The Reyna Channel: councilwoman all over the web
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It's been a busy past few weeks for Councilwoman Diana Reyna on YouTube.

First, we got wind of a clip from last October of Reyna at a Citizens Union panel on term limits. In the nine-minute video, Reyna tries to state her case for why she supports overturning term limits. Her main argument is that she found it frustrating to keep defending her seat, which in the end takes away from the amount of time she can dedicate to fighting and serving her district. And apparently keeping her basic math skills in check.

Now, we here are Pol Position certainly don't claim to be geniuses when it comes to subjects like calculus, algebra, or geometry. In fact, we just did a quick check here, and only one person in the whole office is capable of doing long division.

That said, you won't find it shocking that Reyna completely loses us when she launches into a long explanation of voter apathy in New York City with a set of figures and percentages that claims to prove that term limits allows a small percentage of New Yorkers who actually come out to vote to choose who will represent the entire city in races like mayor and city comptroller, as well as smaller percentages of voters who choose even more local representatives.

(Or so we think, because after about the first ten seconds we got bored and started trying to piece together the remnants of our Fourth of July weekend. It's still in shambles.)

But even we had to stand up and take note when Reyna made the claim that there are 13 million registered voters in Kings County. That's right, 13 million! Now, we knew that Brooklyn was getting popular, but last time we checked there were only 8.2 million people in all of New York City. That's a lot of new registered voters living in illegal basement apartments in Greenpoint!

Actually, Reyna forgot to put in a decimal point, and meant to say 1.3 million registered voters in Kings County. We're not going to be too hard on her - it's easy to overlook a tiny dot now and again

But we're not sure what mistake she had in her notes that made her declare a little later on that "there are 12 registered voters in Kings County," which this time elicits uncomfortable laughter from the crowd. That's a drop-off of about 12,999,988 voters.

Reyna apologizes again, and says that she prepared quickly and didn't want you "to be disenfranchised" by the figures. Well, what did she think would happen!

Maybe Reyna was preoccupied with what she saw coming down the pipeline. During her talk at the forum she mentions that she had the pleasure to serve for Assemblyman Vito Lopez, the powerful pol who heads the Kings County Democratic Party, and who she probably hoped would back her for a third term once those darn term limits were out of the way.

Unfortunately for Reyna, Lopez had other plans. On June 12, he announced that he would be endorsing Maritza Davila, a district leader and community organizer. A sharp 180-degree turnabout from the elections of 2001 and 2003, when Reyna was criticized for being a shill for the Lopez agenda.

According to a post on The Politicker website, Lopez said Reyna was a weak link in the local political scene, and that when she was first elected to the City Council, he doubts she knew what the difference between an E.D. or an A.D. was.

Which brings us to our next YouTube clip (ed. note: this video has since been removed), which was put together by a supporter of Reyna. It's a slideshow set to the music of Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down" from Reyna's days as a campaign manager. Many of the photos are of a young Reyna with stars in her eyes, excited about making a splash on the Brooklyn political scene. (And even one of her and Lopez getting down, or at lest that's what we think is going on. See above.) apparently, it proves that a campaign manager would know the difference between an ED and an AD, but does nothing to address her issues with decimal points.

At this point, maybe Diana Reyna wishes she had never voted to overturn term limits, because this election is not going to be a walk in the park. In addition to Davila, she also faces challenges from Gladys Santiago and Gerald Esposito, the district manager of Community Board 1. Esposito has already raised approximately $80,000 for his campaign, much more than any of his opponents.

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August 14, 2009
This whole thing is just dumb.
July 21, 2009
you missed two videos:

One about term limits:

and the other about Diana: