Crossing Art gallery explores motion and stillness
by Lisa A. Fraser
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What do you get when you put an Astrophysicist in the art world, allowing him to envision and create an exhibition that could potentially blow minds?

You get exactly that and more. Take for instance, Joshua Spodek’s Motion in Stillness exhibition, now on view at Crossing Art Gallery in Flushing.

The exhibition features Spodek’s linear zoetrope creations - a unique medium that transforms still images to make them appear animated and moving to viewers.

The linear zoetrope is a concept taken from the original circular zoetrope, which was invented in the 1830s.

“No one had done it quite like I did before,” he said. “I went a little bit farther and I went in my own direction.”

The images, like the ones above, appear to move as the viewer moves along the linear zoetrope, mounted on the gallery wall. The ballerina will appear to be dancing, as well the West African dancer in the above photos. It’s all based on lens equations - something us regular layman won’t understand but works wonders on the eyes.

It took Spodek years to finish the exhibition, which runs through July 17. At first, they were placed in subway tunnels in various cities, where they appeared as moving screens as the trains went by.

He wanted to take the concept further. He took some time off to develop the zoetropes for the art world, even though he had no experience in art.

“How could I not do it? It was a medium that no one had explored,” he said.

After this opening, in the fall, he and students from Parson’s the New School of Design’s Art Media and Technology will unveil the largest, digital linear zoetrope in Union Square.

Spodek says the pieces incorporate elements of music, such as beats that you could visibly experience when you walk past each zoetrope.

“The emotions I’d like to draw are wonder, fascination and enjoyment,” he said. For him, it is yet another way to explore and admire the world.

Crossing Art is located at 136-17 39th Avenue, Flushing. For more information visit their website or call (212) 359-4333.
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