Don't show your ankles in winter clothes
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Although exposed ankle in winter clothing can enhance modeling highlights, belongs to the more common collocation careful machine, but with the rapid decline in temperature, compared with fashion personality, a lot of fashionable essence people pay more attention to dress warm and comfortable, choose "not exposed ankle" wear way, win temperature and grace.

This kind of collocation method has the reference value to the old cold leg or the pursuit warm practical middle-aged woman, this winter dress does not reveal the ankle again, for you to share 27 sets of warm wear, elegant fashion and very thin, let's have a look!

One, small foot pants boots

The easiest way to cover your ankles in winter is to start with boots, such as Chelsea ankle boots, Martin boots, under the knee boots or over the knee boots, especially boots near the knee, warm and stylish, minutes to enhance your aura.

1, lamb hair jacket small pants boots

The boot design that suits winter is more, recommend knight boots or knee boots quite among them, good control and collocation is flexible, fashionable feeling is full.

There is a detail to pay attention to, boots have a modification effect on the calf line, but the trouser version should not be too loose, the combination of small foot pants more agile and show thin legs. For a warm and stylish style, pair it with a lamb coat. The shorter version is friendly to small people.

2, down jacket/cotton-padded coat pants boots

Small pants and boots can protect the ankle, with a lot of options, in addition to lamb coat, down jacket, cotton jacket is also a safe choice.

For example, the length of the waist to crotch between the waist down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, can block the hip area, suitable for the middle-aged woman of all figures.

3. Over-waisted woolen coat pants boots

The woolen coat has advantages that are hard to replace. A length that goes below the waist and below the knee is best for the little guy.

At the same time, small foot pants stretch legs in the connection of boots at the same time, and a loose and tight coat, comfortable and warm and decent.

Two, lamb hair short coat wearing demonstration

In addition to covering the ankle area with thigh-high boots or socks, it's also crucial to keep your winter clothes warm and stylish.

Lamb coat is the most middle-aged women in winter can not miss the style, because the length of the waist, it on the height, body tolerance degree, small, tall wear are not a problem.

For example, khaki, beige, camel, brown gray or blue gray waist short lamb coat, with radish pants, straight pants, connected socks, temperature and grace.

When the lower outfit is relatively slim and tight, it is recommended that we choose to use A version of the lamb coat, A version of the nifty age reduction, on the waist and abdomen area plays A role in modifying, and small foot pants, straight pants loose combination, resolve the embarrassing problem of dressing.

Here is a detail to pay attention to, bottoms, shoes as far as possible from black or the same color.

Three, down jacket wearing demonstration

What's a middle-aged girl who isn't interested in a lamb coat to wear? The answer is get down jacket, which is warm, comfortable and classic. Who can't love it?

If the figure is not tall enough, it is recommended to start with the above kind of waist short bread clothing or medium long quilted down jacket. The former is not only comfortable and warm, but also easy to create a high waist line, like the combination of high waist straight skirt and straight pants when wearing open, so as to optimize the proportion of body in minutes.

Quilted down jacket is relatively fluffy, not afraid to stretch the horizontal width, the combination of wide-leg pants, straight pants are easy.

Down jacket length is longer, when wearing build, need to notice these two points more, the first is waist line problem, resemble combination pants of tall waist is worn open, perhaps the choice accepts a waist money down jacket.

The 2nd it is to notice pants outfit choice, recommend pants of small straight tube, small foot and radish pants, on panasonic show tall show thin tightly.

Four, long coat wearing demonstration

Winter long coat, is also an effective way to create a warm look, this kind of single cut simple and smooth, modify the figure and enhance temperament.

The middle-aged girl that takes elegant temperamental route, can choose big lapel long coat, want to wear gentler but person, might as well try horn buckle long coat.

Similarly, when wearing a combination of small pants and boots, the whole body is wrapped up, but the temperament is half the same. Of course, combination pants or straight pants and socks are also acceptable.

Among them, with the help of pants to protect ankle, it is recommended to choose high waist wide leg pants, combination of long coat or small wind short coat, easily raise the waist line position.Read more at:formal dress online | short formal dresses

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