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Term Paper Topic on Veganism and Vegetarianism
by quni
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Today, people are concerned with their health and the environment they live in. With the innovations presented in this ever changing world, there's an inner part of each human being that suggests to give back something to mother nature – including the living things that dwell in this planet. While a term paper on Green House Effect probably covers man's activities that contribute to the thinning of the ozone layer, suggestive information on how man must live should also be dessiminated.


One of the current situations people face today is veganism and vegetarianism. Most people interchange the two terms without fully understanding the main differences. If you read health websites, academic term papers, and lifestyle magazines, you'll remember that vegetarianism refers to the habit of eating fruits, vegetables, and other dairy products but strictly excludes the intake of meat, poultry, or seafood.


On the other hand, veganism refers to the total way of life. You probably have read this in an article or term paper you saw in a journal or newspaper. You might have even heard the word “vegan” from celebrities upholding their values for animal rights. That's because veganism is a subset of vegetarianism. Not only do vegans restrict their diet to fruits and vegetables but their lifestyle also involves non-use of products and by-products from animals.


Many debate on the beliefs vegans have on their lifestyle. An academic term paper may contain issues as to why vegans go to the extremities of living while general vegetarians survive without having to deal with strict guidelines. Vegans live in such a way that they contribute to the environment by not eating eggs, milk, and yeast and by not using clothes or accessories made from animal skin.


While being healthy and doing something for the environment work on a good cause, many scholars still debate the uncommon way of life through term papers and other academic papers. This is a life lesson everyone should take into consideration, but not everybody is expected to be a vegetarian or a vegan for that matter.




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