A 50-year-old woman would wear a "peacoat" more elegant
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When it comes to winter's most popular practical item, many people will think of woolen coats. In addition to warmth and comfort, woolen coat is also a powerful tool to highlight the wearer's own advanced temperament. It is practical, versatile and grand, and is a true winter treasure item.

Do not cross more resemble this kind not to carry a person common foundation money, more test wears the person oneself collocation foundation, arrive when the woman especially after 50 years old, want to win decent and elegant with the aid of coat, so need to notice coat to carry money and collocation. This winter, 50 year old women will be wearing "peacoat" more elegant, just look at Japanese granny Yoshiko Tomioka, every one is very high class!

First, suitable for winter coat style

With the development of fashion, the style of woolen coat is gradually diversified, no matter the style, version or color are very rich, when a woman over 50 years old, when choosing woolen coat, she can give priority to some simple age-appropriate styles, rather than blindly following the trend as the vertical axis.

1, earth color coat

For example, blogger Yoshiko Tomioka, in her winter coat wearing, the public can hardly see coat styles that are too strong in design or too fancy. Even if they use light pink or light green coat to reduce age, the cutting style of the coat itself is minimalist to the extreme, and more classic coats are based on basic colors and earth colors.

Especially khaki, camel, brown or oat color, these colors and contracted coat design photograph are united in union, play to give coat itself simple sense already, sedate and intellectual.

2, plaid long coat

Earth color fastens coat is the leading role that winter wears to take all the time, and there is still a kind of coat quietly popular rise in this winter, namely case grain long coat. This kind of coat superimposed plaid elements, than pure color coat retro literature, is used to create elegant British style.

When wearing case grain coat nevertheless, case grain design color does not suggest too noisy, can choose from gray, brown or other neuter color, more implicative intellectual.

3. A-version medium coat

Winter coats can be divided into H version, X version, O version or A version according to different versions. H version and X version are the most common in daily life and I believe everyone is familiar with them.

A version of the coat is A bit more playful, which is great for reducing age in winter, but this kind of coat has A girly feel, so try to choose black, camel or caramel colors to avoid going too far.

Two, wear skills

Whether a 50-year-old woman will wear a woolen coat depends not only on style choice, but also on collocation. Only by mastering some collocation skills can we win in this winter.

1, simple color matching is not simple

Many of us may think that clothes have to do with body shape and age, and that being fit and young makes you look good, but as blogger Yoshiko Tomioka shows, being good at dressing up can also make you look better.

First of all, tomioka Kaiko knows how to do subtraction in color matching. Generally, the whole body color is in one or two kinds. If the main color of the shape is dark, it will also use white, beige or color to light up the shape.

2, fold wear rich clothes

Coat wearing looks old and monotonous, many times the problem is on the inside, the inside looks humble, but it decides the shape is bloated or durable.

In this regard, women in their 50s are advised to play up their folding charm by folding a top, vest or down jacket under a woolen coat to balance warmth and style.

3, style harmony

The so-called style harmony, mainly refers to wearing a woolen coat, for the style to add a large difference with the coat style of the single item, so as to collision out of fashion spark.

For example, use a streamed-down shirt as an undercoat, and combine coats with casual items such as hoodies, bunched bottoms, jeans or sneakers.

3. Demonstration of wearing woolen coats

After reading Tomioka Kaiko's coat selection and wearing skills, let's take a look at her matching demonstration.

1. Beige coat white sweater white jeans ankle boots

No matter fashionable how to develop, with color department build law all the time very get fashionable essence people welcome, in winter most show temperamental clean with color department build law than matchs white with creaminess, quiet downy advanced.

Cropped jeans and ankle boots, on the other hand, lengthen your legs and take away the heaviness of a woolen coat, keeping you warm and slimming.

2. Woolen coat pants sneakers

Seemingly unrelated items can often be combined to create a sense of fashion, such as woolen coats, trousers and sneakers.

Coat modelling had these recreational sheet to taste to join, street feeling is full.

3. Black A-style coat blue skinny jeans

When wearing a loose coat, it is necessary to follow the tension combination technique in order to avoid looking bloated and short.Read more at: red formal | white formal dress australia

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