'Machete' could've used some slicing
by Nathan Orians
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I am a big fan of grindhouse-style movies, but there is a reason they are usually under 80 minutes long. Sustaining plots powered by oozing blood and guts requires economy, compression and disciplined editing.

“Machete” goes about 25 minutes over an acceptable length. and just doesn’t quite hold together. Had directors Ethan Maniquis and Robert Rodriquez used the delete key a little more freely in the editing room, this could have been a great movie.

As it stands, this movie holds up as a passable grindhouse movie. There is plenty of blood and humor to keep most of the scenes safely within the norm of the genre. One thing that is disappointing is the advent of CGI’s. Where there used to be buckets of fake blood, now we see a drop of fake blood and a lot of computer graphics that add in blood. The reliance on computer graphics instead of makeup takes some of the charm and convincing stickiness out of the movie.

The movie follows Danny Trejo, an ex-Federale who ends up in America as an illegal immigrant. He confronts a Mexican drug lord, a senator and a bunch of armed border patrolmen. He has to work with a number of interesting characters to insure justice.

Trejo is great at what he does. He has been killing people in movies for as long as I can remember. Robert De Niro is convincing as Senator McLaughlin and plays his part perfectly. Steven Seagal is Steven Seagal; he does what he does.

The movie needs to be about a half-hour shorter; if the directors had just cut out Jessica Alba, the problem might have been solved. She just brings the movie down.

Go see this movie, unless of course you don’t like blood and violence, but if that was the case you probably would have stopped reading this review at “oozing blood and guts.”

Rating: 3.5/5
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September 15, 2010
How can Jessica Alba bring anything down?