'Takers' rips stuff from other movies!
by Nathan Orians
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“Takers” seems to have at least a little internal awareness of the fact that the script is lifted from another movie. In one scene, Ghost, played by rapper T.I., basically says, “Yo dudes, I got an idea. Let’s do this like they do in ‘The Italian Job.’” The bottom line is that “Takers” rips so much from the “The Italian Job” that if you have seen it, you probably don’t need to see “Takers.”

On a side note, if Hollywood has any discretion left in its hiring practices, this will be T.I.’s last attempt at acting. When I say that he is a bad actor, somehow my words fall flat. “Bad” just doesn’t do justice to the true depth of his lack of acting talent.

This is the part where ordinarily I would give you a rundown of the plot but instead I’ll just provide you with parts of the plot of two other movies. This will, I believe, paint an accurate picture of “Takers.”

Remember George Clooney’s crew from “Ocean’s 11” - those attractive, smart, daring thieves? They make elaborate plans to pull off heists and get rich. Now just substitute a new, less talented cast and you have a good back story for “Takers.”

And now for the story line: “The Italian Job” is about a group of robbers that comes up with a plan to steal from an armored truck. They do so and chase scenes and fights ensue. “Takers” is exactly the same, right down to the way they knock over the truck.

You could go out and watch “Takers” because it’s not the worst, but why not just stay at home? You can rent a double feature of “Ocean’s 11” and “The Italian Job,” both of which are much better movies. Plus there is the added bonus of not having to sit through T.I. He really is awful.

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September 15, 2010
I think I will rent a double feature from netflicks instead.