple sense or decorative pattern more eye-catching. If it is a good texture of fabric, half skirt with solid color style can play the advantages of the material, then the upper body with the same tone of clothes to match. And if it is a patterned style, plus a big skirt is easy to fancy, then the upper body should be as plain as possible.

8. Skimpy skirts

Light skirt, including slim silk skirt or gauze skirt. The common feature of both dresses is that they create a slouchy feel, so in order to balance the elegance, we need to add some serious pieces on the top, such as a blouse or a blazer.

To do not let the jacket appear inflexible nevertheless, when choosing a shirt, we can choose the design that a few designs have, for instance vertical grain shirt, the style with strong recreational feeling such as twill shirt. You don't have to tuck your shirt into your pants to let it fall down. And when choosing a blazer, skip a solid color palette, such as a solid black business suit, in favor of a more easy-going plaid suit or a light color suit that will look more harmonious.

9. The fishtail skirt

The fishtail dress wraps around the hips and legs, but comes loose at the hem to perfectly frame a woman's figure. When wearing a fishtail skirt, the first thing to pay attention to is that its size should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to look sluggish. At the same time, if the fishtail skirt itself is bright enough, then the upper body is mainly simple version.

But if the skirt of the fishtail skirt is more sluggish, then the upper body can strengthen the shape of the longitudinal body line, with neat lines to balance the bottom of the complex, a good drapery jacket coat can complete the modification function.Read more at: sydney formal dresses | formal dress

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