The Warrior's Way not worth the trip
by Nathan Orians
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I can’t say that “The Warrior’s Way” is the worst movie of all time, but that is simply because I haven’t seen every movie ever made. I can honestly say that some of the movies my friends made in middle school, with their family’s camcorder, had more narrative depth than “The Warrior’s Way.” Those shakily shot amateur films were far more complex and enjoyable to watch, even if they lacked the fancy special effects and multi-million dollar budgets that “The Warrior’s Way” had.

It’s not like anyone goes into a film like this expecting a brilliantly-written script. If you have seen the previews, you have no expectations about “The Warrior’s Way” being thought-provoking. I went to see this movie, as I am sure everyone else who saw the film did, expecting to see a knock down, drag out, bloody, and thrilling action film with some ridiculous CGI scenes. There was blood and fighting, but somehow the film just didn’t deliver.

“The Warrior’s Way” shot its self in the foot with Sngmoo Lee’s directive choices. The attempt to make the movie appear like a graphic novel ruined the fight scenes. Instead of beautiful flowing martial arts, there were jumpy, stilted camera shots at weird angles, and cheesy formatting that were Lee’s attempt at depicting frames in a graphic novel.

The Graphic novel format also ruined what little dialog there was. While reading stupid one liners might be amusing on the page, watching Kate Bosworth stumble through them with a bad southern accent is just awful. This style makes every character seem unbelievably dull and dumb.

The movie was originally going to be titled “Laundry Warrior” due to the fact that the lead, played by Dong-gun Jang, was a retired assassin who becomes a laundry worker. No, I am not joking, I wish I were. Maybe they are saving that title for the sequel but let’s all pray that they learned their lesson. Under no circumstances should you go see this movie.

(Rating: 0.5/5)

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