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Don't wear basic shirts, try French shirts
by blueokwhite
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Shirts represent a sense of dignity and formality, but this is only the established impression that basic shirts give us. With the popularity of the lazy and romantic French style, all kinds of French shirts with unique design have also become a taste choice in the fashion circle.

If you are tired of wearing neutral basic shirts, you will find that French shirts are easier to express the charm and charm of women. This summer, let's find some new outfit inspiration together. Don't wear basic shirts, try French shirts, which are elegant, lazy and feminine. Maybe you can meet a different self.

streamer shirt

Gentle yet delicate, the elegant and dignified feeling is just right, this is the beauty of the streamer shirt. If you prefer French elegance, choose it! A streamer shirt with a soft texture and drape, paired with chic and comfortable wide-leg trousers or straight-leg trousers, is elegant, intellectual and feminine, perfect for commuting. The streamer does not have to be properly tied, just let it fall naturally, it will appear more flexible and elegant. ▼

There is also a streamer shirt that is designed with straps at the back waist, which can outline a moving waistline, and let the streamers hang down at will to show a graceful figure. In summer, choose a gentle chiffon and tulle shirt with a slim straight long skirt, which wraps the figure exquisitely and creates an elegant femininity. ▼

"Puff Sleeve" Shirt

Sweet puff sleeves are often seen in French shirts. This style of shirt has a very fluffy shoulder position and has a "air feeling". In contrast, it can set off the arms more slender, and can also cover and hide the fat on the shoulders and arms, which is very suitable for girls with thick arms. And puff sleeves can also visually "narrow" the shoulders.

When wearing jeans in summer, pairing it with a short-sleeved or mid-sleeve puff-sleeve shirt can weaken the neutrality and casual uninhibited feeling of denim. The overall look is elegant and lazy, yet delicate and feminine. ▼

"Ruffled" Shirt

Ruffles are also a common fashion element in French shirts, with soft and flexible lines and three-dimensional layers. Summer clothes are relatively thin, and shirts with ruffles can break the thinness of summer clothes and present a delicate layered beauty.

Because ruffles are easy to stack, so when wearing ruffled shirts in summer, the matching bottoms must be simple enough. A white shirt with lotus leaf sleeves is paired with off-white cropped trousers, and a minimalist match can also present an elegant and agile beauty. A white shirt with a lotus leaf collar with a large neckline and high-waisted khaki slacks are naturally feminine. The ruffled chiffon shirt with a small stand-up collar is very layered, paired with black cigarette pants, it is simple and not simple, showing an elegant and intellectual femininity. ▼

"Doll Collar" Shirt

The biggest feature of French shirts is various special-shaped collars and cuffs, and the retro "doll collar" is one of them. The neckline of the doll-collar shirt is low and V-shaped, which can modify the face and neck line, make the neck look more slender, and has a "girly feeling" like a little girl, sweet and cute, with a little playfulness, it is very easy to wear. age.

In terms of matching, the best partner of the doll collar shirt is a variety of handsome trousers, using the handsomeness of the trousers to balance the femininity of the doll collar. French girls like to choose a doll-neck blouse with embroidered lace trim and pair it with high-waisted jeans or straight-leg trousers for a lazy, retro-chic look. ▼

"Balloon Sleeve" Chiffon Shirt

Unlike puff sleeves, balloon-sleeve shirts are designed to create puffiness at the cuffs rather than the shoulders. The loose sleeves can perfectly cover the flesh and look thin, and are also very suitable for girls with wide shoulders and thick arms.

The airy feeling of the chiffon shirt with lantern sleeves can make your summer dress look more breathable, without a sense of restraint, and it seems to have a comfortable and relaxed temperament. It is elegant and fashionable with casual pants or jeans. ▼

floral shirt

If you feel that it is too monotonous to always wear a white shirt, we can also choose a French retro floral shirt. Don't think that the floral shirt is very earthy, it is a very popular item in French outfits, and it will never go out of style.

When matching a floral shirt with pants, you should do a good job of color matching. That is to say, the color of the pants should be consistent with or similar to the main color of the shirt, so as not to look dazzling. For example, a linen-colored floral shirt, paired with khaki pants of similar tones, a polka-dot shirt with a white bottom, and white jeans, achieves the color echoes up and down. However, jeans are an exception. They are more versatile and match perfectly with red floral shirts. ▼

French shirts, every style is full of elegance and romance. In summer, let's stop wearing basic shirts all the time, try different styles of French shirts, change the matching style, and find a woman's unique elegance, laziness and romantic femininity.Read more | short formal dresses

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Comfortable and casual wear in summer
by blueokwhite
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Women have their own characteristics in terms of matching, but the general trend of fashion has not changed. In different seasons of each year, there will be a specific direction. And many collocations are carried out under the premise of comfort, women prefer casual and frivolous collocations.

This type of collocation can show the frankness and unrestrainedness that belongs to women, and it is more free and easy. It is also a different attitude towards life, which is more in line with the aesthetics of modern women. So in daily collocation, how to better interpret the comfortable and frivolous collocation?

1. Start with simple basic colors

Also start with simple colors and basic styles, such as classic denim shorts, which are about 2~3cm above the knee is the most appropriate, and it is also very friendly for small people to match. Demonstrating the charm of cowboys, the upper body adopts a layering method, which can show a neutral handsome and casual.

The simple white t-shirt and short sleeve suit are very fashionable in the matching process. And the loose version is liked by the vast majority of women, perfectly deduced the handsome style belonging to the street.

Suit matching has always been extremely popular in the workplace, and it is no exception in summer. If you feel the weather is hot, choose short-sleeved styles as a jacket to match.

Appropriate low-waisted and high-waisted jeans are more casual, completely breaking through the stereotype of suits. The long-sleeved style suits are lighter in color, which can echo each other, showing the non-monotonous and fashionable summer light colors and colors.

When matching colorful items, we must pay attention to combining them with black and white pants as much as possible. The high-waisted version will always be able to better modify the figure and shape the perfect figure ratio, and no longer feel that she is short. And when matching in summer, grasping the correct waistline can improve the overall temperament.

2. Fashion elements have individuality

When collocation in the summer, the comfort and frankness are better to perform. For example, loose-fitting trousers, combined with simple colors, give a street-looking handsomeness without making people feel exaggerated.

Shirts with printed elements are more popular this year. When matching, they will give people a neutral style, which is more straightforward and free and easy. The shirt with printed elements is matched with black trousers, and the colors are coordinated and balanced without losing interest.

2. It is easier to match suits or the same color

The suit and trousers are replaced with shorts, which is more cool, and it creates a mix and match between the two styles with sports shoes. Make the shape unique, and the color of the bag is a breakthrough.

Knitted items are also applicable in summer. For example, this smog blue sleeveless sweater is soft and characteristic when worn on the body, forming a color match between the top and bottom of the blue jeans. , The same color system is always that high-level.

The collocation that is easy, casual and comfortable without losing the sense of luxury is actually very simple. As long as you put it on without too much decoration, you can show the femininity of a woman in a natural way.Read more at:formal dresses online | long formal dresses australia

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Casual and lazy outfits for early summer
by blueokwhite
Dec 22, 2021 | 627 views | 0 0 comments | 25 25 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Living in a reinforced concrete city, working from 9 to 5 every day, wearing tight overalls, I believe most of us long for a relaxed life in our hearts.

Therefore, we prefer simple and loose clothes on leisure days. They are a little lazy, do not emphasize the body curve, and can hide the flesh that we have not had time to lose, and find comfort, naturalness and unrestrained in casual wear. a feeling of.

In the hot summer, I like to wear loose and comfortable cotton T-shirts. The clean solid color is simple and refreshing. There are no cumbersome printing patterns and decorative elements. You can easily go out with a piece of bottoms at random.

Or choose some regular checkered patterns, stripes and other printing elements to dissolve the monotony of wearing and matching. Most of the styles are gentle round necks, which have an affinity for leisure.

Casual and lazy styles rarely have rich and bright colors. The most commonly used collocation are neutral colors such as black, white, gray and brown, as well as the gray-scale Morandi color. The color is one dark and one light, and there are layers It will not be too indifferent.

In terms of accessories, it will be more streamlined, and accessories will choose less conspicuous thin chains, or add a belt to casual wear, which is not so casual.

Summer can’t be layered like autumn and winter. Many basic styles will be a bit boring to wear. At this time, I recommend you to try colored T-shirts. There are also very popular colored suspenders this year, which are layered in plain jackets and shirts. It feels lively and bright, simple and beautiful.

You can wear a pair of loose wide-leg pants for the lower body, especially linen material, which is comfortable, breathable and sun-proof, and will not be frozen in a fully air-conditioned room.

The casual and lazy style reflects the comfortable and natural beauty, so it is not demanding for makeup and hair, but it is more suitable for thin and tall girls, simple hair or low ponytail, fluffy and a little messy, more atmosphere. .

In addition, in the selection of single products, they also tend to be soft and light fabrics, combined with a loose version of the body without restraint, very relaxed and comfortable.

The casual and lazy style is casual, but it shouldn't be too procrastinated. Loose clothing needs to pay more attention to the proportion to better modify the figure. The easiest way is to put the corner of the shirt to expose the waistline.

Or through color matching to create a sense of hierarchy to the whole, the upper and lower colors are darker and lighter, and the degree of relaxation reflects casual fashion.

In summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter, and cotton and linen clothing is becoming more and more popular. The combination of light colors and light fabrics has its own fairy air. The clean and pure colors are concise and advanced, and it is easy to have a texture.

The natural folds of cotton and linen, some are old-fashioned, if you want to have this natural and simple sense of reality, not to be affected by trends and fashions, to have your own taste, and to feel comfortable.

In summer, you must choose a pair of light-colored trousers, which can not only resolve all dullness, but also have a refreshing feeling when paired with any tops. White, beige, and apricot are the first choices. They are inclusive and versatile. The only thing that needs attention is light. Color trousers should not be too tight, they will make you fat if you don't wear them well.

In daily travel, I like more and more unfettered, casual and lazy styles, which are less cumbersome, more concise, not deliberately not tight, and let yourself be released from busy and stressful work, relaxed and comfortable.Read more at:online formal dresses australia | beautiful formal dresses

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What are the ways to eliminate dark circles?
by blueokwhite
Dec 19, 2021 | 60 views | 0 0 comments | 5 5 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Dark circles are basically every girl will have dark circles, mainly to look down on it or take it seriously. So how to eliminate dark circles? Below I will share with you several methods that I have used and are still effective.

One: keep adequate sleep

The first effective method is to maintain adequate sleep. A large part of the dark circles are caused by staying up late and lack of sleep. The easiest way is not to stay up late, keep adequate sleep every day, and keep your mind and body healthy. Pleasant, and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as fish, carrots, potatoes and other foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B.

Two: hot compress massage

Use hot compresses to dissipate dark circles. For example, before going to bed at night, you can use a hot towel to wipe around the eyes first, and then apply the hot towel to your face, and then replace the towel after it cools. Then use the index fingers of both hands to massage from the inside to the outside of the eye socket.

Third, the method of applying eggs to the eyes

After removing the shell of the boiled egg, use it to roll around the eyes continuously for about 2 minutes for each eye. Change the other eye to continue.

Four: "vegetables" method

The "vegetable" method of compressing eyes is actually using the melons and fruits we usually eat, such as cucumbers, watermelons, apples, potatoes and other methods of compressing eyes, cutting vegetables into slices, and finally washing the face with warm water.

Five: Make good use of skin care products

We can easily do the above several methods. The next step requires us to persist in and pay more attention to the details of skin care. For example, you must remove your eye makeup every day, stick to eye cream, and even use sunscreen in hot summer.

The reason why we have dark circles, in addition to external factors, as we age and the metabolism slows down, dark eyes will also come to us. It is necessary to stick to skin care and stick to eye cream.

Summary: The above are 5 ways to remove dark circles under the eyes. Removing dark circles can make us more and more beautiful and more energetic. But removing dark circles is also a gradual process. While we need to adjust our daily life and rest, we also need to maintain the daily skin care methods for dark circles to dilute the dark circles and give the face a more beautiful visual sense.Read more at:white formal dresses australia | pink formal dresses australia

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High-class and gentle Morandi color wear
by blueokwhite
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Morandi color series topic: the first issue, red color!

Some people say: If gentleness has color, it must be Morandi. Morandi color is a color system, based on the gray tone, plus all the colors you like. Turn down the saturation of the color. This low-saturation color looks gentle and peaceful, unassuming, and not bright, as if it is covered with a layer of mist, but it has a high-level sense, giving people peace and self-sustaining, soothing and elegant, and Feeling slightly calm.

Summer is a season that suits Morandi's color system, especially for young women. Morandi can bring us the youthful vitality we want, and it can also highlight the inner tenderness and femininity, gentleness. And sweet you, who doesn't like it? Today, I will share with you the high-class and gentle Morandi color combination, which is very beautiful and fairy in the sweetness of a delicate girl.

Red, many people think it is very public, but Morandi red will not. According to the amount of gray added in it, the deduced taste is different, similar to the color of cherry blossom pink, it looks very sweet, very girly, classic Simple T-shirt version, the short length is more concise and exquisite, with a small floral skirt, the layering of the lotus leaf embellishment, it can also enrich the effect of wearing, and self-cultivation is gentle.

The red denim strap, the big red hue is very eye-catching, but the addition of a white T-shirt can reduce the enthusiasm of red, and it looks softer. The combination of red and black and white is very simple and practical. If you think big Red is not easy to control, you can try it. The black chain baby embellishment highlights the handsome and tough side, youthful and cute, and it is easy to control in daily work.

When the red is combined with the sweater, the gentle breath that can be seen everywhere can melt people's hearts. The pink color itself is very soft, and the fabric of the sweater is more gentle and tender, which is very suitable for light mature women. Sex, the floral skirt with the lower body is also mainly red, so that it matches the upper body very well, a pair of pink loafers, the whole person is pink and tender.

The red striped shirt with color matching, comes with a casual style, and a classic version, which is very suitable for daily outings. The color collision is lively and casual, and it has a street style taste. If you think the color has jumped Big, you can choose denim to reduce this feeling. After all, as a classic commuter item, the denim with the strap has a sense of fashion, thereby reducing the impact of colors.

The combination of a red T-shirt and a half skirt is really a combination of first-class texture, high-end and light-familiar combination. The red color tone does not need too much embellishment. What you see is all that is elegant and mature. Feminine charm. The half skirt of red flowers, the pleated skirt is very concealed, and the embellishment similar to ink painting is also very textured. It is very suitable for light mature women, not only showing the grade, but also showing the figure.

This is a set of matching styles suitable for street fashion. Long T-shirts and colorful color collision make it look very energetic. Loose, casual and comfortable. The short white denim has a feeling of disappearing under the cover of the T-shirt. With a pair of canvas shoes, it is a fashionable outfit.

Compared with the big red overalls, the pink overalls are more youthful. It can be said that the big red belongs to the lightly mature women, while the pink is more biased towards women under the age of 25. They are sunny, energetic, and pink can satisfy , Medium length, the legs must be white, and the printed shirt selected for the upper body is also a representative of the trend and fashion. It is very suitable for a group of daily shopping. It is fresh and sweet, and has the feeling of first love.

The burgundy T-shirt, the floral skirt with suspenders, the red main tone, looks elegant and intellectual. The burgundy itself is also a very textured hue, which is very suitable for light mature women. It is mature and restrained. The matching with the traces of time is very suitable for intellectual and delicate light mature women. A pair of red single products makes people gentle and sweet under the red decoration.

Lace letter T-shirts look very feminine, while the pale pink hue makes the match more fresh and sweet. Choose a lace half skirt for the lower body to highlight the gentle side of women, and the layering created by the lotus leaf. , It looks more slim and taller. For small girls, you can choose a short T-shirt to match it, which is more concise and neat.

Pink suit, but the T-shirt on the upper body has a sense of design. The overlapping front design shows the slenderness of the abdomen, and it can visually reduce the length of the upper body. The pants on the lower body are very loose and very Comfortable, pure cotton fabrics are very soft, and they are also very casual and comfortable when going out on the street. The workplace matching is also exquisite and sweet.Read more at:green formal dresses | purple formal dresses

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Morgan textured perm is popular this year
by blueokwhite
Dec 13, 2021 | 75 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink


Short hair is very neat and stylish, and it is a very popular hairstyle nowadays. But after the short hair, a lot of people because of the quality of hair, hair, head, face and other reasons, have to use perm to beautify the hair style. But the problem comes, as long as a hot instant show old, let the beauty of the girls suffer.

In fact, it is not the problem of perm that shows old hair, but the way of curling and perm is not chosen, which can lead to the old hair style that comes out of perm. For example, curly hair, this kind of hair tends to the traditional style, if their temperament is insufficient, dark skin, it is easy to look old.

Stylish age-reducing Morgan textured perm

In this issue, we will share with girls who have short hair a very popular perm this year -- Morgan texture perm. This hairstyle does not have obvious curl, but the hair root is fluffy and the hair tip only has a natural arc, which can not only increase the height of the head, but also produce a very good sense of level space, with fashionable hair color, it is difficult to be old.

It said above, perm old age is because of perm all over the head. Very hot big roll to show young, but roll bar more thick hair root more very hot, can affect the top of the head instead of the degree of looseness. In order to solve this problem, this year's short hair is Morgan perm technology and texture perm together, completely solve the problem of full hair and large volume perm can not be rooted.

This short hair, for example, uses Morgan's perm at the root to increase its volume and height on top to shape the face. Hair tip uses the permanent hair way of grain big coil to iron an radian only, tie-in this kind of red brown hair color again, fashionable reduce age to have advanced feeling again.

Looking at this hairstyle, the U section on the top of the head uses Morgan's perm to increase the height of the top of the skull and create a fluffy silhouette. Hair tip uses the means that grain is very hot, very hot gives a natural radian, this kind is like coil the effect that is not a coil, can avoid the old air feeling of traditional curl.

Black hair is dull and tends to look old. And stylish hair colors can counteract most of the aging effects of perms. Therefore, the perm and color of this hairstyle do not show any signs of aging, full of fashion sense.

Bingle marcel wants to reduce age, besides Morgan irons grain irons outside, the hair on the top of the head wants long enough, ability produces clever line feeling. If you cut it too short, the texture will be messy, the flow will be lacking, and the hairstyle will look old.

For this hairstyle, the top should be at least 5cm long, with a Morgan perm at the roots for extra volume and a natural texture at the ends. If the hair is too short to get that kind of curl, the curl will get smaller and the hair won't look good. So, when designing bingle, must let the length of the top of the head achieve 5 centimeters above, the hairstyle that iron comes out just reduces age.

When hot Morgan hot, you can use the standard Korean Morgan bar, also can use the traditional roots to hot, or with tinfoil twist up hot, can obtain the fluffy effect. Specific use what method, be about to see stylist habit and the need of hairstyle and decide.

Texture hot is simple, you can use thicker hollow bar curly hair, also can use sponge wrapped hair hollow roll hot, there are no specific requirements and standards, as long as you can hot texture feeling. For example, this hair style in the figure above, temples and back neck cut relatively light, this part does not need to be hot, perm is mainly concentrated on the top of the head, so hot will not be old.

In addition to the details and color of the perm, the style of the hair is also important. When cutting, we must design according to the quantity of hair and face type, and the effect that the hair is cut and ironed is perfect. If the structure and shape of the hair are not cut properly, the perm will not be effective.

We will see this hair style in figure above, temple is cut short cut thin, length of the top of the head is at least 6 centimeters left and right sides, hair root is very hot fleeciness, hair tip is very hot natural texture, tie-in brown hair color again, not only fashion shows hair quantity again, and very reduce age.

Short curly hair that looks old

Above shared this year's popular Morgan texture perm methods and hair styles, and for each style of hair analysis, introduced the way of perm. Here is a look at easy to show the old short curly hair, perm before you had better think twice, so as not to perm overturned.

This hairstyle, for example, is particularly prone to rollover, because the curl is too small, too fluffy, too dark hair color, resulting in a sense of age. No matter how good your appearance is, a bad hairstyle can drag down your appearance.

This kind of curly hair is very aggressive and the average person really can't pull it off. Because this kind of hairstyle is a typical old woman's head, only 70 or 80 years old people can control the taste of this kind of hairstyle, so, must carefully choose.

Very hot such small curly hairstyle, even if you caught the most fashionable hair color, it is very difficult to redeem the old feeling that small curly brings. Middle-aged people in their 40s and 50s can't handle this style, so it's best to avoid looking too old.Read more at: pink formal dresses australia | grey formal dresses australia

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Winter coat to wear a map, 2021 super popular style versatile not pick people
by blueokwhite
Dec 08, 2021 | 73 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink


Although officially entered the winter, but while the temperature is not particularly low, you can also have a period of time, can tie-in coat in our daily life, whether it is a boy or a girl, at the time of autumn winter season, coat must be everybody everyday wear take a first choice, because wear in the body is capable of fan.

Special like your sisters have a job, tie-in coat, every day work is never wrong decision, but in daily life, you can also coat collocation, and wear a leisure simple sense, because the coat of diverse styles, so how can proceed with coat, will actually become sisters you a misery.

So, small make up have to sort out a few representative coat, and their collocation, believe that will be able to help you find the right style, girls winter coat collection, a variety of coat which is your food, gives you a stylish winter, winter coat to wear take a map, 2021 super fire styles joker don't pick people, suggested that look before you collect.

All kinds of coat collocation appreciation

Black simple style coat

I believe that the black coat, should be all girls wardrobe, the most common style, because the black coat is very easy to match, and it is very easy to wear a simple and capable style, and whether at work or in daily life, can easily match.

Like if you want to wear when work slightly capable of some words, you can take a white in black coat of knitted dress, let white knitting dress than coat to reveal a piece, so, even if it is not off black coat, will produce the contrast between the color, or you can choose a turtleneck knitted dress.

In short, just make sure to show a small part of a white knit dress without taking off the black coat. This will add layers to the outfit without looking too bulky.

In addition, xiaobian suggests that you can add a hat to match. In winter, it is also a very important single item, such as a black beret, which will not only keep warm but also bring a sense of retro, full of charm.

Dark brown vintage coat

Brown also is qiu dong season in a kind of very representative color, and shallow brown and dark brown, the atmosphere feeling that place brings to the person also is completely different.

Like light brown, it is more inclined to simple and capable, suitable for work, while dark brown, wearing on the body will have a full retro style, or more suitable for daily collocation.

You can pair it with a dark brown coat and a plaid scarf that has the same retro feel, but you don't have to choose a brown plaid scarf to go with it, you can choose a plaid scarf that is British.

For everyday wear, if you want to wear a sense of elegance, then you can choose black or brown Martin boots, if you want to wear a more down-to-earth, then the editor recommends you to wear a black canvas shoes.

Yellow and black casual horizontal coat

Now that we've talked so much about solid color coats, let's talk about yellow and black horizontal lines.

Yellow and black can also be regarded as a very common color collocation, the bright yellow and black dull collocation together, but accidentally very harmonious, so that the color collocation will look more harmonious, and collocation has a strong sense of leisure.

And in the coat of numerous pure color department in winter, the horizontal grain coat of yellow black, can let a person see at a glance, appear all the more extraordinary, and wear on the body, still can accidently have a kind of feeling of reducing age.

Coat selection of loose style, also has a very good sense of fashion, but in the waist design, must pay more attention to, otherwise it feels like wearing a robe shopping, loose style design will make the overall collocation presents a lazy feeling, quite a kind of American street style wear style.

As for the inner match, xiaobian suggests that it is better to be simple and simple, and in order to cater to this sense of leisure, xiaobian suggests that you can choose a light color, like off-white undershirt, which is actually a very good choice, fashionable personality.

Fashion summary:

When you are still in the fashion industry with white, then, xiaobian suggests that you choose the coat of pure color is easier to match, such as the most classic black, dark brown, and xiaobian has not talked about the white coat, all belong to the versatile style, you can choose to consider at will.Read more at:white formal dresses | formal wear brisbane

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3 hair styles you'll regret after a perm
by blueokwhite
Dec 05, 2021 | 88 views | 0 0 comments | 6 6 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink


A perm can add a stylish look and improve your appearance and temperament, but a bad choice of hairstyle and Tony's handling of the hair can cause it to flip over. The direct result of a rollover is damaged hair, wasting time and Fermi, and the indirect result is that it lowers your appearance and temperament, affects your overall beauty, and makes you look old and classy.

Perm is a complex chemical process that requires a lot of skill, experience and aesthetics. The stand or fall of marcel effect besides marcel hind hair qualitative qualitative sense and elasticity outside, see the practicality of this hairstyle even, for instance the molding effect that after washing hair curl degree, oneself are in the home whether convenient do etc.

Different hair quality, even with the same perm potion, let the same Tony teacher operation, the result will have a big deviation. Rough and hard healthy hair and fine and soft damaged hair ironing out of the effect difference is very large, the amount of hair and hair less ironing out of the result is not the same, so perm is a relatively easy to overturn hair project.

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, people have been used to search for popular hair styles on short video platforms, but most of the works with good beauty, good texture, beautiful color and fresh fashion are inseparable from beauty, filters and photo editing, and the real hair styles can not achieve the effect presented in the video.

Especially the recent very hot three hair styles, is also known as the highest turnover rate of hair style, who hot who regret, difficult to take care of and show old, hurt hair and pull low grade. Here are three of them, and you'll see why so many people fall over them.


First style: Fishtail perm/cloud perm

Fish tail is very hot, cloud is very hot actually just call different same hairstyle. This kind of hair style comes from the electric curling rod style. Later, some Tony teachers combined this feeling with the perm, and then through the styling, beauty, filter and various retouching, showed a very natural soft and soft elastic hair style effect.

To achieve this effect, first of all, your hair must be healthy and elastic, secondly, you need to be able to shape yourself, and the most important thing is to have a high level of appearance, temperament and fashion. Otherwise, when you go home and wash your hair, it will be nothing but regular curly hair, so think twice before perming it.

If you have soft hair, a lot of hair, natural curls or sofa hair, the chances of rolling over after ironing will be great. If you have a big head and a big face, and don't take care of your styling, you're also prone to rollover. There is also a case, the hair is dry and damaged seriously, hot this hairstyle overturned the odds of the highest, hot 100 percent regret.


Second style: French perm/full head roll

French curls are arguably the hottest perm of the year and the most popular curly hairstyle on the Internet. In fact, this hairstyle is a traditional full hair, but the difference is that with the modern hair color, the curl is more natural and soft. Bangs returned to the popular 80's in the cent modelling, now called eight-character bangs.

To put it bluntly, this is a traditional hairstyle with another name. In the past, it used to be cold, but now it is hot. The texture and elasticity have been improved a lot. With the help of the Internet, this traditional hairstyle has become a popular online hairstyle.

If you have a small, long face, medium or coarse hair, good temperament, fair skin, fashionable clothes and a habit of makeup, the effect of perm is ok. If your appearance level temperament is not enough, dark skin, soft hair, hair volume is too small, and no makeup habit, dress is not exquisite, ironing instantly make you look 10 years older.


3. Egg roll/egg roll head

An egg roll or egg roll, originally referring to the wavy texture of the Bob, is now known as an egg roll or egg roll. It's basically a wavy or wavy style.

Normally, this kind of hair style is not easy to turn over, but in fact, it is difficult to iron a good effect, because this kind of hair style is more suitable for modeling, the texture and elasticity after perm can not reach the perfect effect of electric rod one-time modeling, so it also belongs to the type of perm easy to turn over.

To avoid rolling over, your face should not be too big or round, the top of your skull should not be too low, or your hair should not be too big. The second is that Mr. Tony's technique has to be in place, otherwise it will age you by ten years. Because most of this kind of hairstyle is aimed at short hair, curl degree is not very good to grasp, or not curl, or too curl, will affect the hairstyle perfect degree.

In addition to these three hairstyles, the other hairstyles do not mean they will not roll over, but they are less likely. Before perming, it is important to know whether the style you like is a styling or a real perm. A lot of people are not satisfied after perm, is the wrong shape when perm, will be ironed on regret.

So, when perming, be sure to find a senior Tony teacher, especially Tony who is good at perming, to reduce rollover. Because of his experience and techniques, it can determine the perfect degree of your hair, also can minimize the damage of the hair, reduce the rollover rate. As long as you know the true effect of a perm and can tell that it's a styling rather than a perm, you're less likely to roll over.Read more at:evening gowns | womens formal dresses

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How beautiful sweet, cool, short curls look
by blueokwhite
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Short hair has become more and more popular in recent years because of its ability to modify the shape of the face and head. There is an online saying that describes short hair as "a face cut is like a facelift", which means that as long as it fits your face shape and temperament, it will double your appearance level.

In theory, short hair is suitable for almost any face type and head type of people, but different hair quality conditions, appearance level and temperament, even if the same hairstyle, the effect may be very different. Some people cut short hair relaxed fashion and look young, some people cut short hair but show rustic old - fashioned even pull down the level of appearance and temperament.

So how do you know if short hair is right for you, and how do you choose which looks better, straight or curly? Here are a few short hairstyles of this Japanese little sister to explain the beauty of a different kind for everyone, while explaining how to keep short hair just look good.


The standard for the most beautiful short hair is here

Hairstyle is very good-looking, appearance level temperament accounts for half only, the other half is hairstyle outline shape and face model head blend degree, this just is key. No matter how good your looks are, you'll get dragged down. So, you have to know the standard of perfect short hair to know if you are suitable for short hair.

Do hair style first look is hair quality hair quantity and head type, this is the most basic option. What detail sees is facial features, face, neck to wait, according to these oneself condition, can judge you roughly whether suit bingle, perhaps choose the bingle of what type.

The first is cranial height, which is a hard indicator, because cranial height is the height of the hair, which is better to modify the face shape. But it does not mean that a low cranial top can not keep short hair, you can adjust the level of pomp or perm to increase the height of the method, also can get the perfect hairstyle effect.

For example, the girl's cranial top is very high, from the hairstyle point of view, the top of the head and bangs form the lowest point of this piece of face, and the length of the face close to or the formation of 55 points, such a proportion is the most perfect standard of short hair. As long as it conforms to this point, even if the appearance level is almost, it does not affect the hairstyle effect.

Therefore, the design of short hair must be around the height of the top of the skull to launch a series of hairdressing techniques, the ultimate goal is to let the hair conform to this standard. Only do this short hair, just the most beautiful.


Not enough hair shape for a perm

If you have a high head, you have an advantage. As long as you find a skilled Tony teacher, you can boldly cut your hair. The details need to be designed according to your specific conditions and fashion trends.

If you don't have the height of the top of your head, it's easy to have a short haircut that compresses the shape of your face and makes it look rounder. This kind of circumstance can increase hair root unplumpness through high level hairstyle, but also be limited to coarse hard healthy and hair quantity lady. The best way to have soft and thin hair is to perm it to increase the height of the top of the head and get the perfect short hair.

The key of bingle perm is the top of head, can increase cranial top height, can let hair amount show much again, still can increase the model ability of hairstyle, obtain lasting modelling effect. Hind neck and temple cannot hot roll, cut short cut thin to make tighten up the effect of suiting, such ability highlights the dimensional feeling that gives cranial top curl and clever sex.

Also some people worry that the ironed curly hair will show the old, in fact, there is no need to worry, show always hairstyle style choice problem, as well as the hair color problem. First of all, the style of hair should be in line with the sense of fashion, volume size varies from person to person, but hair color can not be ignored, because hair color can not only improve the brightness of skin color, but also offset the old air feeling of curly hair.

If the top is long enough, bangs will definitely be too long. Go for a center part. If the length is shorter, go for bangs. Hair color can be based on their skin color, combined with the popular trend to choose, or let Tony teacher according to the needs of hair style, help you design a suitable hair color, not only won't be old, but also let your hair style full of fashion sense.

This little sister's short hair is a true reflection of her daily hairstyle. The change of the shade of hair color, the change of curl size, the change of hairstyle style, was changed by her to create a different style sense. Enough to explain, bingle has mutability not only, also have fashionable feeling more, basically be foil and the ability that decorates face model, very powerful indeed.

Girls like short hair, can refer to this little sister's short hair style, may be able to give you some inspiration. In fact, there are many styles of short hair, little sister's style is standard short hair, shorter than this is super short, and the longest type of short hair is the Bob.Read more at:short formal dresses online | formal wear brisbane

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Which is more bad for hair, perm or dye
by blueokwhite
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Today's hairdressing topic, to share with you one of the most easily overlooked, but have to say the topic, that is perm or hair color which is more harmful to the hair quality.

The reason I'm talking about this is because a fan wrote me that her hair was often dyed and a little dry, so she went for a perm on a whim, and it got burned. The barber said it was because he often dyed his hair, and had nothing to do with perm.

I think this problem a lot of friends are met, the barber is certainly in the blame, because I am a little experience of the barber before perming, will ask and understanding of the history of customer dyed hair perm, hair will be, make sure you can handle is very hot, can appear otherwise a lot of unexpected results, such as hair scalding hot, hot coke, etc.

As for perm and dye hair which more injury hair, the following with my decades of experience in hairdressing work, through three hot dyed knowledge points, to give you an in-depth interpretation, read you will have the answer.


Perm and dye can damage the quality of hair

No matter perm or dye hair, it is a very complex chemical process, need to open hair scales, change the internal structure of the hair or pigment, this process has certain destructive to the hair quality, can take away a part of the protein, bring about the hair hot dyed after the occurrence of dry, gloss reduced phenomenon.

The main component of the first agent of perm water is ammonia, the purpose of using ammonia water is to open hair scales, conducive to the penetration and absorption of the main agent sulfur generation, to cut off the role of disulfide bonds in the hair. Once use excessive can bring about hair interior to form cavity, nutrient does not stay, moisture evaporates fast, still can cause hair elasticity to abate, wool scale falls off or close the phenomenon such as not completely. The second agent of perm water is an oxidant, the main component is hydrogen peroxide or sodium bromate, excessive use will also lead to dry hair, hair color becomes shallow, brittle and easy to break phenomenon.

The main component of hair dye is ammonia, which mainly plays a role in opening hair scales in the process of hair dyeing. However, ammonia is very alkaline, and excessive use will lead to hair structure relaxation, hair scales falling off, nutrient loss, and hair becoming dry and brittle. Hair dye matching double oxygen milk, the main component is hydrogen peroxide, the effect of different strength, oxidation of hair is different, excessive use will lead to hair expansion, water shortage, easy to break.

As you can see, perms and coloring can both damage your hair, but I mean it's when you overuse it that it can seriously damage your hair. Under normal standard operation, the damage will be much less.


The frequency of perm is low and the degree of damage is controllable

Perm hair frequency is relatively low, under normal circumstances perm once or twice a year, basically the impact on hair quality is not very big. Short hair is permed about three or four times, but with more frequent haircuts, damaged hair is cut off, so the damage is manageable.

The type of perm is more, a lot of hairstyle that is popular now needs to perm hair tip only, do not have too big effect to whole hair qualitative. With the constant improvement of perm technology and products, as long as the operation is proper and the control of the potion is accurate, there is almost no big difference between the quality of hair after perm and before perm.

But a full wave of curly hair can do more damage than just the ends of the hair. But it is also controllable, because the impact of perm on the hair quality, mainly softening and temperature, as long as the softening control is just right, according to the hair quality control temperature, the impact on the hair quality can be almost ignored. If the hair itself is relatively dry, such as sofa or self-curling hair, perm will be dry, but only need to do a good job of daily care and maintenance, there will not be too big a problem.

Only bad hairdressers, rule-breakers or overuse can lead to serious hair damage. Once the hair is damaged, it cannot be restored, so when perm, we must find a skilled barber, greatly reduce the damage of perm to the hair quality.


Hair dyeing frequency is higher, the degree of damage is much larger than perm

Perms can be done only at the ends, but hair dye must be done from the roots to the ends, and the process itself is much more damaging than perms. In addition, the frequency of hair dyeing is higher, because after hair dyeing, the hair will grow black new hair, and the color dyed before will fade, so it will form two or more sections of color difference, only through hair dyeing to unify the hair color, so the frequency of hair dyeing is much higher than perm.

Under normal circumstances, in order to maintain the consistency of hair color, also need to dye at least three or four times a year, and each time to the whole head, so coloring hair is much more damage than perm. Perm even if hair root grows new unripe hair, not very hot also won't have too big effect, can tie up or dish up, but dye hair is different, two sections of color is clear at a glance, cannot hide.

Dyeing normal color is better, if you choose a lighter tide color, the damage will be greater. Because wet hair requires the bleaching of the natural pigments in the hair in order to achieve the desired color, bleaching can be very damaging to the hair.

After catching tide color, still can face the problem that fade seriously, because color is shallower, hair quality is poorer, pigment molecular structure is smaller, stability is poorer, fade faster also. Add the black that sends a root to appear new unripe hair, form obvious color difference with light color hair, affect aesthetic feeling very much. Right now can pass to continue to drift hair and complement color to achieve the unity of hair color, hurt hair is unavoidable.

The white hair crowd is the same, more than ten days do not dye hair root will continue to emerge white hair, do not dye it affect beauty, dye it laborious also hurt hair, so the frequency of hair dye is much higher than perm, the degree of damage is much larger than perm.

After reading the above introduction of the three perm hair dye hair knowledge points, I think we must have the answer in the heart! Want to reduce the frequency that dye hair, had better choose darker hair color, color is darker when dye hair qualitative damage is smaller, even if hair root grows black new unripe hair, also won't form bigger color difference with the hair color that catch below, so even if do not dye hair also won't have too big effect.Read more at:green formal dresses | grey formal dresses

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