"Small unlined upper garment wide leg pants" : really good beauty
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Start of autumn has passed, cold air hit.

In this season when the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, our clothes should not only keep warm in the morning and evening cold weather, but also create a fashionable style of handsome personality. And this autumn the most popular "pants of small unlined upper garment wide leg" wear build routine, with our demand is in harmony, the sweet heart that is confusing a lot of female people, walked in fashionable most front.

Today, let's have a look at fashionable blogger the tilting feelings of people deduce, the autumn day that will parse them wears the way that take, the hope can bring you inspiration of a few tie-in!

Since the popularity of retro styles, floral prints have been pushed to a higher level by designers.

Take the beauty in the left picture to wear the printed cardigan, harmonious and elegant color matching, bring out a bit of a strong sense of vintage, light coffee color and black interlace each other out of the classic check pattern, interoperability is really very good. Need only simple collocation style of trousers of wide leg of a slim body, the integral modelling that can let us brings more youth vigor.

Although it is to enter autumn already, but this kind of comfortable and concise short sleeve shirt must not be in a hurry to collect.

At noon, might as well learn the beauty in the left picture is general, wear build a relaxed, cool spell color short sleeve blouse, high-quality pit texture and delicate splicing, can highlight the sense of excellent visual experience more. Bottom body collocation is a rice white 9 cent wide leg pants, contracted with the sex, very beautiful very advanced.

If you belong to the word of small beauty, might as well try this kind of show high performance excellent 9 cent wide leg pants.

Right graph belle is wearing a bright, the caramelized cotton qualitative upper garment that restore ancient ways, belong to the basic design that shows loose slightly, although be in slightly cold early winter season, also can wear inside thick coat, from this can highlight its that excellent real wear performance. The lower body was matched with a pair of white cotton pants with nine points, and then the small unlined upper garment is stuffed into the waistband inside, and the nine points of suspended length are mutually supported, to lengthen the effect of height proportion.

In autumn day street, of trousers appear in a scene rate peremptosis should compare skirt outfit sheet to taste higher a lot of, especially field of this kind of collect atmosphere and cool sa at one body mop ground wide leg trousers design, can greatly elongate leg line, whole modelling sa sense is dyein.

Left picture beauty wears a very wide and soft white jeans mop trousers, simple lines add micro profile profile, fashionable tone! Pair a white short-sleeved top with a V-neck sweater vest for an instant leggy look.

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