How can a movie about Facebook be so good?
by Nathan Orians
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“The Social Network” is a movie that spends most of its time in deposition hearings and scenes of men writing code for computer programs. Who comes up with this stuff? Sure, technology and “the story of me” are supposed to be the themes of my generation, but really – a movie about Facebook?

Come on. Really? Yeah, really! The movie is really well acted, possibly the best movie to come out in a long time.

“The Social Network” is about the creation of mega social network Facebook. How is it possible to take something so two-dimensional and give it a dramatic life which can surprise and delight? Who would have thought this particular point in history could anchor a film? I know I had my doubts, but thanks to great writing and even better casting, the movie flows beautifully.

Even at two hours long, it goes quickly. There aren’t any spots that drag. “The Social Network” keeps viewers hooked and longing for more.

What makes the movie great is the cast. From well-known personalities like Justin Timberlake to relatively new faces like Andrew Garfield, everybody excels in their roles. Jesse Eisenberg brings home the film, and let me tell you, Michael Cera had better watch out because there’s a new awkward young actor out there, and this one can actually act.

Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook. You might recognize Eisenberg from his previous hit “Zombieland.” His performance in that great zombie comedy was not an anomaly; he is a convincing actor, perhaps even the best young actor out right now.

This movie gets a 5 out of 5 - stars, thumbs up, smiley faces, whatever – this movie deserves it.

Should you see this movie? I’ll let my Facebook status message answer that: “I just saw ‘The Social Network’ and it was great! I will totally go see it again with anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.”

(Rating: 5/5)
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Bill Vine
October 05, 2010
You seem to really like Jesse Eisenberg. It would be cool if he became really famous and made zillions of dollars, and then they made a movie about how he stole his shtick from Michael Cera