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A woman at 50 has more clothes than she wears
by blueokwhite
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Arrive summer, believe many females entered "buy buy buy" mode, just a lot of time, the dress buys again much, also wear the feeling that does not give want however. In fact, this is because good clothes have nothing to do with the number of clothes. The pursuit of simple texture is the most appropriate fashion expression for ordinary people.

Especially for 50 years old women, buy more inappropriate clothes, not as good as master "a dress more wear", with real wear texture of the single article to interpret their own elegant temperament and young state. This time, Momomiya, a blogger, is a master of "wearing more than one outfit". This summer, 50 years old woman's clothes is not much but in build, learn this elder sister's "a clothes to wear more", already practical advanced, beautiful look like a girl again!

Beige jeans

Mention jeans, a lot of people may take the lead in thinking of blue jeans, white jeans, actually talk about practical with classic, cream-colored jeans is not inferior at both before, still much even a few minutes gentleness and simple but elegant.

The soft, warm tone of beige jeans, instead of being harsh, can create a gentle, elegant tone that is friendly to the skin of a 50-year-old woman, even if her skin tone is yellowish or dark, and you don't have to worry about exposing your skin tone.

As a magic tool to wear more than one garment, beige jeans have a lot of choices in the top, but the premise is that women should choose a beige jeans suitable for the leg type, such as tapered pants are safe, summer to match with a striped, polka-dot or plaid elements of the top, elegant, nifty and simple.

In addition to polka-dot tops and striped tops, a basic shirt is also a good match for beige jeans. But at 50, remember that jeans are a basic item, and if the top is also designed to be simple and elegant, add some sparkles to the color scheme or detail.

For example, using a straight color or other classic and elegant color scheme, or tucking the shirt front into your jeans, are tips worth learning.

Two, one piece wrapped body half skirt

Dresses are the main theme of summer. If a 50-year-old woman wants to look elegant and young without losing her femininity, she can choose a one-piece wrap dress with retro colors and advanced texture.

In addition to wearing the wrapped half skirt is convenient, wearing method is also very different, summer around the waist can be called the most basic not to pick people wearing method, simple and white shirt do collocation, to show the mature age of women's elegant romance and graceful.

In addition, 50-year-old women can create an irregular sleeveless top by wrapping a half dress around the top, as this blogger has done, for instant chic.

Wrap the body half skirt to regard as shawl or wipe bosom skirt to wear, also be the choice that suits summer very much, before a kind of relative elegant follow a sex, after a kind of sexy charm is very much.

If you are worried that the strapless style is not easy to pull off, then try wearing it over a white shirt with a random knot at the bottom for a more French style.

High-waisted printed half skirt

A 50-year-old woman who takes an elegant and romantic route, how can she miss a printed skirt in summer?

When choosing printed half skirt, it is recommended that middle-aged women first adopt the length below the knee and above the ankle style. The version is mainly dominated by umbrella skirt, A-line skirt and pleated skirt. If you are slim, then printed skirt over the knee and hip is also very appropriate.

Second, the print pattern tone can be appropriate light and lively, reducing the aging effect is significant.

Printed dresses that meet both of these requirements are almost always versatile and work well with t-shirts, short-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved shirts, bubble-sleeve tops or translucent knitwear.

But no matter what top you choose, make sure it's a solid color first, preferably one that matches a particular color of the printed skirt.

Suits and dresses

In addition to beige jeans and a printed skirt, a suit is a great tool to wear more than one outfit.

Besides being practical and agile, suits can also help a 50-year-old woman look energetic and youthful and elegant.

However, if you don't want to wear something too serious, a 50-year-old woman is advised to stick to a vertical print shirt or a suit in a pastel tone, such as a Morandi suit in color.

And when a summer suit is paired with cropped trousers or a high-waisted maxi dress, a 50-year-old woman can always add a further chic look by tinkering with color and detail.

For example, use the Morandi color pants and skirts to add a sense of softness to the shape, and use a pair of canvas shoes and square-toe muller sandals to enhance the modern atmosphere.

When it comes to dresses, many people may only think of wearing this single way of wearing. In fact, as long as you choose the right dress style, there are many ways of wearing.

Take this V-neck print bubble sleeve wrap jumpsuit dress for example. In addition to wearing it alone, it can also be worn by folding white wide-leg pants to enhance the dressing level, combined with blue and white color, all is elegant and advanced. In addition, the dress can be used as a suit, shirt, or translucent sweater, cardigan underneath.Read more at:cheap formal dresses melbourne | formal dress shops

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Small people can also wear a good temperament, simple not simple
by blueokwhite
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When it comes to the summer item everyone has, it's the T-shirt. In addition to being simple and practical, T-shirts can also help women look casual. What's more, T-shirts seem simple and don't have any highlights, but as long as you choose the right style and bottom, even the most basic solid color T can be more stylish than others.

Especially for the "dress difficult" of the small, summer and disorderly dress, it is better to wear a T-shirt. This time, I'm going to share with you the T-shirt collocation of the small blogger Mo De Ming Tang. When wearing a T-shirt in summer, pay attention to the choice of "bottom". Small people can also wear a good temperament, simple but not simple.

First, suitable for the T-shirt style of the small person

There are many summer T-shirt styles. Different colors, models and superimposed elements can also give different effects. And if short women don't want to fall into mediocrity, they need to choose the right T-shirt for themselves to get twice the result with half the effort.

First is the pure color department of short T-shirt, this kind of T-shirt version slim but not tight, can show the line sense of the upper body of the small person, and the short version is very friendly to the small person, take the high waist outfit can easily create a "short on the next long" visual effect.

When wearing high-waisted pants, tuck in the hems a little, and you won't feel bloated as easily as a long T-shirt.

Short T-shirts in addition to simple and practical, color types are also a lot, basically can meet the needs of most women's clothing. For smaller women, go for khaki, avocado, mustard yellow, which is slow, elegant and durable.

In addition, color department also is right choice, put on upper body, can make dress center of gravity moves up, make a person neglects height problem thereby.

Short t-shirts focus on youth reduction, while loose t-shirts focus on creating a casual and comfortable summer look, such as white loose t-shirts or black loose t-shirts, are not wrong choices.

Summer single wear or do inside build, concise and comfortable but not simple.

Loose T-shirt cycling pants

Many small women may worry that a baggy T-shirt can obscure the waistline, resulting in weight and bulky appearance. In fact, we can solve this problem with the help of the bottom.

Due to the loose shape of the silhouette T-shirt and the large sense of internal space, it is recommended for small people to adopt cycling pants or jeans shorts with slim shape in the choice of lower clothing.

So as to create a "tight" effect, improve the sense of dressing layers and increase the skin area.

And cycling pants with tight pants, in enhancing the sense of street fashion, but also can play the double role of thin legs, long legs, so that the overall look becomes simple but not lose fashion.

In addition, different materials of cycling pants will bring different effects. If they are used to go out on the street, it is suggested that small people first use denim material, which is casual and fashionable, but not too difficult to control.

3. Short T-shirt high-waisted shorts

If it's a short T-shirt, cycling pants are more or less inappropriate, and shorter people need to use high-waisted shorts to boost their waistlines.

Such as high-waisted Bermuda shorts, high-waisted A-line shorts, are safe choices. In addition to raising the waist line, the pants used by this kind of shorts are loose, combined with short t-shirts, and more handsome personality.

And kneed pants is loose, to the leg of small female inclusive degree is big, the vision shows thin effect very outstanding also.

When pairing a short T-shirt with high-waisted shorts, color matching is also an issue if you want to keep it simple but not simple.

Second, small women can use the same color system or classic color matching. Finally, small items like shoes, bags and belts can echo each other with the color system of T-shirts or pant suits, which can also simplify the color matching.

T shirt small white pants/high waist MIDI skirt

While the T-shirt is designed to be casual and comfortable, it is not the exclusive item for casual occasions. It can also be used for commuter wear.

Like light gray, beige, cream, khaki or white department basic T-shirt, due to the tone of gentle and advanced, summer commuting, simple and small white pants do collocation, simple and neat workplace female image full.

For work, remember to wear loafers or pointed toe shoes to make you look beautiful from head to toe.

The blogger also likes to wear a T-shirt with a high-waisted skirt, which gives her legs and height while adding a sweet touch. However, when it comes to summer wear, she has to keep it simple and simple.

So that's what I'm going to share with you. If you want to keep your T-shirt simple this summer, you might as well take a look at this little blogger's outfit.Read more at:formal dresses perth | red formal dresses

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Knowing that the older you get, the more stylish you get, this elderly couple has gone viral online
by blueokwhite
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Fashion has nothing to do with age, and whether a person is beautiful or not has nothing to do with age. Especially when we reach the age of 60 or 70, or even 70 or 80, it is the mental outlook and mentality that you have that is the key.

With the development of fashion, many elderly people are becoming more and more young in mind, and they are no less fashionable than the young people in dressing up. Even many fashionable elderly people, and even the young people, are willing to take the lead. For example, the elderly couple Gunther Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja, whose combined age is nearly 150 years old, are willing to take the lead. But when it comes to fashion, they don't give up easily. To tell you the truth, the older the dressing more fashionable! This elderly couple has taken the Internet by storm. They are more likely to wear clothes over 70 than younger people. Let's take a look.

First, dress stylish and colorful, but will not give a person abrupt feeling

It's not difficult for older people to dress to the nous as they get older. The key is to learn how to balance fashion and elegance.

If the pursuit of conspicuous clothing blindly, then the wearer's own requirements are very high, and not everyone can easily control, if always choose black, white and gray foundation, then it is easy to give people a sense of old age.

The aging duo, on the other hand, are able to show off their elegance without overexerting themselves or seeming obtrusive in their pursuit of a modern look.

Take Gunther Krabbenhoft, the grandfather, for example. He usually wears a suit and trousers, or a suit vest and shirt and trousers.

Take a pair of earth color shoes out of the street, typical elegant gentleman dress, both show spirit, and very handsome.

Britt Kanja, on the other hand, looks classy and ladylike, sometimes using a dress set to show off her elegance, and sometimes opting for a figured-print dress to show off her slim figure.

Of course, it's natural for women to love their beauty, and even at age 70, Britt Kanja doesn't set any limits on what she can wear. She can wear anything but ladylike dresses.

Two, the use of bold and bright colors, but not grandiose

For older people, a bold use of color can help create a strong personal identity in your clothes.

Fashion granny Britt Kanja is a true master of color matching, and she usually wears a variety of bright colors, not just beige, apricot or white.

Such as bright yellow, salmon red, avocado green, orange, or red.

These colors may be difficult to pull off, but Britt Kanja's clever combination of colors doesn't give you any sense of conflict. Instead, it creates a strong visual impact and makes your eyes shine.

For example, when using color, Britt Kanja usually keeps her whole body to one or two colors, and uses the same color accessories to make the color match, which is more coordinated and elegant.

Three, the couple's outfit echoes each other, and each has its own characteristics

When we think of matching outfits, we might first think of identical outfits, but there's more to matching outfits than that.

It's a higher-order pairing that matches each other in detail while retaining a distinct identity.

Taking the elderly couple as an example, Krabbenhoft and Britt Kanja in their off-street look not only match their style, but also dress according to their own preferences.

Krabbenhoft was a chef in his youth, but his passion for fashion has turned him into an expert match maker in retirement, dressing as a gentleman without losing his quirkiness.

Britt Kanja used to be a professional dancer. Even though she is no longer young, her figure and style are still online. She also chooses dresses that show off her figure.

Four, dressed more delicate than young people

For the elderly, the most important thing in dressing is the details and accessories.

Detail treatment and accessories are not only the key to deciding the delicate feeling of dressing, but also highlight the elegant and noble temperament of the elderly. If you dress too perfunctorily, how can you create a sense of haute couture? Hats, necklaces, earrings, belts or scarves are all accessories that Britt Kanja often uses, and she also ADAPTS them to her outfit to make them look sophisticated and modern.

The bow tie, handkerchief, waist chain, belt, top hat or umbrella are Krabbenhoft used to enhance the integrity of the charm, in addition to adding a sense of refinement, but also to create a full of gentleman.

Above is this time for you to share the elderly couple wear, from the above can also be seen, whether it is elderly men or women, as long as love fashion, know how to match, then naturally can live out their own wonderful, do you think?Read more | short formal dress

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When a woman is over 30, she should give up her leggings
by blueokwhite
May 30, 2021 | 1951 views | 0 0 comments | 74 74 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

As a very popular fashion blogger, beauty Miki has attracted the attention of a large number of loyal fans with her deep dressing skills. She likes to use ordinary daily styles to match with stunning visual effects. Such superb matching skills are convincing.

Below, the editor will share with you the spring dressing skills of Miki beauty. We can learn from or imitate her collocation demonstration, and we can also wear our own fashion charm.

Classic white shirt

As the temperature gradually rises, the classic white shirt is also known as a must-select item for Miki beauty. And Miki's flexible use of color matching makes the white shirt wear a unique fashion beauty.

The British-style suit jacket with a variety of colors, with a white intellectual shirt (concise in the middle picture), and the combination of light and dark inside and outside presents a simple and clean atmosphere. The lower body is simply matched with a pair of light coffee color straight-leg casual pants, which not only has a fashionable index, but also meets your daily commuting needs.


In this gentle and romantic spring day, loose-fitting sweaters are very popular, coupled with simple and generous styles and comfortable cotton fabrics, whether they are worn alone or stacked, they are extremely colorful.

Satin skirt

If you want to wear a sense of exquisite luxury, you might as well let the fabrics have a sense of luster, such as the satin skirt worn by Miki: a slim fit combined with a smooth satin texture, so you don’t have to spend a lot of effort to match it. You can easily highlight the style and fashion taste, and the sense of high-quality is immediately present!

Silk scarf

The silk scarves in the fashion circle can be matched with any single product. An ordinary set of collocations requires only a small exquisite square scarf, which can not only lighten the whole shape but also attract the attention of others. It has become the key to the beauty of Miki to improve clothing Where.


For the little girl, highlighting the high waistline is the top priority of the whole set of matching. The higher the tie, the longer the leg has become a well-known "secret to show height"! In the picture above, the Miki blogger used a thin, wear-resistant and exquisite belt to emphasize the waistline position and create a slender beauty of "short on the top and long on the bottom". This dressing technique is very suitable for small beauties to learn from.Read more at: |

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"Cool" French new wear, a must-have for spring look
by blueokwhite
May 27, 2021 | 1809 views | 0 0 comments | 67 67 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Fashion, in addition to high-end taste, you must also be able to play new tricks anytime and anywhere. It's not just for others, but also for the first time you want to steal your heart. Although it is said that a woman is a person who pleases herself, it is not as good as she is to please others. "Pants" is cool and unrestrained first, neat and handsome, invincible.


01 Corduroy, as the secret weapon of intellectual literature and art, has been used countless times as a leisurely and tranquil, full of leisure and comfort, although it is very popular, but it still loses to the elegance and magnificence of the high-waisted straight after turning around, lighting up the figure and raising the aura. Of course, there is also the serenade-like elegance and melodiousness.

02 For a small white shoe, a trouser shape is finalized. The folds pinched waist and the tapered curling are a natural match. The fineness, even if a little British retro in the concept is missing, it is not at all elegant, intellectual, and youthful. Decrease age, you can be pretty handsome in the academic school.

03 It’s no secret that nine-point trousers show long legs, but the premise is a mid-to-high waist, especially the romantic checkered pattern, with natural extravagance. Of course, without other fancy renderings, you can set the fashion into a flashy, simple and simple The fun is generous and decent, playful and beautiful.

04 The exaggerated streamline is bound to be amazing. From the moment of meeting, the knee-down streamline swells, and it is destined that you can no longer enjoy peace and quiet quietly. The unassuming enthusiasm and romance are bold and sexy. The graceful and plump lines are extraordinary.

05 Speaking of romance, swaying is of course unchanging and charming, but in addition to elegant skirts, only wide-leg pants can bear the topic of fashion and taste. The top stitching and the buckle are the finishing touch, even if it is elegant, it can also be retro and magnificent. Grabbing the extravagance and extravagance of the British royal sailors.

06 If you want to be "cool", you will be cool to the limit. This is the experience of fashionistas. Even if it is just a few big patch pockets and dyed tooling styles, it can be a unique and deep landscape in street shooting, European style, beautiful, uninhibited The ruggedness is precisely the leisurely youthful sonorousness.

07 Just right, not an exaggeration, the fashion of bell bottoms is carved like a butterfly dance is quietly appearing, the high waist, full length cover and the swing of the instep, the elongated leg shape full of stage time, the tall and slender retro looks like a picture, surprised The ethereal air of Hong Yiqu is of course beautiful.

08 Intellectual, stylish, self-cultivation, tall, almost universal, the sacred pants are nine-point straight, invincible and tolerant. Although they can’t be transformed into slender and slim, it’s okay to add a little more graceful atmosphere. Classics are enough to challenge all popular.Read more | formal dress shops adelaide

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When it's hot, you'll have long legs and a thin waist
by blueokwhite
May 25, 2021 | 1804 views | 0 0 comments | 50 50 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Women pursuit of beauty is A tireless, hot days, all while wipe sweat, while still wondering how beautiful, summer is dressed up, the most important way to highlight the long leg waist, master the trick to use A word of tall waist skirt building shape good proportion, so the hot weather, don't even bother to find A way to, feel more relaxed, isn't it?

When it's hot, you'll have long legs and a thin waist

01 how to wear A good print, this is A problem, but if the short A-word skirt, it will not make people headache, let the bright flowers spread all over the skirt is not too gaudy and exaggerated, join the unique irregular skirt, release A wildness.

02 is short and pithy, but it has a lot to see, no less than the dress. When the thousand-bird pattern comes to three-quarters of the place, it suddenly stops, and replaced by the thin mesh and lovely cartoon pattern, which skillfully integrates the taste of light and ripe, naughty and charming together, making the original small and simple skirt become extremely rich.

03 leaf decoration is vivid and interesting, and greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense of the skirt, full of poetic, romantic aesthetic, instantly hit the most soft part of the hearts of the girls, the skirt at the margin of the processing, meaningful, but also add a bit of clarity and purity.

04 jacket into the skirt to wear the most beautiful effect, the waist line and hip line that show a did not fall, below whether it is matched with sneakers or high-heeled shoes, looks capable and generous, spirit spirit special foot, it is easy to get to the focus of the trend, eye-catching rate soared.

05 gauze skirt can happily do a public dream, skirt can be a little longer, knee just right, dream color is more dense, light mesh to reflect the tenderness of water, half is the girl's pure feeling and charming, half is the princess's grace and noble, how not to call a person enchanted.

The word of 06 ardent and fiery red is deduce too dazzling and hot by the dress, A word small short skirt produces effect, retained red vigorous and upward vitality already, avoid excessive apply colors to A drawing to be opposite to what is intended again, slightly outward puffiness degree hides proud flesh cleverly, decorate A figure is not below the words.

7 add single row button, skirt of A word bull-puncher sends out light breath restoring ancient ways, weaken bull-puncher's leisure, throw off neuter, blend in understanding, concise nature, however again how change, the joker ability of bull-puncher skirt still exists, all sorts of coat and it are suitable, bring all sorts of modelling.Read more at:long evening dresses australia |

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For middle-aged women, don't wear any of these three colors
by blueokwhite
May 22, 2021 | 2084 views | 0 0 comments | 57 57 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

After the age of 45, if a woman is only blindly pursuing fashion, it will seem a little powerless;

Very not easy to find suitable for their own, and they also like the style, but because of the color of the cause and "look at clothes frustrated", even said that "suitable for middle-aged women's color, has not much"!

Is that right? Of course the answer is no!

In today's article, Xiaobian will share with you two key points of color selection:

One, middle - aged woman's lightning protection area

Second, the middle-aged woman's close color system

We after 45 years old, want to feel out the law that choose color among them only, find out the close color that suits oneself is, although do not have skin white appearance beautiful appearance, also can wear a little girl people "makeup" the mature charm that does not come out.

The first, middle - aged woman wear take lightning protection color area

Middle-aged women wear lightning protection area contains the following three colors: 1, bright pink; 2. Fluorescent green; 3, bright orange and other high light "bright" color!

1. Bright pink

Bright pink is also known as "death Barbie pink". This color as girls, when is really a delicate, water and spirit of the color, the face of the collagen of the powder of the color set off more call charming but person!

Yao Chen wore a pink strapless pink dress without temperament, looks a little russet, was easily crushed by the left Ma Li, when is really a typical "act young failure"!

2. Fluorescent green

Into the middle age of us, because of physiological reasons, will lead to the general yellow skin color dim. At this time, you also want to use extremely bright fluorescent green to set off our sallow skin tone?

So, if you are not a woman with very fair skin and delicate skin, Xiaobian still suggests that you should stay away from fluorescent green, away from the yellow, pale skin of the contrast board!

3. Bright orange

Very high saturation of bright orange, can be said to be very easy to attract people's eyes. If you have a darker complexion, don't go for it.

Zhou Xun's skin color is not very white, but the choice of a bright orange dress, it will appear very black, the overall appearance of a relatively old both as a feeling. Therefore, even stars are not easy to control the bright orange, you want to try?

Second, the middle-aged woman's close color system

Said the middle - aged woman's lightning protection color, below, we will have a look to suit our close color!

1. Dirty pink

We said earlier that middle-aged women should avoid bright pink clothing. But just take the shade down and add the right amount of grey, white and so on, and it turns into a dirty pink that is particularly suitable for middle-aged women.

This kind of color looks saturation from the vision is not high, feel with the mature temperament of middle aged woman agrees very. We can make it to give priority to tonal collocation, neither act young failure, still can make whole look fashionable not frivolous, high order feeling is dye-in!

2. Mint green

In the same way, we can also change fluorescent green into mint green. Simple and simple combination will help you stay cool and aging in the hot summer!

The beauty wore a mint-green knit with a short round neck, with the hollowed-out design on the front and the floral hem at the neckline adding a French touch. Lower body tie-in a fresh flower skirt, elegant do not break fresh and romantic feeling.

3, apricot

Aapricot, having joker do not pick the attribute of the person, this kind of color and shirt design mutual fusion, middle-aged woman is worn, can have "reflective plate" effect, the whiteness that sets off our skin color is moving. Say so, when you really do not know how to choose when, apricot will become you optimal "assist", upgrade for your temperament!Read more at:formal dresses online | dresses for formal

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Summer is the season for dresses
by blueokwhite
May 19, 2021 | 1800 views | 0 0 comments | 67 67 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink


Someone said that "women's love for the dress has gone deep into the bone marrow"! From the warmth and beauty of cold winter to the lightness and elegance of hot summer... Dress design is the fashionable carrier that shows graceful posture for the female with successful incarnation.

As designer DianeVon said: "To feel like a woman, please wear a dress"! This shows that the dress is the representative of strong feminine taste;

No matter you how tide is cool pull wind, should put on it only, instant can incarnation tender little woman, show the thick amorous feelings that you are little-known one by one!

The heat meaning in summer attacks a person, we can choose the dress style that this kind of pure and fresh quietly elegant is tonal, will reduce heat for oneself, go feeling comfortable and cheerful relaxed feeling.

We are in this kind of skirt when tie-in, want to avoid the accumulation of multiple elements, need a white lace girdle only or it is delicate bag to act the role of accessory as an ornament, the design version of union skirt body again model, reveal the mellow style that gives beautiful beautiful.

Instead of a bright, refreshing dress in a solid color, this small, fresh print dress matches the delicate nature of flowers and brings out the summer glamour.

In summer this year, want not to take the you of ordinary road, can choose a cultivate one's morals but not tight stripe dress, combine stripe unique attribute forms visual characteristic, although the make public of big flower big green is grandiose, emphasize sex appeal and feminine taste without excessive ground, wear the beauty that gives elegant and clever as before easily however.

The relaxed of sleeveless dress and sexy oneself become a beautiful scenery, because of its show the design of the shoulder, can let the line of the arm place at a leisurely survey, so, this kind of skirt does not suit the girl choice of the thicker arm.

When we choose this kind of skirt, the choice of skirt fabric is the key of the key! With this elegant not clear vertical feeling fabric for the best. Tonal with pure and flawless pure color to deduce a fairy flutter only beautiful charm.

No matter your figure how, believe in the innermost heart of every sister, believe condole belt dress design can undertake the thickest interpretation to feminine taste.

We are inferior to sleeveless dress on the choice of fabric of this kind of skirt, resemble cotton and linen, satin or silk all can show its natural and easy and comfortable appearance, simple tie-in a comfortable T - shirt, can become the most beautiful scenery in summer!

T shirt is a versatile single product in the four seasons of the year, stretching its length to form a comfortable T shirt dress, coupled with the fabric itself comes with large elasticity, suitable for all kinds of figure girls choice.Read more at:evening gowns adelaide | formal dresses australia online

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In summer, the classic jeans are durable and durable
by blueokwhite
May 17, 2021 | 289 views | 0 0 comments | 40 40 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink


There are two reasons why a classic piece is called a classic. The first is that it can ensure that it is not out of fashion. No matter how The Times change, no matter how the fashion standard is defined, a classic piece will always be a classic when worn out.

Second, classic things do not have too many twists and turns, there is no specific style boundary, can easily integrate into a variety of environments can easily interpret a variety of styles.

Classic jeans are one of the few classic pieces, but with the development and progress of jeans in recent years, many people have forgotten what the original jeans look like!

But never mind, today we will trace its history!

First of all, from the perspective of color, the classic jeans don't have too much color display, the most basic is to make the bleached color of the old jeans.

The near-white color makes the whole look light and understated, which is exactly what jeans were meant to be, understated but not overlooked, since they became a mainstream style in the era of moms.

Classic jeans tend to come in a single color, so to stand out from the crowd, you have to fight it out with your top.

For a low-key look, pair a tailored T-shirt with a blazer and jeans.

Like the schoolgirl of Italian amorous feelings, can choose sheet of one word shoulder to taste with jeans tie-in.

And the girl that likes light ripe sexy wind, can choose deep U to get bodice or low to get condole belt to match with it.

After talking about the colors and matching tops of classic jeans, let's talk about what makes a jean look classic.

The first requirement is the width of the legs. In order to meet the needs of girls of different body shapes, the classic jeans are not too tight jeans, nor too baggy wide-leg pants, but the most versatile and inclusive slim straight pants.

The second condition is the design of the waist. When the classic jeans are designed in the waist, there are no special skills. There is no folding design of the double waist in order to improve the waist line, and there is no version design of the side hollow in order to show the small waist.

If you don't want to miss out on your waistline, it's also important to avoid the tight jeans, as these jeans are very childlike and tacky on the top.

Next, let's talk about the length of the pant leg. Classic jeans can not only interpret different styles with the change of top style, but also take advantage of the classic nine minute pants to increase the length of the slimming.

It doesn't matter if you're a 158-inch petite or a 170-inch supermodel, these classic crotch-free jeans are a perfect way to keep things basic and neat, whether you're going to work or school.

It's also important to note that the classic jeans didn't put much thought into the leg design, as they were different from the slits and holes of today's jeans or the right-angled RIPS of today's jeans.

Classic jeans tend to have holes with rough edges, and the holes are more subtle, no more than half the thigh and no more than the knee.

At the end of the article, we will summarize the characteristics of the classic jeans to make it easier for you to distinguish them.

Color in addition to water wash blue other easy not to choose, the version of the best choice of slim straight jeans style design, broken position is not easy to be too close to the thigh root is not easy to appear in the back of the jeans.

If your jeans meet two-thirds of the requirements, you'll definitely be able to wear them out of the house without losing face.

Another small Easter egg is that if the weather is hot, you can also choose denim shorts to play classic jeans, details see the content ~Read more | knee length cocktail dresses

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Elegant buttock dress romantic good luck
by blueokwhite
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Dress of autumn and winter season more time act is the role that builds inside, the skirt that can let you appear more noble and elegant wrap buttock serves as build inside, line is cleaner and beautiful do not show bloated. And take off the coat after walking indoors, can show charming and graceful again easily. Such good brings not only the enhancement of personal image and temperament, but also the good luck in all aspects.

01 delicate woman needs elegant grade, pure black in the status of the fashion industry has no need to say, high collar design gave slender noble, hollow out lace exposed little skin is not a flower is better than a flower, more feel body segment bone feeling light. Put on the coat, it will converge the queen's domineering willing to be a supporting role, both low-key and unique. Clothes, like people, are most popular when they are independent and do not steal the show.

02 In addition to making people feel good in the workplace, the girls who are still alone are also hoping deep down that they will meet Mr. Right. This not only wants to move you to be good at discovering beautiful small horse to reach only, want to make oneself keep best condition at all times more, perhaps next corner, a suit of romantic charm wrap buttock skirt you can meet him in the most beautiful time.

The dress of 03 military style has the regular and handsome of the neutral style. The streamlined tailoring of the slim body and buttock-wrap is the unique soft and friendly way of the female figure. The perfect fusion of the two styles gives a unique personality charm. Being a serious but not stodgy person will win you a great reputation in your circle of friends.

You have eight hours to deal with your boss, but a lifetime to deal with your future in-laws. Under the influence of "first cause effect", the first impression lays an important foundation for the good relationship between you, a dress with concise and dignified elegance and easy, can show good cultivation and won't feel unattainable, such an image but boss, elders eat all oh.

They say that love is a chemical reaction that takes place in the brain, so use a hot red color to catalyze your relationship. There is no style more qualified than a voluptuous buttock dress. Full of feminine charm of the curve exposed, the moment of meeting lit up his eyes to appreciate, love the flame, burning your heart warm feel sweet.

06 unique original design always can catch your attention at the first glance, the side pleate makes this knitted skirt more than a touch of book flavor, taking the light atmosphere of British academic wind into autumn and winter. Rich elastic material is qualitative the line that decorates coxal and leg department gives concave and convex have send, whole appears decorous and slender, become 100 the oxygen belle that never tire of seeing.

Romantic girls want every detail of their body to be satisfied, and it just can meet such a picky requirements. The three-dimensional pattern with rich texture is not as fragile as lace, but full of artistic sense. The proud flesh on both sides of the arm is invisible. With the slim but not narrow version, it is suitable for the dating war gown, of course.

08 Whether it is the switch between work and leisure, or the combination of professional image and personal charm, the butt-wrap skirt should change constantly, through the perspective, the hem and other details of the design to reveal the inmatched exquisite. Since they have high demands on themselves, they should strive to be a calm and dominile queen and comprehensively control all aspects of their lives.Read more at:formal dresses australia online | formal dress shops

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