Light ripe girl autumn dress don't be too fussy
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It's not even the time to wear two, and lightweight shirts that can be casual and commute to work are perfect for the transition season.

If you choose a white shirt, the version is more fashionable and loose, you can also choose a less basic style, with a little wooden ear edge and bubble sleeves to be more gentle and age-reducing, because white is inclusive, so even if the bottom is flowery, you are not afraid. In addition, you can also try some soft color, look happy and easy to the eye.

Everyone will get a sweater in the fall, which will be less flattering and more versatile than the pullover version. Knit unlined upper garment with simple sense is close-fitting wear close skin breathable not tie flesh, color respect recommends everybody first choice gentle earth color, have autumnal atmosphere feeling, very classic not easy to be out of date.

In the early autumn, the weather is not so cold, with thin small cardigans open slit straight tube half skirt, gentle and sexy, commuting leisure is very practical wear.

Printed sweaters and colored sweaters with color stitching are also very popular this year. Although they look very fashionable, they are far from versatile as the basic style. For ordinary people, it is easier to wear texture without complexity, and it is easier to control simple and clean pure colors if you want to highlight temperament.

Small loose version, with a little lazy casual style, no matter with pants or skirts are very comfortable.

Lazy cancer star person's wardrobe must be prepared with a shirt skirt, simple style, abandon trival fashion elements, collocation does not need to spend too much thought, and bring your own aura.

Especially in autumn, many shirt skirts will be designed into the style of a windbreaker, which can be worn as a coat to keep out the cold. If worn only with buttons and belts, it will become a dress. With waist line, it will enhance the femininity, elegant temperament and show thin.

The clear cold wind that takes a bit of alienation feeling nowadays, rustling big woman wind is more and more popular, reduced the melting element of feminine taste, can wear an advanced feeling with the simplest foundation money only.

The most representative single product is the suit pants, the fabric has a certain sense of crisp and straight at the same time very vertical, pants legs have a certain margin and not too loose, especially modified leg type, commuting to work and shirt collocation is the best CP, it is easy to wear.

If you think it's too formal to wear a basic shirt, you can also pair it with a sweater, which is gentle and elegant. Or fold a T-shirt underneath and unbutton it a little more for a laid-back, casual look.

Daily travel feel suit pants are too formal, can also be changed into casual jeans, cotton and linen fabric leisure sense is stronger.

Casual and versatile jeans, each of us more than one in the almirah, summer wear light color more relaxed, but also to the visual drop in temperature, to the autumn and winter choose brunet more appropriate, and brunet jeans with a taste restoring ancient ways, look more texture.

Loose straight jeans do not pick the figure, it appears that the legs are straight and long, in early autumn can be matched with a variety of shirts, a little formal, a little leisure, wear a effortless fashion, more cold knit sweater or folded coat, simple and casual and easy to wear texture.

Autumn meaning is gradually thick, windbreaker can also be arranged in advance, light ripe girl wants to wear more temperament, abandon trival design and flowery color, choose classic basic color collocation is not easy to go wrong.

Slim version looks tall and straight, but also easier to wear the aura, autumn clothing whether style or color should be appropriate to do subtraction, such a dress looks clean and comfortable, highlighting temperament is also very senior sense.Read more at: red formal dresses | white formal dresses

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