The Dilemma isn't much of one
by Nathan Orians
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There is a comic plot device that is so common that most people overlook it. The basic formula for this common comedic tool is this: take one kind of funny man who is possibly overweight, just weird looking, or both and add one hot wife or girlfriend, then let the funny begin.

I know there are some cases of this happening in the real world, Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett, Christina Aguilera and her alien looking husband, but for the most part it just doesn’t happen. Its not that I can’t look past it on occasion but this has gotten out of control, it’s featured in films, TV, and even commercials. Kevin James, that fat guy from the show “King of Queens”, has made a career doing that same joke over and over.

Now Vince Vaughn and James team up in the new movie, “The Dilemma.” Both men have beautiful wives, played by Jennifer Connelly and Winona Ryder. and the movie relies on our ability to throw everything we know about the real world out the window.

“The Dilemma” is the story of what happens when someone finds out that his best friend’s girlfriend is cheating.

Think you know what you would do in that situation? Well I guarantee whatever you think a person would do is nothing close to what happens in the movie.

Vaughn doesn’t simply tell his friend nor does he stay quiet.

Instead he confronts people, lies, fights, stalks his friend, gives awkward anniversary toasts, and almost ruins his own relationship.

This movie tried to toe the line between comedy and drama in the way that the film “Funny People” did but it failed completely. The plot lines are either not interesting or just not really there.

Because the writing wasn’t great the movie falls back on pratfalls to fill out the two hours.

I hate to say it but Vince Vaughn has lost some of his on screen magic and Winona Ryder lost hers years ago. Don’t see this movie; it’s not worth the time commitment.

Rating: (1/5)

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