Viral Videos: Watching the Web
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When we first started Pol Position years ago, all of this newfangled technology - what with the blogs and the Facebooks and the Twitters and such – didn’t exist yet.

No, back when we started Pol Position we got our information and tips from hanging out in seedy bars and lurking in dangerous back alleys down near City Hall rummaging through trash bins looking for scraps of papers with hot tips that were carelessly tossed out with the general rubbish.

And while we’re still a little old-fashioned, we have been coming around to this whole World Wide Web phenomenon, and we’ve got to tell you, there’s a whole lot of good stuff on there. (And some of it is downright high-larious!)

In case you’re like we used to be, namely afraid of surfing the Internet, let us give you a rundown of a couple of interesting videos we came across this week.

The first comes from The Politicker New York (, and it’s video of State Senator Hiram Monserrate - you know, the Queens politician who joined with State Senator Pedro Espada of the Bronx in upsetting the political apple cart up in Albany. Apparently Monserrate views himself as turning over more than just a few apple carts. In fact, in Monserrate’s mind, his little political shenanigans upstate are on par with another certain historical figure.

Speaking at Reverend Al Sharpton’s National Action Network over the weekend, Monserrate compared himself to…wait for it…JESUS! That’s right, Monserrate’s actions up in the State Senate are poised to forever change Western Civilization as we know it, in his own mind, and millennia from now grand churches will be erected to worship his name and mystery-thriller novels speculating on his myth and legacy will be turned into major motion pictures.

If you were wondering if Monserrate were actually delusional, this is Exhibit A.

Monserrate told the crowd that he knew he might be committing political suicide, but just like Jesus knew he might be crucified for upsetting the status quo, he had to do what was right.

Meanwhile, Councilman Eric Gioia, who is running for public advocate, put up a new video on his website,, called “My Story.” It’s the tale of a young boy who grew up in Woodside, the son of parents who ran a modest flower shop, who eventually worked his way through law school thanks to a union job as a doorman, only to end up working in the Clinton White House.

(Spoiler Alert)

Gioia’s dream would eventually come crashing down, however, and this once successful politician who was on course to do great, great things, would eventually find himself in need of help from the very government he once had a hand in running, doing his shopping at the local supermarket with the help of food stamps.

Just kidding! Gioia went on food stamps voluntarily. As it turns out, the story of Eric Gioia is still being written. His campaign has promised more web videos to come in the future, so be sure to keep checking his website.

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