Mouth Breather and Wheezer
by MadameRaeRae
 Fabulously Broke
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One way to blow through a ridiculous amount of money is by getting sick. Ah yes, for the fourth time this year I have come down with a serious sinus infection. Of course this one had to be the worst of all time and if I took off work I wouldn't  have had money to go to the doctor. Pathetic huh? So this means I worked for three days praying to my sweet Lord that it was just a cold. Could I be so lucky? Nope.

By the time Wednesday rolled around I felt like my chest had a brick sitting on it and my sinuses were so clogged I was forced to breathe through my mouth. I sounded like Darth Vader. My eyes were so heavy that I could barely keep them open. So I caved and went to the doctor.

As soon as I was checked out he told me I should have been there like last week. Well duh Doc! Couldn't he see that I was suffering? I'm also a glutton for punishment. I have to be on my death bed before I ever go see the doctor. For some reason I don't feel the same way about the dentist, like a good little girl I go every six months. Evidently I have a fear of losing my teeth but if I can't breathe it's not such a big deal. I definitely have problems.

The infection settled into my chest so bad he sent me home with an asthma pump which I have to use twice a day like a 95 year old emphysema patient. At least now I can breathe, thank God. I'm still hacking up a lung every five minutes producing a grossly discolored mucus. Also I'm constantly in the bathroom which is probably a side effect from the antibiotic I'm on and there's a weird taste in my mouth which I think is from all the mucinex combined with said asthma pump.

All in all I'm not very fabulous this week, instead I'm phlegmy and clogged. Please let it end, if it doesn't I might break open my own chest cavity and remove my lungs with my bare hands.

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