Just another flat romantic comedy
by Nathan Orians
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It’s been said that this has been a really bad summer for movies. I want to disagree but as I try to think of good movies from this summer, the list stays small. I set out this week to write a positive review, one that would let me say, “go see this movie so you can at least end summer with a good flick.”

Unfortunately I went to see “The Switch.”

It’s not the worst movie ever made, just another flat romantic comedy. It probably wouldn’t even warrant that bad of a review except that if you are going to review it, there is nothing really good to say.

The premise is that Kassie (Jennifer Aniston), a small town girl living in a big city, feels her biological clock ticking. She decides to have a child via sperm donor. Enter her best friend Wally, played by Jason Bateman. While immediately ruled out as a potential donor, Bateman is kept in close confidence as the picking proceeds.

Here’s the twist: Bateman gets drunk and “switches” his sperm with the donor’s but he blacks out and doesn’t recall doing it. Aniston leaves the city to go raise her kid and seven years pass before she returns. Bateman and Aniston unite and they slowly start to uncover the truth about her, no their, son.

One thing this summer’s movies have been good at is exposing viewers to unconventional families. With “Cyrus” there is the single mom trying to balance her 20-something-year-old son’s needs with her dating life. “The Kids are Alright” depicts a lesbian family. The kind of alternative family presented to us in “The Switch,” however, probably could have continued to go unnoticed.

Bateman is funny at times and Aniston can still deliver. Their supporting cast isn’t bad. The movie is just unremarkable.

“The Switch” will leave you scratching your head, wondering why they bothered to make the movie.

Rating: 2/5
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