Bodacious Brooklyn bike-riding fashions
by Holly Wilensky
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Does the first photo to the left look all too familiar?

The word on the street is it’s quite challenging to look cute while biking, especially in the streets of Brooklyn which are often akin to riding through brick ovens during the summer. If you’re biking around town in a dress, chances are it is going to get caught in the spokes of your bike tires, which equals one or both of the following disasters:

1. You could crash and eat the street

2. You could not crash and damage your dress or skirt.

Sure it’s fixable, but is it practical to risk death or injury in the name of transportation and fashion? Can the two work together in getting you from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ in style and in one piece?

This problem does indeed offer a solution of wearing an ‘above the knee’ dress or skirt. However, when you’ve reached your destination and your legs are stuck to the seat, how do you not end up flashing the world when getting yourself off the bike and back to your potential cuteness?

It seems that American Apparel (104 N. 6th in between Barry and White) has offered a few solutions to tackle this predicament.

Bodacious bloomers: ($32.00) The fashion cycle has cycled back almost a century in bringing these frilly panties back from the dead. Wear under super short shorts or a mini skirt to protect the privates from having a public viewing.

Roller shorts (not shown, $22.00) are quite nice when the breeze blows up your skirt as well.

Harem pants: ($40.00) Or, if a Mac truck flies by you, you can try to figure out how many people just saw your underwear, or, next time try these sexy harem pants underneath. These will come in handy for riding at night if it’s breezy yet balmy and protect against Mac truck fly bys.

Petticoat ($70.00): Protect your privates with an old-fashioned petticoat. Its bounce and shine is sure to be a crowd pleaser at your next biking function.

It’s feminine, ruffled and will handle all of the fly away moments by staying down if the rest of your skirt flies up. Its weight keeps the privates covered while giving the illusion of a careless, dreamy dress. The best part? It’s reversible.

Now you can bike around Brooklyn with ease and style by not freaking when your dress flies up. Keep it simple and stylish with these simple “under the skirt” biking tips.

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