Lady Cashless Turns 23
by MadameRaeRae
 Fabulously Broke
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Yes ladies and gentleman this Friday was my 23rd birthday. I hear it now, boisterous applause, shrieking with glee, here comes the oh so chocolately and sinful cake, trumpets are blaring in the distance and white knights are galloping in...yea right.

My birthday was on Friday the 13th I knew better than to tempt fate. The last time my birthday was on that cursed day I was having a pool party and it rained all day. See why I might have had some reservations about it? Rightly so since I had to cancel plans for Saturday due to an emergency at work and instead of eating Filet Mignon with my girls I was instead taking delivery orders and running a lotto machine. Touche Friday the 13th, Touche. Though I think the torrential downpour the last time was worse.

Anyway the Wednesday before my birthday rocked hardcore! 1. because it's the end of my workweek (part-time job people) and 2. CAUSE I WENT TO GO SEE BILLY ELLIOT! was that loud enough for ya? I went to see Billy Elliot on Broadway! Thanks to my awesome Uncle Joe and Aunt Pat who bought me the tickets for my birthday.

Me and my mommy were sitting five rows back from the stage. The show was amazing. I sat there in awe the whole time. I think I might have loved it more than Rent which is seriously saying something. I know all the words to every single song in Rent. Don't look at me like that I went to a performing arts high school, if I didn't know the lyrics I would have failed and been forced to sing Barbara Streisand tunes by the musical theatre gays. They are far more torturous than the ballet gays, take my word for it.

Anyway the show was brilliant. The boy who played Billy was phenomenal. The entire cast put their heart and soul into the show and it was just spectacular. So that was my Wednesday night. An evening of theatre with my mother.

Then the night of my birthday I stuffed my face full of Lai Yuen's fantabulous Gran Marnier shrimp and drank lots of birthday wine. I felt like a doofus while the waiter sang happy birthday to me, but that's okay. It kind of reminded me of the scene at the end of A Christmas Story when the family's in the chinese restaurant the waiters are trying to sing Jingle Bells which, let's be honest always makes me smile.

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