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Clothes mean a lot to women. They are the "colors" that we walk in the world. The ups and downs of our inner heart and the unique charm of our performance are all clearly revealed. Therefore, there is no more straightforward way to compliment a woman than to tell her that she "can dress".

This issue is to share how to improve the "wearing power". We often wander in the fashionable and elegant between, but forget to wear the most basic is to know how to send force, how to send force, so often into the difficult predicament of dressing, collocation. So in this issue, we will talk about how to activate and enhance the power of dressing through "the choice of items" and "the details of wearing".

Here's what we shared in this issue:

▎ Three pieces of clothing

There are two ways to improve the wearing ability. One is to directly choose fashionable designed clothes to enhance the sense of fashion, and the other is to increase the durability through wearing skills according to the basic items. The two ways have their own advantages, so let's talk about how to improve the wearing power through the choice of single products:

#01 Design Sense shirt & Shirt

Speaking from the choice of single article, the more basic single article is more versatile, but the same disadvantage is too basic, it is difficult to wear a sense of fashion. For example, the classic shirt, neat and neat is the first impression of her, if it is embellished with details can achieve a variety of styles, obviously need to spend effort, ordinary people difficult to master.

And if you want to be effortless and stylish, a shirt with a sense of design will be the choice of most people. Like the "gorgeous shirt" with lace:

Gorgeous shirt plaid suit jeans, gorgeous shirt white wide-leg pants. Keep one piece of clothing with a sense of design, and the rest as simple as possible, so that the collocation is easy and attractive.

Or a "ribbon shirt" or a "floral shirt" with a detailed design:

White ribbon shirt light blue suit pants dark blue coat, floral shirt blue jeans. Obviously, whether it's a small design or a large print, choosing the same color palette or matching colors will add color to your outfit.

#02 Fashion coats

In addition to the design of the clothes, the popular items are extremely attractive in their own right, don't worry about the lack of highlights. But it should be noted that when choosing popular single products, "the design must be simple", which is the key point to keep popular single products fresh but out of time.

① Tunic (baseball uniform)

Like this fall's baseball uniform. Used to be popular, but do not belong to the classic sheet, is not a necessary sheet in the wardrobe, like this kind of popular sheet, style is changeable, if you choose complex style, so must only wear a season, because wait until the second popular is a new appearance. So choose the design with contracted foundation right now, although again, 3 times popular, also won't be out of date.

② Duffel coat

Or the tweed coat, which is also popular this fall, is classic enough in itself, and such a piece should pay attention to "retain features" and "change details" when choosing it. Keep the classic tweed material and gold buttons, adjust the collar, color, pocket and other places, or choose stitching, piping design, the combination of the two, both classic and popular.

#03 Leather & Knit pants

Almoirah of course also can spare one or two styles strong or wear style contrast sense of clothing, appropriate "mix and build" is also to promote the way to wear build force. Such as:

1) knit pants

Knitted pants because of their greater elasticity, choose stiff will have a more decorative effect. For this kind of clothing that is not often worn but can be mixed and matched, the same choice is more extensive. Such as:

Beige long shirt black knitwear, suit shirt black knitwear, gray knitwear gray knitwear. Whether it is "adapt style" or "style mix match", pay attention to use accessories to enhance style.

(2) leather pants

When choosing leather pants, you should also avoid tight leather pants. It is better to choose loose or short leather pants. Because leather pants are more handsome, if you want to mix and match, go for neutral or feminine clothing, such as:

Knitwear leather pants, suit leather pants, hoodie leather pants, etc. At this time, the shoes determine the leisure, the choice of sneakers or high heels can be based on the daily style.

▎ Three skills

In terms of skills, wearing power is not the display of fancy skills, but the effect that can be presented through simple support. It is a skill that everyone can master and use, such as:

#04 Red object embellishment

Add "a little red" to any outfit to make it more attractive. For example, when wearing all black, use a red dress to brighten up the whole body so that it is bright without showing off. When large area red, it is that other sheet is pure color with black and white best, 2 it is to put red in the lower part of the body will be safer.

Small red ornament, consider there is no need to so much, like red bags, shoes, scarves, earrings and so on to choose one or two ornaments in the dress can be; Or use a red top as a cape to drape over your shoulders for extra attraction.

#05 Wear more than one outfit

From the point of view of clothing, clothing "more than one dress" is obviously to maximize the utilization rate of wardrobe, this skill has also spoken for many times, here is mainly to mention how to do the basic colorful clothes.

The most direct way is to choose basic color clothing and its collocation, and then change the dress style through the embellishment of details and the echo of colors.

#06 One-piece wear

There are two understandings about "one-piece" wearing, one is the overlapping and mixing of a single item, the other is the visual unity of different items. Such as:

Shirt-dress: can be worn singly, also can fold wear, mix match. When folded, wear a turtleneck underneath; When mixing and matching, add a pair of pants or a skirt. Maximize the utilization of single product while unlocking the ever-changing shape.

Visual unity of different items, simple point is the unity of color, style, choose the same color department to wear or uniform style clothing.Read more at: https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/green-formal-dresses | https://www.formaldressau.com/collections/purple-formal-dresses

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