Septic Tank Pipe-Cover Crafts
by bobtheplumber
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Septic Tank Pipe-Cover Crafts
Septic Tank Pipe-Cover Crafts
Many yards have ugly septic tank pipes sticking up out of the ground, but not all yards have ones that stand out in the open. In some cases, the septic pipes are hidden amongst trees, bushes or other coverings. If you have one that glares at people from your front yard, or one that's impossible to hide because of its location, there are some cute ways you can cover it and give your yard a whimsical or floral touch.

There are many different ways to cover the ugly septic pipes. One is to simply plant tall plants around it, or to implant silk flowers around it. Set a birdbath beside it and then put silk flowers all around it. Or, create a craft that will make it seem as though the pipe was never even there. Keep in mind that it may be necessary, one day, to access the pipe. Whatever arrangement you do to cover the pipe, it should be easy to move it, granting access to the pipe with no troubles. And, if you sell the house, point out the pipe to the new owners or they'll never find it!

Purchase a tiny dog house, set it over the pipe, then paint "Killer" or another name, over the entryway. Dog houses with an opening previously cut can allow others to see inside, though. You can use a wooden box with no opening, too, then decorate it to look like a dog house. Paint the opening on, rather than cutting it open. Of course, you don't want to give a real dog a house that contains a septic pipe, so just use it for yard decor. You can purchase something similar, made like a Wishing Well, to cover the pipe, too

A stew pan, painted brown, is the perfect start to a septic tank cover craft. Place the pan upside-down over the septic pipe then decorate. First cover it, all over, with Spanish moss. Glue silk flowers and leaves around the bottom of the pan and attach magnetic objects, like butterflies or small squirrels to the actual pot. You'll find all sorts of magnetic animals, plants, and other objects at a craft store. You can also purchase silk vines and arrange them all over the pan. Set ceramic racoons or other objects around the base. This will make it appear as a small tree stump that is covered in ivy.

You can do something similar with a large bowl. Paint the bowl brown then glue real wood chips and Spanish moss all over it. Glue on silk plants and flowers, craft mushrooms, tiny toads, or other craft supplies. The bowl or pan craft makes it very simple to access the pipe if ever necessary. Further enhance the bowl craft by placing larger ceramic things, like bunnies or kittens, around the bowl.

There are many other things you can use to make this craft: an old crock pot, a non-working Fry Daddy, or even a short plastic trash can. After painting it, decorate with silks, ceramics, rub-on transfers, plastic novelties and other items. No one will ever know what the cute arrangement is hiding!
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