A practical guide to winter dressing, these 3 tips are super useful
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Relative to wear a summer, many girls will feel qiu dong season with really good hard, both to wear to keep warm, and to wear a comfort, but also can't wear rustic bloated, fully staffed collocation looks easy, but difficult to operate, want both warm and fashionable in winter is tie-in, there are skills. A practical guide to winter dressing, these 3 tips are so good that they look great.

Wear skills one, learn to use small accessories, used to do the ornament

In autumn and winter season collocation, a lot of girls can wear more rigid and drab, the conventional design design on basic color collocation is usually more common, sedate and simple but a little foreign style feeling, in autumn and winter collocation, if you want to win by surprise, a few personalized small deserve to act the role of is very important.

For instance the small scarf that fastens with color, already heat preservation is western style, the bucket bag that fastens with color with jacket, practical and modern.

Neckline part detail is also very important, want to wear a fashion sense, usually need to visual focus on small details, such as on the neckline is tie-in a spell color or color silk scarves, moment can make a very pale colour collocation presents the bright feeling on the vision, also can wear a ripe female body delicate and tender.

The more practical accessories in winter collocation is the scarf. The scarf can not only make the overall shape look more complete, but also play a very good role in keeping warm. It is a very typical single product with a sense of fashion and practicality.

In addition to scarves, belts, shoes, bags and other accessories are also very important, sometimes in the overall collocation can present the finishing effect.

Wear skills two, skillfully with folded wear collocation way, increase the sense of layers

In winter is tie-in, in addition to fashion sense, heat preservation performance is also very important, want to don't beautiful and moving, then can try mutiple level collocation method, namely we often say that fold wear is tie-in, fold wear ways of present administrative levels feeling and stereo feeling on collocation, at the same time can also be in the cold winter wear take because of the multilevel upgrade to let the heat preservation effect.

Need to pay attention when selecting a down jacket fold wear, if wear coats, inside the fold wear must try to light some collocation, the collocation of shirt and thin sweater is enough, don't too thick sweater, so as not to appear too bloated, at the same time can also be combined with open when wearing a dress to avoid bloated feeling.

The fold wear collocation of sports girl wind how little got hoodie, hoodie and lamb cashmere coat fold wear can wear the collocation effect of a kind of college wind, reducing the age effect is very, can also try the high collar knit shirt collocation plaid grain shirt as the inside of lamb cashmere coat, administrative levels sense is obvious, at the same time appear very western style.

Three, appropriate use of warm colors, increase the sense of tenderness

In the autumn and winter season collocation, many girls will focus on black and gray when collocation. The basic stable black and gray is very easy to use, but it is easy to wear the effect of rotten streets. If you want to avoid rotten streets, you might as well go the other way, and boldly use some warm colors or light colors to wear a gentle feeling.

But warm and light color fastens often claim to the figure is higher, because the color usually show the practicability of thin short, so the body slightly fat lady sisters are not suitable for light color fastens collocation, if your body more slim bony can bold attempt to light color fastens collocation, in dark grey outfit monohydrate, with a light color fastens collocation is very revealing.

When choosing warm colors, you can try to combine gentle warm colors with light light colors, and use the same color system but different color saturation to present the sense of difference in color collocation. You can also try to use warm colors to match basic black and gray to present the combination of cold and warm.

Winter collocation do not tangle again, learn the above 3 kinds of collocation on the tips, according to the model so you can wear simple base single product wear out of the ordinary effect.Read more at:Abendkleid | black prom dress

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