70-year-olds wear them even more than young people
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Many people think of fashionable young people take it for granted, in fact, the old man is also very care about their dress, they not only pay attention to style, color, also care about the material, they have their own aesthetic and fashion sense, although not too fashionable, but also can show their style, they can choose their own clothes according to his be fond of.

Today's topic is the old woman's daily dress, this 70-year-old woman has a set of clothes, simple clothes after her collocation, immediately appears lively, interesting and fashionable, without the embarrassment of forced dress up young, there is no dull and old age, her fashion makes her look energetic, very charming.

A good look of clothing is the first to see the color of the match, many people to a certain age, spring, summer, autumn and winter, clothing throughout the year are black contracting. Although black is versatile and classic color, also can bring the feeling of mature atmosphere, but, always wear black also can appear boring, be inferior to broaden vision, a lot of good-looking color also suits old woman very much.


Earth color gentle and temperament

In the fashion world, black, white and gray are for everyone, and earth colors are also colors that can bring out women's beauty. Earth color, low-key, gentle and temperament, wearing on the body will not be too eye-catching, although not very eye-catching, but particularly eye pleasing, with the effect of filter, looks natural and advanced.

Like the coat of this camel color, take the knit sweater that fastens with the same color inside, the collocation of different lightness shows certain administrative levels, with the addition of tonal scarf, can bring the effect of warmth already, also let modelling appear rich not drab. The bottom outfit is matched with a black straight leg pants, which is natural and elegant and shows temperament. Simple collocation makes it easy to wear and good-looking.


Local embellishment adds bright spot

If hope modelling more have hotspot, can use a few bright color to undertake small area ornament, can deck modelling not only, also can add fashionable feeling. The grandmother opted for a bright red knit hat to keep her head warm and draw her eyes, paired with black sunglasses for a cool cool look.

Gentle beige is more skin-friendly than camel and can bring out lighter skin tones. The light color is almost white, but more gentle than white. Relaxed cream-colored can promote the lightness of modelling, integral modelling also can feel more lightsome.

The grandmother paired her beige sweater with white cropped trousers for a clean yet gentle look, while a pendant necklace was worn around her neck for a delicate yet layered look. The addition of silk scarf on the bag immediately makes the shape more attractive. The light silk scarf is tied on the bag belt, which shows dynamic and adds feminine flavor.

A few mature women like to use dark color to reveal their maturity and dignified, also have one part woman likes to use Ming yan color to play the part of beautiful. Dark colors are understated and less prone to mistakes, but also less likely to shine. Bright-coloured color is naturally having enough eye attraction, but collocation difficulty is higher, accidentally can wear a tacky feeling.


Bright colors are more vivid

Bright color is more high-profile, also can bring cheerful feeling, but, color type is too rich will bring dazzling feeling, neither key, also do not show temperament. The simplest with good collocation means, it is to use the collocation of the same color, namely a color on the whole body, unified and harmonious show theme, good-looking good build.

This body modelling is the tie-in means that applies same color, blue sweater tie-in blue jeans, fluctuation is relaxed blue, whole is unified harmonious very relaxed again. Pair it with a blue scarf that adds energy and layer to the look and also shifts the focus to the upper part of the body.

It is the collocation of a kind of color up and down, also need to create a few administrative levels to resolve drab feeling. For instance the difference that can wait from qualitative qualitative different, design will make those who give administrative levels rich. Soft sweater and stiff bull-puncher, one soft one hard between them, pull open administrative levels immediately, already fashionable good-looking.

If you like fancy collocation, remember to embrace solid colors to reconcile. A suit is the design and color to wear, without outstanding temperament, it is difficult to control a sense of beauty.

Like this body model, the nine minutes pants of design and color, bright and dazzling, lively and dynamic and very tension, if the upper body chooses the same design and color, it will appear too noisy. The upper body chooses the pure color single product phase combination, forms the complicated and simple combination, has the vitality, and will not be too conspicuous. And the color of jacket had better be a certain kind of color in pants of design and color, also can form the echo of fluctuation colour.

For the most versatile color, look for black. Black classic atmosphere, fashion circle will never be absent from her figure. Mature women want to wear a sense of fashion, we must pay attention to the match will not show old air.


Black fashion is versatile

Black lightness is very low, often bring a dull feeling, in the process of collocation, we must pay attention to not use black to wrap themselves tightly, moderately set aside space to resolve the dull feeling at the same time can also add more breathable sense. This grandma uses black and white photograph combination, the intense contrast adds hotspot, and the striped T shirt with blue and white alternate with inside, it is changed give out vigor, already fashionable and reduce age.

What's the best color? It must be the color that suits you best. A lot of people dress collocation scruple too much, in fact, the simplest way, it is to wear the upper body to see, if let you glow and show temperament, this color is the most good-looking color, with color bright-coloured or not, with the age also has nothing to do.Read more at: evening dresses melbourne | formal dresses in adelaide

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