A royal kind of independent film
by Lisa A. Fraser
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Tyrone King might as well call it quits. The son of a passed on professional boxer, whose life isn’t going exactly the way he had envisioned, he is struggling to make ends meet for his young daughter and intolerable, cold-hearted girlfriend.

But as everything around Tyrone seems to turn to trouble, an unexpected twist of fate leads him right into his father’s shoes.

This is the short hand summary of the beginning and middle of “To Be King”, a new film by Queens-based director, Steve Rahaman. The independent, 101 minute film is not Rahaman’s first and it’s not the first to deliver blow-by-blow action scenes, complete with blood and the rawness of real emotion that seamlessly pulls an audience in. But it is the first to hit international film festivals in New York and internationally.

Tyrone King (played by Nigel Harvey) is unwillingly caught up in a life constantly infiltrated by negativity. From a back-stabbing best friend and girlfriend to a lost brother who Tyrone is desperately trying to save from going down the hole as much as himself, every day is a struggle for survival.

The only light in his life is his daughter. But all of that almost goes when his girlfriend decides she is going to split and take her from his life. A fight begins to get his daughter back and a larger fight between Tyrone and his higher self simultaneously begins.

With the unexpected help from a neighborhood boxing trainer and another unexpected romantic involvement with a social worker, Tyrone’s life starts to change for the better. And in an effort to prove to the state that he is a capable father, he begins to take up training at the gym where his father was known as a legend.

This second King almost instantaneously becomes a boy wonder in the underground fighting world. King finds faith in himself to stand up, believes in himself enough to fall in love again and ultimately becomes a champion.

The film instantly propels one into Tyrone’s trials and instantaneously, one roots for him. The fight scenes are filled with intensity and a kind of raw emotion that only an independent film could evoke. From the cinematography to the script, Rahaman was a one-man band in producing and directing the film. But he’s no stranger to the work load, it is something he’s been doing since he picked up the camera in 2005.

Rahaman, who lives in Kew Gardens, realized he wanted to be a filmmaker at a young age. But it was only six years ago, he decided to pick up the camera and start shooting. His penchant is in the horror-gore realm. So far, he has made four feature films and is working on a fifth.

Rahaman makes it his duty include local shots of areas in Queens, such as Woodhaven and Brooklyn, such as East New York, in his films.

He is also the creator of production company, Falling Leaves Productions LLP. His goal is to utilize talent in the movie and music industry to develop a one-step entertainment production company for independent film makers as well as artists.

“To Be King,” has risen through the ranks at film festivals, local and international. It was the most popular film at the Long Island Film Festival this summer, raking in the most ticket sales ever in the history of the film festival. The film also made its way to the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival and it was made Official Selection of the Chashama Film Festival and the New York International Film Festival, among others. The film opens in three cities on November 10 in three cities. On November 17, it will premier at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, which runs until November 24 .

For more information, visit tobekingmovie.blogspot.com or visit steverahaman.com
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Nigel Harvey
November 04, 2011
I am so proud of the "To Be King" and I want to thank evryone for their support and love. Steve and I who are partners in our Company Falling Leaves Films have work hard to get this project done and Steve has Shown over the years that his camera work as well as editing is excellent. As one of the Producers of this as well as our Award winning film "Bloodline" it has been very fulfilling to see the hard work we put into our projects receive the Love and Support it has. I hope that you the people can come on out and enjoy our film. Thank you and God Bless.