How to wear "blue" to look better in autumn
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When it comes to generally accepted high-end colors, most people probably first think of black or white, and these two colors are also the main colors in their daily wear. Little imagine, still have a kind of advocate advocate abstruse halcyon advanced color was ignored, it is "blue department".

Blue fastens or quiet downy, or dignified atmosphere, no matter be light mature female person or mature woman can find the choice that suits him most, it won't be like black fastens easy to show depressing, compare white fastens more show nobility again. In autumn, getting it right can make the gloom disappear. How to look better in blue this fall? Draw lessons from four aspects, temperament is more advanced, see together!

First, start with the tone

Blue belongs to the color category with very rich tonal tone, which is different from saturation or lightness. In order to wear blue well, choosing the right color is a prerequisite.

Autumn clothing is generally heavy and composed, although warm but easy to lack of bright spot, middle-aged women need to use some high brightness and good control of the color to enhance the bright spot, among them denim blue, Klein blue or water blue are ideal choice.

Denim blue is both retro and relaxed. Like a denim shirt, jacket or jeans, it is fashionable to wear in fall, but if you want to create a clean and refreshing look, then aqua blue is the best choice.

Many people in the middle age, skin quality inevitably decline, want to use color to lighten the skin, but worry about easy to magnify skin defects, at this time can choose to reduce saturation and gray fusion haze blue, or retro elegant peacock blue.

Besides friendly to skin color, these blue fastens also very accord with middle-aged woman's elegant and intellectual temperament.

Two, start from the single product style

Blue can wear what kind of effect, also depends on the style of the item. Look normally, blue fastens belong to very advanced color, sheet tastes design more contracted and easy, can develop its advantage more.

1. Sweaters/sweaters

Light blue or haze blue gentle and fresh, it is best to use some relatively soft fabrics to show its advanced texture, such as knitting, woolen or silk.

Choose a blue cardigan or knit sweater for fall, which is gentle and generous, but also brightens the skin.

2. Coat/windbreaker

Promote the way that blue fastes simple sense, still can feel sheet through choosing line to taste to come true, be like shirt, coat or windbreaker, have the aid of fluent clipping will make a wash and practice relaxed autumn modelling.

Be careful, however, to avoid overlaying unnecessary embellishments on coats, trench coats or shirts. Basic styles are best.

3. Maxi skirt

In addition to blue is put on the upper body, autumn middle-aged woman can still put it in the lower body, with gray blue half-length skirt will highlight the grace of middle-aged woman and fashion.

Skirt version is the best umbrella skirt, a-word skirt, both smart light and elegant, if it is blue denim skirt, then you can choose straight cylinder.

Three, start from collocation

Blue is a single product with different methods, as well as the use of the area is not the same, will change the dressing effect, if you want to create good clothes, then you can start from the collocation.

1. Put it on the lower body or in a small area

Worry about blue is not good to control or show old middle-aged women, autumn can try to put blue on the lower body, especially cowboy blue or bright blue, better than on the upper body to control.

In addition, the use of blue in a small area, can also create a window, and break the sense of dress depressing, for example, with bright blue shirt as a long coat inside the build, with bright blue bag embellish modelling.

2, fold wear

Fall is the time to fold. When wearing dark blue or indigo sweaters or other items, fold a white button-down shirt or T-shirt underneath to look better than wearing it alone.

This kind of match method can also neutralize dark blue old feeling with the help of white shirt, overall more advanced.

Four, start with color matching

Autumn if not go big woman wind, then wear blue department, compared with the same color department of the method, more recommended blue and white color, blue and black color, or with blue combination of earth color.

1. Blue earth color

Whether it is grey blue, cowboy blue or water blue, autumn does not know how to match the color can choose earth color.

Like khaki, coffee, brown or caramel color, can add ripe age feeling for modelling already, make echo with season again.

2. Blue black

With blue white match color advocate advocate relaxed and clean different, blue black match color belongs to "light and shade is united in wedlock" category, advocate advocate composed and able, suit the middle-aged woman on a few body duty field very much.Read more at: evening wear dresses | long formal dress

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