Roommate: Not Wanted!
by Nathan Orians
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I remember my first roommate. He was awful. He stole my records, took my food and smelled. He didn’t smell as bad as my friend’s roommate who had to be Febreezed once a week while he slept.

I thought I had it hard but I guess it wasn’t that bad: at least I never roomed with Leighton Meester.

This week’s Horror film, “The Roommate” starring Minka Kelly and Meester was honestly one of the worst films I have seen. I want to make a joke about it being Horror-ible, but I know that that would be in bad taste so I won’t do it…

Kelly, playing Sara Matthews, arrives at her first year of college. She is young, smart and beautiful; what could go wrong? How about a bad roommate, Rebecca, played by Meester? The two girls start out close.

They go to art shows and eat late night diner food together. As the film moves forward Rebecca starts to get weird and then weirder.

Rebecca starts to “protect” Sara. She scares off Sara’s ex, friends, and touchy-feely professor.

Soon Sara finds out that Rebecca hasn’t been taking her medication. Researching online what the pills are for, Sara deduces that her roommate is crazy – then the killing starts.

The big problem is that the movie really isn’t that scary. Meester is crazy for sure but scary, maybe not. Looking at her I am pretty sure a stiff breeze could knock her over. Also there is not a whole lot of suspense, every time you think something is going to happen … it happens.

The whole movie is really a set up for one extended girl fight that lasts about five minutes and ends with a great one liner.

I won’t tell you the line in case you decide to actually go see this movie against my advice. Actually the ending is about as bad as the rest of the movie.

The only reason to ever go see this would be if you have a roommate that annoys you, so afterward you can turn to them and say, “I guess you better start cleaning up after yourself.”

(Rating: 1/5)
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