Good & evil
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Dear editor,

Good and evil have existed side by side since the beginning of time, but these elements have been in plain sight over the past few months.

Good and evil exists in every race, denomination, profession or community group. We have seen bad cops and good cops at the same place and time.

We have seen clergy who have disgraced their position and some who have been saints. We have seen educators abuse the trust of students in their care and we have seen educators provide services beyond what parents could expect.

We have seen lawyers, some very good and some very bad, both prosecutors and defense specialists. We have seen judges abandon principles of law and order and become activists, and other judges who apply the law fairly and evenly.

We have seen peaceful protestors and the evil element within their group, agitating and inciting violence, vandalism, riot and assault. We have seen politicians who are good and bad, some work tirelessly to represent their constituents and others who will take money and represent the exact opposite, denying constituents the representation that they deserve.

In every case, good and evil exist at the same place and time and it is up to us to make a judgment on what is right and what is wrong. If we have been taught properly, we will make the right decision.

But beware, there are those who want to make that decision for us, that would strip us of our liberty and make us dependent on someone you may not know or trust.

Do not be bullied by the mob. Make up your own mind and trust yourself to make the correct decision. Gog lives in each one of us, and you can call on him for help at any time. He always listens and may or may not give us what we ask for, but he will give us what we need.


Lawrence Lancucki


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