The 87-year-old grandmother is famous for her fashion choices
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When it comes to fashion, many people may think it is only for young people or middle-aged people, but when we reach the age of 80, fashion seems to be out of the question. But the 87-year-old grandmother broke the stereotype with her outfit.

In her, the public can see a love of beauty in old age and a grace that does not fade with age. This autumn, 87-year-old grandma is popular by "fashion dress", dress to reduce the age of western style, throw off young people a few streets, let's enjoy!

A dress style with no limits

If women want to change their clothes as they age, they first need to break the stereotype that old people should dress conservatively and monotonously.

In fact, fashion has nothing to do with age. Many styles that seem to be exclusive to young people can be managed by older people without any pressure. This 87-year-old grandmother is a case in point.

1, Vitality campus style

Yuqi campus style mainly refers to creating autumn look with the help of some very youthful pieces, such as hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, sweats and dad shoes. The single style is also loose and comfortable.

It seems to be only suitable for students, but when worn on the fashionable granny, there is nothing out of place, instead of reducing the age of western style, oversize hoodie or other items can also inject full vitality into the style, fashionable sense burst.

2. Street hip-hop

The older women get, the more they need to understand that age is just a number, and that we can dress in any style we like. If you are a true street style lover, things like a baseball jacket, leather coat or ripped jeans will work for you.

Autumn goes out the street to build double color fastens ball shoe, the individual character that belongs to grandma generation and handsome nature reveal, not inferior at the youth.

Retro elegance

After the age of 80, if you don't want to be too bold and personal, you are advised to opt for retro elegance, a style that uses vintage tones and classic pieces to create an everyday look.

Such as Burgundy, dark green, avocado, caramel, or woolen coat, plaid coat, sweater, skirt, not only easy to control, but also let you wear beyond the age of beauty, elegant to the bone.

Two, change a kind of construction method is more fashionable

Many old people may think that the reason why they dress fashionably is because they are wearing fashionable items, which is actually one-sided.

Many fashion grannies wear basic or age-neutral items, such as the 87-year-old's favourite denim jacket, hoodie, cardigan, suit or dress.

What makes her stand out from the crowd is that she knows how to use fashion to enhance her sense of style.

For example, when wearing a denim jacket, she prefers to mix hoodies rather than undergarments, giving her a casual street feel. It's not just denim jackets. When she wears a cardigan, she also uses dresses to add romance to her looks.

Similar to the use of retro red dress as a knitted cardigan, the whole is bright and moving, and romantic elegant.

Refuse to be black or white

If 80-year-old women want to win fashion and elegance with the help of clothes, they can not stay the same in the color scheme. They can try more colors other than black and white.

In this grandmother's case, as well as black, white, camel, brown or beige, she also likes to spice up her looks with vintage colours such as olive, dark green, maples, Burgundy or ginger.

On the basis of breaking the dull feeling of autumn, these colors can also enhance the recognition, with color collision skills, stylish feeling double!

The way of dressing depends on detail, colour applies not exception also, besides having the aid of color department will light modelling outside, know to have the aid of "colour echo" perhaps bump color skill will promote window very important also.

Similar to the green sweater with blue jeans, ginger socks and sweater small area of the color, careful machine full.

Four, let accessories become a unique mark

Women over 80 are no longer thin, grey hair and wrinkles are the norm, but the love of beauty is a lifelong lesson for women.

Even though they're no longer young, grandmothers need to look as sophisticated as possible, which requires us to accessorize our looks with accessories.

Things like berets, sunglasses, earrings, sweater chains, belts or scarves.

Besides being able to promote modelling integrity and delicate feeling, these deserve to act the role of also can be same as white hair, wrinkle, become the distinctive sign that belongs to old people.Read more at: formal clothing | formal dresses melbourne

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