Paul: Like E.T., only more hip and cool
by Nathan Orians
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Nick Frost and Simon Pegg team up again in “Paul” the new Sci-fi movie that came out this past weekend. Like Frost and Pegg’s other film “Shawn of the Dead” the humor in “Paul” relies heavily on knowledge of geek culture.

The movie follows the two actors, who play a couple of friends on a trip from London to attend Comic-Con. After the convention they rent a camper go on a road trip to the major UFO landing sites and other spots of alien importance in the U.S. Somewhere near area 51 in Nevada they pick up a new passenger.

They pick up Paul, an alien, voiced by Seth Rogen, on the run from area 51 and a team of Federal Agents. A high clearance government agent, played by Jason Bateman, and his two cronies, try to retrieve Paul before he contacts his planet. Frost and Pegg go along for the ride and try to help Paul get home.

A movie that starts and ends at Comic-Con is great for a nerd like me but maybe not for everyone. The movie “Paul” plays well to viewers who have seen “ET”, the Star Wars films, and Star-trek multiple times but it might not be accessible to the general population.

“Paul” relies a little too much on its satire of previous films. There are a ton of jokes that you have to be in the loop to get the full effect of. Sigourney Weaver’s cameo is not that funny, if you haven’t seen “Alien,” and Paul’s healing powers don’t get the full laughs outside of the context of “ET.”

The CGI is passable and the writing isn’t bad. If you like Sci-fi this movie is a lot of fun. If you’re not into movies about aliens but like comedy the movie might work for you. There is enough amusing profanity to keep anyone entertained.

If you have never heard of Comic-Con, Star Wars or “ET” I would steer clear of this one, you might find it confusing when the nerds, like me, in the audience start laughing.
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