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Women in their 50s and 60s dress best like this
by blueokwhite
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The wrinkles of the female face of 50 or 60 years old are the evidence that they have experienced years and maintain experience. What they want to do is not to use all kinds of means to create a girl feeling, but to maintain the peace of mind, calm, calm in the face of the gradual growth of age.

The most beautiful women in their 50s and 60s are not gorgeous and fancy, but use some simple but durable colors, simple but very versatile clothing, to construct a thin and more temperamental shape.


1. Knit sweater with half skirt

Classic clothing is the most popular single article, this is because after the time of temper, retain all the essence, so the old lady to choose the single article must not have confused the appearance of the people, but to have practical value. Knitted sweater is one of them, if you do not know how to match, you can directly use it and skirt match.

The design of skirt outfit can use the element that wraps buttock, also can join knit simple sense, build the effect that gives fishtail skirt, more full-bodied to feminine deduction nature, and what present comes is very full hip line, with the union between color, can let the schoolgirl that won't match color also can control easily.

Knitting sweater in addition to outside can express different emotions by color, also can build a visible difference from the neckline, v-neck elements or round collar design, in fact it is difficult to through large area coverage of the neck skin and block the invasion of the cold, but a turtleneck elements will be able to put out the cold wind against.

This dark turtleneck sweater, in fact, is easy for middle-aged women to control, if you want to maintain a bit of elegant charm, can be matched with a white skirt, and then with ankle boots, the temperature gradually cool, coat a long black coat, the shape is very complete.


Light colors with dark colors

Black can always create an atmosphere of implicit beauty, but it can not play a very significant attraction to the line of sight in the shape. Therefore, the combination of dark and bright colors can be used directly to create a visual effect of matching light and shade. On the one hand, it will not make black too dull, but also fill the tone of bright color too publicity.

This outfit is the best proof. The dull black long coat, combined with the bright red knitted sweater, fully interprets the combination of light and shade, effectively increasing the identification of the clothing.

Nevertheless, when the knitting sweater of big red is tie-in, grasp very easily because of cent feeling bad, and bring about to match color build beyond the mark mixed and disorderly, use foundation color to cooperate actually it is best program. The base color is divided into many kinds, of which the most compatible is black.

The look takes advantage of a number of black pieces, with a long black coat to create a cool and expressive style, and black trousers to reduce the flamboyance of the red, which works perfectly together.


Long coats of various designs

The female of more than 50 or 60 years old still has dependence very much to long coat actually, it can let a woman spend autumn winter these two seasons very comfortably. However, coat designs differ in many ways.

Start with color. If you're looking for something to complement your look, camel is definitely on the list. This camel waist coat can help women show their elegance and maintain a slim figure.

The long coat that receives waist design, can join because of belt and differ somewhat on the distribution of appearance, do not look down upon the ornament of this one element, besides can let whole coat outline become more cultivate one's morality beyond, also can reflect the perfect sex that shows scale respect.

Especially for women with less than stellar figures, the appearance of the long coat is necessary. Through the outline of the belt and lift, can let the elevation of women and lower body lines to create a sense of extension.

When choosing coat colors, try to use some classic colors. After all, the colors are used well, and the clothes will be more durable and will not become unfashionable with age. The long black coat is definitely a classic, it can let the woman show off, but also through the design of the clothing to weaken the weight.

The 60-year-old, who wears a long, plain black coat, is flexible in her color palette, using black, white and black to create layers by dividing one layer with a white blouse.

When the woman of more than 50 or 60 years old is dressing, do not neglect the build of comfortable feeling, can use the cooperation between a few clothes to build a senior contracted and have the wear of gas field. Black long coat can be united in wedlock black knit unlined upper garment, but the combination between this kind of same color, bring about depressing feeling to be magnified, can be mixed with a white shirt from it.

Open the shirt at will, it is a kind of unruly wear law, look natural and unrestrained along with a sex. If it is buttoned properly, it will look more orderly and dignified.Read more at: blue formal dresses australia | hot pink formal dresses

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How to wear "blue" to look better in autumn
by blueokwhite
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When it comes to generally accepted high-end colors, most people probably first think of black or white, and these two colors are also the main colors in their daily wear. Little imagine, still have a kind of advocate advocate abstruse halcyon advanced color was ignored, it is "blue department".

Blue fastens or quiet downy, or dignified atmosphere, no matter be light mature female person or mature woman can find the choice that suits him most, it won't be like black fastens easy to show depressing, compare white fastens more show nobility again. In autumn, getting it right can make the gloom disappear. How to look better in blue this fall? Draw lessons from four aspects, temperament is more advanced, see together!

First, start with the tone

Blue belongs to the color category with very rich tonal tone, which is different from saturation or lightness. In order to wear blue well, choosing the right color is a prerequisite.

Autumn clothing is generally heavy and composed, although warm but easy to lack of bright spot, middle-aged women need to use some high brightness and good control of the color to enhance the bright spot, among them denim blue, Klein blue or water blue are ideal choice.

Denim blue is both retro and relaxed. Like a denim shirt, jacket or jeans, it is fashionable to wear in fall, but if you want to create a clean and refreshing look, then aqua blue is the best choice.

Many people in the middle age, skin quality inevitably decline, want to use color to lighten the skin, but worry about easy to magnify skin defects, at this time can choose to reduce saturation and gray fusion haze blue, or retro elegant peacock blue.

Besides friendly to skin color, these blue fastens also very accord with middle-aged woman's elegant and intellectual temperament.

Two, start from the single product style

Blue can wear what kind of effect, also depends on the style of the item. Look normally, blue fastens belong to very advanced color, sheet tastes design more contracted and easy, can develop its advantage more.

1. Sweaters/sweaters

Light blue or haze blue gentle and fresh, it is best to use some relatively soft fabrics to show its advanced texture, such as knitting, woolen or silk.

Choose a blue cardigan or knit sweater for fall, which is gentle and generous, but also brightens the skin.

2. Coat/windbreaker

Promote the way that blue fastes simple sense, still can feel sheet through choosing line to taste to come true, be like shirt, coat or windbreaker, have the aid of fluent clipping will make a wash and practice relaxed autumn modelling.

Be careful, however, to avoid overlaying unnecessary embellishments on coats, trench coats or shirts. Basic styles are best.

3. Maxi skirt

In addition to blue is put on the upper body, autumn middle-aged woman can still put it in the lower body, with gray blue half-length skirt will highlight the grace of middle-aged woman and fashion.

Skirt version is the best umbrella skirt, a-word skirt, both smart light and elegant, if it is blue denim skirt, then you can choose straight cylinder.

Three, start from collocation

Blue is a single product with different methods, as well as the use of the area is not the same, will change the dressing effect, if you want to create good clothes, then you can start from the collocation.

1. Put it on the lower body or in a small area

Worry about blue is not good to control or show old middle-aged women, autumn can try to put blue on the lower body, especially cowboy blue or bright blue, better than on the upper body to control.

In addition, the use of blue in a small area, can also create a window, and break the sense of dress depressing, for example, with bright blue shirt as a long coat inside the build, with bright blue bag embellish modelling.

2, fold wear

Fall is the time to fold. When wearing dark blue or indigo sweaters or other items, fold a white button-down shirt or T-shirt underneath to look better than wearing it alone.

This kind of match method can also neutralize dark blue old feeling with the help of white shirt, overall more advanced.

Four, start with color matching

Autumn if not go big woman wind, then wear blue department, compared with the same color department of the method, more recommended blue and white color, blue and black color, or with blue combination of earth color.

1. Blue earth color

Whether it is grey blue, cowboy blue or water blue, autumn does not know how to match the color can choose earth color.

Like khaki, coffee, brown or caramel color, can add ripe age feeling for modelling already, make echo with season again.

2. Blue black

With blue white match color advocate advocate relaxed and clean different, blue black match color belongs to "light and shade is united in wedlock" category, advocate advocate composed and able, suit the middle-aged woman on a few body duty field very much.Read more at: evening wear dresses | long formal dress

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Half skirt match for middle-aged lady
by blueokwhite
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Dressed in skirts, they are confident and attractive. Everyone has their own style, from the numerous clothing, find the most suitable for their own style, more can highlight the charm of the individual.

Autumn is a wonderful time for all kinds of half skirts, which are changeable and easy to wear, and always make people look forward to it. It can decorate the figure and enhance the temperament at the same time. Simple single product combination can show individual unique style and easily wear a beautiful picture scroll.

A short jacket with a lace skirt

Jacket and lace skirt seem to be incompatible with the two pieces, one is handsome personality, the other is gentle and elegant, the combination is particularly attractive. Seeing lace can make people think of gentle, romantic and sexy words full of feminine flavor. Most women like it so much because it is like the dream of the princess in their childhood. Beautiful and noble princesses always wear romantic lace dresses.

Pair the top half with a short black jacket, soft in black and shiny, with a loose cut that feels relaxed and laid-back. If you want to create more feminine, when wearing a jacket, do not take care of the zipper neatly, only pull half, reveal the white inside, layer sense is more rich, with a white pearl necklace, elegant and stylish.

Sweater with pleated skirt

Autumn is the season of sweaters, warm and soft and elegant, sweaters of a larger size are more fashionable to wear, relaxed atmosphere makes people more relaxed, compared with tight styles, more inclusive to the figure. The loose here does not advocate too broad version of the style, easy to appear loose no spirit.

Although the round neck sweater with concise design is worn rises comfortable and easy, but also can appear some common, want to wear a distinguishing feature, the half skirt ability that chooses to have design feeling changes mediocrity at magic. The pleated skirt is dark in color, but the way it's short in front and long at the back makes it instantly fashionable. Take a look argent small bag, lasting appeal is dye-in-a-wood.

A baseball shirt with a pleated skirt

Clothing collocation is also a very interesting thing, not only have the same elements of the single product can be combined, even if different styles, collocation together can also produce harmony in contradiction, create a more interesting effect. For example, black baseball shirt is free and handsome, which can well neutralize the soft and waxy feeling of velvet. Complementary single product combination can dissolve mediocrity and old age.

Pleated skirts are so popular with women that they must have their charm, especially for the long style, which is a must for mature women. The flexible pleats are light and dynamic, making them more romantic and elegant in the breeze. With a black baseball shirt, the combination of mature femininity and independent female free and easy just right.

A suit with a pleated skirt

Pleated skirts have many advantages. They are demure and elegant when standing still, and with the movement of the steps, the rich pleats can also play beautiful music like piano keys. But for women who are slightly overweight, pleated skirts can also create an expansive effect.

The silhouette of the suit is tough and smooth, with the function of shape retraction. The straight shoulder line can be modified by square shoulder circle. A mid-length suit with a pleated skirt will not only hide the fullness of the waist and hips, but also create a sense of beauty that combines hardness and softness.

Leather coat with a-line skirt

Autumn dresses are more textured than summer ones, like this elegant mauve A-line skirt that looks gentle and classy. The style adopts the technique of stitching, forming the effect of superposition in the skirt edge, adding the sense of modeling at the same time, but also adding a bit of formal feeling for the whole, quietly elegant gray purple, gentle and show temperament, will be elegant and fashionable show.

Black leather is handsome, warm and stylish, so it will never be out of date. The combination of the leather coat and the skirt is like a pair of good partners. The leather coat is responsible for displaying the aura and atmosphere, while the skirt is responsible for carrying out the elegance and aestheticism to the end.

Like elegant style female, the half skirt of real silk quality of a material absolutely nots allow to miss. Soft and silky to the touch, wearing the body can also bring the ultimate comfort experience, shiny luster, full of noble feeling. This silk half skirt style is fluffy, which can perfectly cover the lower body, especially the leg type is not beautiful enough for women. The half skirt of this bell style must be chosen, it is your best haven.

Women of fashionable personality, like to use the sheet of different style to carry on collision, white jacket is clean and capable, with haze blue A-word half skirt combination, both elegant and spirit. Pop your collar up and pair it with a pair of personalized sunglasses that are cool and beautiful.

The combination of different colors creates a naturally different atmosphere. For example, this body model uses light color matching, and it is full of soft and romantic charm. The gray-blue dress, emitting irregular folds, free and vivid, good like water ripples in general beautiful flowing.

The matching color of the upper part of the body is dreamy gray, like the light of the morning mist, some hazy, loose style, the clipping of V collar, elegant and temperament. The double layer necklace of neckline serves as an ornament, undertake visual focus to move up, won't because the style is loose, and too loose intangible.

Warm sweater and elegant half skirt collocation together, demeanor and temperature do perfect fusion, this is the most beautiful autumn scene, romantic and beautiful, women no matter whether excellent, beautiful dress is always pleasing to the eye.Read more at:formal gowns melbourne | formal gowns adelaide

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These 4 styles are recommended when buying pants in autumn
by blueokwhite
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Perhaps a lot of people like to use skirt outfit to undertake romance after all, but on practical versatile and warm, still trousers outfit is superior from beginning to end, can combine a variety of jacket already to realize "one pants is worn more", can make a clean and efficient dressing effect again, avoid to wear bloated drag.

However, autumn trouser suits have many styles, so if middle-aged women want to wear elegant fashion and look slim, they must choose the right pants. This time to share a group of trousers collocation, women regardless of women regardless of money, autumn buy pants recommended to choose these 4, practical slim and senior, let's have a look!

One, small white pants

Small white pants is clean and relaxed and versatile, get the welcome of middle-aged woman all the time, be in autumn especially, worry to dress bloated and depressing, so two small white pants must be prepared in almirah.

On the one hand, white is the advanced color that regards public as acknowledged, autumn wears build to be able to foil the atmosphere feeling that gives clean and elegant, suit to use very much to promote modelling brightness, lightsome feeling and tender breath, the woman is older, can explain the simple sense of small white pants itself more instead come out.

Like white pipe pants, white straight jeans or white knit pants, are very friendly to middle-aged women, which can not only modify the line of the leg, but also enhance the temperament.

However, it should be noted that the small white pants have requirements on the material of pants. It is recommended that middle-aged women, within the scope of economic capacity, give priority to the style with more advanced texture and flat drapery. The color should also be light and slow, and the brightness should not be too high.

In terms of matching, white pants can be combined with many pieces of clothing, such as a trench coat, suit, sweater or sweater, the best color of the top from oatmeal, light gray, black or earth color.

Blue jeans

As they get older, many people are more interested in the practicality of a single item. They are more likely to favor classic trouser suits that are simple and easy to wear, such as blue jeans.

Blue jeans are versatile items that can be worn on any occasion without looking too ugly. The strong and unique denim material can also add a fresh and stylish feel to your outfit.

If you're not sure what to wear down to a striped shirt, sweater, suit, shirt or trench coat, add a pair of jeans for a crisp, stylish fall look.

Need to notice two points nevertheless, model of pants of the first jeans should make a choice according to figure, the pear figure that resembles leg thick crotch wide is about to avoid the tight pants that bad control, give priority to straight tube pants, conical pants. Slim figure, might as well use blue jeans pants to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses.

The best length of jeans is around the ankle, with a nine-point design that reveals the ankle for long and stylish legs.

Three, earth color nine - cent pants

The woman that can dress truly, no matter rich do not have money, can have the aid of sheet taste design and colour apply will make good dress taste, resemble in autumn, advocate sedate and intellectual earth color is, promote dress class more easily.

Choosing such a pair of earth color pants can not only create a warm texture dressing effect, but also echo with the season, making the overall dress more atmospheric.

Like coffee, light khaki, brown or olive green, high-waisted nine-point pants are paired with tapered or smoke hose styles for a crisp, structured look that shows off the length of the legs.

Four, small black pants

If autumn can only choose a trouser suit, so I believe that a lot of people will consider small black pants, composed black with simple design, so that it becomes a competent, agile and practical pronoun of senior.

Compared to other bottoms, the biggest benefit of wearing black pants in autumn is that they can add poise to your look, making it more textured for work and out on the street.

And the black department has a visual slimming effect, which can effectively modify the leg type and show the leg thin, like black high-waist nine-minute smoke pants or black high-waist nine-minute tapered pants, which are very suitable for middle-aged women.

On collocation, the ubiquitous sex that small black pants place has, also provided more extensive wear to build leeway for middle-aged woman, can model a variety of styles completely through adjusting jacket design.

In the workplace, it is recommended to wear a shirt, suit or trench coat with black pipe trousers, while in daily life, it is recommended to wear a sweater, small fragrance cardigan or work style jacket with black cropped trousers.

Small black pants are usually made of suits or jeans. The former is suitable for creating a sophisticated and stable work style, while the latter is more suitable for daily casual occasions.

If you want to wear a casual and modern style, then try black leather pants, which are stylish but recognizable.Read more at: formal dresses online | brisbane formal dresses

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Advice for middle-aged and elderly women in their sixties
by blueokwhite
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Women will show different levels of beauty according to the change of age, the young is charming, full of vitality, to the mid-old age of about 60 years old, they can also calmly and indifferent mild face the test brought by these years.

Women in their sixties tend to be a little more cautious when it comes to dressing. Here are a few mistakes to make that will make you look old and not tasteful.

1. Wear "clear soup and little water"

Dressing is also a knowledge, and will follow the life of women, how to gradually enhance the strength of personal collocation in dressing, is a question we will think about. If your style is too "pure soup and no water", it will look flat and will not reflect any personal style or recognizable look, which will not look good enough.

In fact, the way to break the situation is very simple, direct use of the appearance of the structure of a bright single product, such as this print jacket, its whole color block arrangement is relatively neat, and the collection of colors is not too much, can be used by middle-aged and elderly women.

Too monotonous looks will not be fashionable enough, modelling inside will also lack features, might as well start from some of the design has obvious highlights of the single product, and then consider using some simple single product and it fit, and it balance, will not let such clothing to create too fancy or flowery feeling.

For this blue and white printed top, you can first use a thin waist belt to outline the curve, and in addition, you can also add white pants to balance the picture elements or color of the model.

A lot of single products can find the right opportunity to join the modelling inside, just to see you will not match, will not choose, take a dress for example, summer to use it directly single wear, autumn and winter collocation scheme is not so simple, need other coat with full efforts.

Like this modelling, can use printing skirt to install the construction that gives bright characteristic, and the superposition of printing does not have any to reduce the effect to temperament, reflect the glamour that gives a woman elegant and easy instead.

Printing dress, especially the selection of skirt background color should not be too gorgeous, after all, this type of color will be accompanied by more and more high saturation and more and more difficult to control, in the long run, there are fixed requirements for women's collocation ability.

Change white to be given priority to, black print embellishes skirt outfit, a whole set of modelling still can interpret a simple fundamental key and atmospheric characteristic. Add a long khaki trench coat to your outfit, and you can look stylish, chic and elegant.

2. Dress complex and confusing

It's not their looks that keep many older women from dressing well, it's the fact that they make a mistake in their choice of clothes, taking the first step in the wrong direction and then failing to follow through.

Wearing too complicated or always using some complicated colors of clothing superimposed on the body, in fact, is a kind of temperament loss or weakening, or some simple wear links are the most recognized by the public, but also the most can reflect the generous charm of the model.

For example, the white shirt, its collocation does not need you to spend thoughts or racking their brains to consider, directly use blue jeans to join the inside, fresh and reducing age.

The choice of blue jeans is different from person to person, because everyone's leg type, leg length and personal preference are not consistent, in the clothing selection and collocation of nature is very different.

The 65-year-old actress opted for slimmer pantsuits, but because she is already slim, they made it clear to her advantage. There is no good figure like Sister Qiu. It is possible to use straight pants and wide-leg pants in a different way.

3, the selection of color "overreach"

It is very important for older women not to act according to one's ability, either in choosing the style of clothing or in using color. That is to ignore the conditions of the individual itself and blindly choose, blindly follow the trend, which will only make your modeling lack of beauty, and let the elegant demeanor of the individual can not get a complete release.

If you feel like you can't handle complex colors or recognizable colors, stick with basic colors to create a simple look. Resemble gray and khaki cooperate, won't have depressing feeling, simple nature and easy.

More than 60 years old of middle-aged and old lady, when the dress will surely is limited by some big or small, but as long as the less above the three mistakes on collocation, and through the concrete operation scheme to find some suitable clothing, you can control the color, shape the daily collocation, wearing a power will gradually improve.

Considering the acceptance of some women is not high, they are particularly conservative in the choice of color, the range is very narrow, you can put black and white into the scope of consideration, black shirt with white inside take and trousers, simple and decent.Read more at: evening dresses adelaide | red formal dresses australia

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Look stylish even after 50
by blueokwhite
Oct 06, 2021 | 151 views | 0 0 comments | 8 8 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

There are a lot of women to age too heavy, think that their age will lead to a decline in charm year by year, in fact, women always love beauty can gradually find a new themselves in the passage of time. Their inner firmness, composed charm, easy style, all of them are convincing.

Today's protagonist is some Japanese models who are over 50 years old. We can see that their faces are not as plump as young girls, and even the wrinkles around their eyes are obvious, but they can still prove to the world that fashion can span age through simple and advanced clothes. Middle-aged and elderly groups can learn from their dress patterns to meet a better version of themselves.

Don't always wear black

Middle-aged women are always labeled as stereotypical because they often wear black clothes. In fact, black items not only bring many advantages such as slimming, but also inevitably create a full old feeling.

These Japanese models don't overdo it with black clothes, but they do it with a decent look. Take inspiration from their looks and keep your fashion sense going in your daily life.

Whether it is a jean jacket or a striped T-shirt, these are the clothes that bring aging elements, can be used more, and in the combination of single goods, do not have to consider too much. They fit very well and are not too stressful to wear.

There are even some people who are a little afraid of pink clothes, because they choose the type of over-saturation, once the color becomes soft, the saturation is much lower, you can find that pink items are easy to wear texture, and it brings the same age-reducing effect as a jean jacket.

The Japanese model, for example, paired a floral scarf with a pink dress to create a minimalist look. Although silk scarf occupies less area, but the local modification effect is particularly obvious.

In middle age, do you gradually close yourself off, unable to try new things with a fairly positive attitude? In fact, middle-aged and elderly people can also continue to try and error on the road of fashion, they should use too basic clothing.

After all, it is not difficult to wear such clothes, and it is also very simple to match. It cannot improve your color matching level or matching strength, and it is difficult to see the enhancement of your color matching ability in the process of dressing. So it's not a bad idea to try something a little more colorful.

Like this dress, its color fastens joining together more, through bare arm perhaps it is leg ministry skin such means, can undertake the buffer of flowery feeling, won't let it accumulate too sufficient.

2, the basic color does show temperament

Although it is recommended that middle-aged and elderly women try some personalized colors, but if they can not wear them well, the appearance of clothing again novel, also can not interpret too much atmospheric beauty. And although basic color was a few indeed universal, but can bring the female very apparent temperament.

I believe that many people will be quite familiar with the old friend white shirt, which belongs to the single product that can let women deduce the advanced beauty, with off-white trousers, showing the color between the upper and lower is not similar, but also can change the style, to prevent the white shirt to create too stiff or too cold tone.

Want to decorate his form through wearing, be about to pay attention to apply brunet to undertake visual contraction effect. Take send go to use inside black, combine coat of a long money, open it directly, having the beautification effect to bodily form.

This middle-aged model made a good example, from her this group of clothes, we can see that there are only three kinds of color splicing, but can concentrate a full sense of advanced and concise elegant demeanor.

3. White neck is very important

Dressing collocation is a technical work, in addition to pay attention to the balance between colors, but also pay attention to some in the details of the design. For example, whether the position of the neckline is too empty, whether it is too tightly wrapped, these are factors to consider.

For middle-aged and elderly women, it is very important to shape a certain amount of white neck, not only to reduce the restrained temperament, but also to create a quite natural style.

It is generally recommended that middle-aged women's inner take will not have obvious wrapping strength on the skin, and the design of round collar and V collar is the most natural.

Like this stripe inside, it chooses the neckline design is very smooth, very smooth, create the shape is also very eye-catching, with other middle-aged and elderly women do not have a sense of vitality.

Who says older people don't have fashion sense? These 50-year-old Japanese models are proving that age has nothing to do with fashion sense. As long as you can have a determination to pursue beauty, no matter how old you are, you can live into the envy of others.

Compared with the rounded round neck, v-neck designs are more suitable for women with wide faces. They can create a sense of lengthwise stretch and modify curves significantly. Especially when the color of clothing is bleak, this kind of white space, and reduce the effect of dark and heavy temperament.Read more at: light purple formal dresses | dark green formal dress australia

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The 87-year-old grandmother is famous for her fashion choices
by blueokwhite
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When it comes to fashion, many people may think it is only for young people or middle-aged people, but when we reach the age of 80, fashion seems to be out of the question. But the 87-year-old grandmother broke the stereotype with her outfit.

In her, the public can see a love of beauty in old age and a grace that does not fade with age. This autumn, 87-year-old grandma is popular by "fashion dress", dress to reduce the age of western style, throw off young people a few streets, let's enjoy!

A dress style with no limits

If women want to change their clothes as they age, they first need to break the stereotype that old people should dress conservatively and monotonously.

In fact, fashion has nothing to do with age. Many styles that seem to be exclusive to young people can be managed by older people without any pressure. This 87-year-old grandmother is a case in point.

1, Vitality campus style

Yuqi campus style mainly refers to creating autumn look with the help of some very youthful pieces, such as hoodies, T-shirts, jeans, sweats and dad shoes. The single style is also loose and comfortable.

It seems to be only suitable for students, but when worn on the fashionable granny, there is nothing out of place, instead of reducing the age of western style, oversize hoodie or other items can also inject full vitality into the style, fashionable sense burst.

2. Street hip-hop

The older women get, the more they need to understand that age is just a number, and that we can dress in any style we like. If you are a true street style lover, things like a baseball jacket, leather coat or ripped jeans will work for you.

Autumn goes out the street to build double color fastens ball shoe, the individual character that belongs to grandma generation and handsome nature reveal, not inferior at the youth.

Retro elegance

After the age of 80, if you don't want to be too bold and personal, you are advised to opt for retro elegance, a style that uses vintage tones and classic pieces to create an everyday look.

Such as Burgundy, dark green, avocado, caramel, or woolen coat, plaid coat, sweater, skirt, not only easy to control, but also let you wear beyond the age of beauty, elegant to the bone.

Two, change a kind of construction method is more fashionable

Many old people may think that the reason why they dress fashionably is because they are wearing fashionable items, which is actually one-sided.

Many fashion grannies wear basic or age-neutral items, such as the 87-year-old's favourite denim jacket, hoodie, cardigan, suit or dress.

What makes her stand out from the crowd is that she knows how to use fashion to enhance her sense of style.

For example, when wearing a denim jacket, she prefers to mix hoodies rather than undergarments, giving her a casual street feel. It's not just denim jackets. When she wears a cardigan, she also uses dresses to add romance to her looks.

Similar to the use of retro red dress as a knitted cardigan, the whole is bright and moving, and romantic elegant.

Refuse to be black or white

If 80-year-old women want to win fashion and elegance with the help of clothes, they can not stay the same in the color scheme. They can try more colors other than black and white.

In this grandmother's case, as well as black, white, camel, brown or beige, she also likes to spice up her looks with vintage colours such as olive, dark green, maples, Burgundy or ginger.

On the basis of breaking the dull feeling of autumn, these colors can also enhance the recognition, with color collision skills, stylish feeling double!

The way of dressing depends on detail, colour applies not exception also, besides having the aid of color department will light modelling outside, know to have the aid of "colour echo" perhaps bump color skill will promote window very important also.

Similar to the green sweater with blue jeans, ginger socks and sweater small area of the color, careful machine full.

Four, let accessories become a unique mark

Women over 80 are no longer thin, grey hair and wrinkles are the norm, but the love of beauty is a lifelong lesson for women.

Even though they're no longer young, grandmothers need to look as sophisticated as possible, which requires us to accessorize our looks with accessories.

Things like berets, sunglasses, earrings, sweater chains, belts or scarves.

Besides being able to promote modelling integrity and delicate feeling, these deserve to act the role of also can be same as white hair, wrinkle, become the distinctive sign that belongs to old people.Read more at: formal clothing | formal dresses melbourne

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3 little-known dressing tips
by blueokwhite
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Clothes mean a lot to women. They are the "colors" that we walk in the world. The ups and downs of our inner heart and the unique charm of our performance are all clearly revealed. Therefore, there is no more straightforward way to compliment a woman than to tell her that she "can dress".

This issue is to share how to improve the "wearing power". We often wander in the fashionable and elegant between, but forget to wear the most basic is to know how to send force, how to send force, so often into the difficult predicament of dressing, collocation. So in this issue, we will talk about how to activate and enhance the power of dressing through "the choice of items" and "the details of wearing".

Here's what we shared in this issue:

▎ Three pieces of clothing

There are two ways to improve the wearing ability. One is to directly choose fashionable designed clothes to enhance the sense of fashion, and the other is to increase the durability through wearing skills according to the basic items. The two ways have their own advantages, so let's talk about how to improve the wearing power through the choice of single products:

#01 Design Sense shirt & Shirt

Speaking from the choice of single article, the more basic single article is more versatile, but the same disadvantage is too basic, it is difficult to wear a sense of fashion. For example, the classic shirt, neat and neat is the first impression of her, if it is embellished with details can achieve a variety of styles, obviously need to spend effort, ordinary people difficult to master.

And if you want to be effortless and stylish, a shirt with a sense of design will be the choice of most people. Like the "gorgeous shirt" with lace:

Gorgeous shirt plaid suit jeans, gorgeous shirt white wide-leg pants. Keep one piece of clothing with a sense of design, and the rest as simple as possible, so that the collocation is easy and attractive.

Or a "ribbon shirt" or a "floral shirt" with a detailed design:

White ribbon shirt light blue suit pants dark blue coat, floral shirt blue jeans. Obviously, whether it's a small design or a large print, choosing the same color palette or matching colors will add color to your outfit.

#02 Fashion coats

In addition to the design of the clothes, the popular items are extremely attractive in their own right, don't worry about the lack of highlights. But it should be noted that when choosing popular single products, "the design must be simple", which is the key point to keep popular single products fresh but out of time.

① Tunic (baseball uniform)

Like this fall's baseball uniform. Used to be popular, but do not belong to the classic sheet, is not a necessary sheet in the wardrobe, like this kind of popular sheet, style is changeable, if you choose complex style, so must only wear a season, because wait until the second popular is a new appearance. So choose the design with contracted foundation right now, although again, 3 times popular, also won't be out of date.

② Duffel coat

Or the tweed coat, which is also popular this fall, is classic enough in itself, and such a piece should pay attention to "retain features" and "change details" when choosing it. Keep the classic tweed material and gold buttons, adjust the collar, color, pocket and other places, or choose stitching, piping design, the combination of the two, both classic and popular.

#03 Leather & Knit pants

Almoirah of course also can spare one or two styles strong or wear style contrast sense of clothing, appropriate "mix and build" is also to promote the way to wear build force. Such as:

1) knit pants

Knitted pants because of their greater elasticity, choose stiff will have a more decorative effect. For this kind of clothing that is not often worn but can be mixed and matched, the same choice is more extensive. Such as:

Beige long shirt black knitwear, suit shirt black knitwear, gray knitwear gray knitwear. Whether it is "adapt style" or "style mix match", pay attention to use accessories to enhance style.

(2) leather pants

When choosing leather pants, you should also avoid tight leather pants. It is better to choose loose or short leather pants. Because leather pants are more handsome, if you want to mix and match, go for neutral or feminine clothing, such as:

Knitwear leather pants, suit leather pants, hoodie leather pants, etc. At this time, the shoes determine the leisure, the choice of sneakers or high heels can be based on the daily style.

▎ Three skills

In terms of skills, wearing power is not the display of fancy skills, but the effect that can be presented through simple support. It is a skill that everyone can master and use, such as:

#04 Red object embellishment

Add "a little red" to any outfit to make it more attractive. For example, when wearing all black, use a red dress to brighten up the whole body so that it is bright without showing off. When large area red, it is that other sheet is pure color with black and white best, 2 it is to put red in the lower part of the body will be safer.

Small red ornament, consider there is no need to so much, like red bags, shoes, scarves, earrings and so on to choose one or two ornaments in the dress can be; Or use a red top as a cape to drape over your shoulders for extra attraction.

#05 Wear more than one outfit

From the point of view of clothing, clothing "more than one dress" is obviously to maximize the utilization rate of wardrobe, this skill has also spoken for many times, here is mainly to mention how to do the basic colorful clothes.

The most direct way is to choose basic color clothing and its collocation, and then change the dress style through the embellishment of details and the echo of colors.

#06 One-piece wear

There are two understandings about "one-piece" wearing, one is the overlapping and mixing of a single item, the other is the visual unity of different items. Such as:

Shirt-dress: can be worn singly, also can fold wear, mix match. When folded, wear a turtleneck underneath; When mixing and matching, add a pair of pants or a skirt. Maximize the utilization of single product while unlocking the ever-changing shape.

Visual unity of different items, simple point is the unity of color, style, choose the same color department to wear or uniform style clothing.Read more at: |

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Did you really pick the right top
by blueokwhite
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Autumn half skirt, carrying the woman to this season all romantic imagination. Not the short skirt of summer as lively, but a more calm and with the expression of sex. Especially for middle-aged women, the knee skirt in the elegant bearing when dressing, is other single products can not give, can be graceful, can make public, is a kind of poetic painting worth careful appreciation.

And the matching jacket can not be careless, if not carefully selected, but pulled down the aura. In fact, every skirt is looking for its "best partner". In this episode, we will talk about how to choose the top of various skirts. Let's have a look

1. The plaid skirt

The plaid pattern is a very classic pattern of patterns, but it has a problem that it is easy to look old-fashioned, and the color of the plaid can easily affect our impression of the dress. Warm tone and cool tone of the case grain, temperament is not the same, the former classical wen wan, the latter pure and fresh grace, the proposal will choose according to their temperament.

When choosing a top, if the shape of the skirt itself is relatively simple, we can add some small designs to the top as a highlight of the look, such as patchwork cuffs to highlight the feminine. On the contrary, the grid skirt that already contained a design, jacket is about a few simple but elegant, will match with low-key black more secure.

2. A half dress with a strong texture

There are some fabric material will have a unique grain, then the dress will become the best fabric foil. A textured hemline is easy to draw attention to, so when we choose a top, we should not make the top so obvious that it does not steal the attention from the dress.

Wear it with a simple T-shirt, preferably a slim one. If you have a short neck or a big face, you can also choose a T-shirt with a big U collar.

3. Shiny skirts

The half skirt with strong sense of luster will have a luxurious texture, especially the knee skirt, because its proportion of the area is very large, do not need additional decoration can be easily carried out, in color matching pay attention to use more low-key color, can reflect its texture, such as smoke gray, brown earth color department.

At the same time, the choice of top should not be too ostentatious, otherwise it will make the whole person look very flamboyant. Either wear lighter colors on the top, like black, which goes with everything, or blend in darker colors over a lighter top, like a dark green or navy knit.

4. Fold dress

Pleated skirt refers to skirt with pleats at the hem. Pleated skirt is also one of these skirts. This kind of skirt if the distribution of folds is lower, then the modification effect will be more subtle, so the upper body can be used to highlight the line of sight, but also to emphasize the waist line. For example, wear a silk shirt with streamers to match a long black dress.

If the texture of the skirt itself is cotton and linen material, which is easy to wear wrinkles and looks low, then the upper body should emphasize the high-level sense, and it is suggested to use a suit coat or metal accessories to create the overall delicacy of dressing.

5. A flowing half dress

Although the skirt with a strong sense of elegance is easy to appear ethereal, but if you want to be elegant, just relying on the sense of elegance is absolutely not enough, we need to express this temperament more appropriately, otherwise it is too soft, but soft without personality.

When collocation, with a suit coat or coat coat will enhance agile feeling, can let the temperament of half skirt more composed, although wear a pair of flat bottom shoes only, also won't affect your aura.

6. Thick hemlines

The half skirt with thick texture, if the style is still above the knee, it is easy to make people look heavy, so when choosing clothes in the upper body, we should choose the light style, of course, if it is in summer, we can use suspenders to fold the method of wearing see-through shirt, simple and fast. But in autumn winter, to keep warm, we can add a white inside clairtight unlined upper garment to build inside, let dress rich administrative levels, still can reflect our fashionable qiao think.

7. Gorgeous half-dress

Only the big half skirt of luxuriant feeling has two characteristics, it is skirt place above all enough big, big skirt place has an advantage namely can highlight waist, so the collocation of upper body should with tight or cultivate one's morality had better.

Another feature is its simple sense or decorative pattern more eye-catching. If it is a good texture of fabric, half skirt with solid color style can play the advantages of the material, then the upper body with the same tone of clothes to match. And if it is a patterned style, plus a big skirt is easy to fancy, then the upper body should be as plain as possible.

8. Skimpy skirts

Light skirt, including slim silk skirt or gauze skirt. The common feature of both dresses is that they create a slouchy feel, so in order to balance the elegance, we need to add some serious pieces on the top, such as a blouse or a blazer.

To do not let the jacket appear inflexible nevertheless, when choosing a shirt, we can choose the design that a few designs have, for instance vertical grain shirt, the style with strong recreational feeling such as twill shirt. You don't have to tuck your shirt into your pants to let it fall down. And when choosing a blazer, skip a solid color palette, such as a solid black business suit, in favor of a more easy-going plaid suit or a light color suit that will look more harmonious.

9. The fishtail skirt

The fishtail dress wraps around the hips and legs, but comes loose at the hem to perfectly frame a woman's figure. When wearing a fishtail skirt, the first thing to pay attention to is that its size should not be too long, otherwise it is easy to look sluggish. At the same time, if the fishtail skirt itself is bright enough, then the upper body is mainly simple version.

But if the skirt of the fishtail skirt is more sluggish, then the upper body can strengthen the shape of the longitudinal body line, with neat lines to balance the bottom of the complex, a good drapery jacket coat can complete the modification function.Read more at: sydney formal dresses | formal dress

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Light ripe girl autumn dress don't be too fussy
by blueokwhite
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It's not even the time to wear two, and lightweight shirts that can be casual and commute to work are perfect for the transition season.

If you choose a white shirt, the version is more fashionable and loose, you can also choose a less basic style, with a little wooden ear edge and bubble sleeves to be more gentle and age-reducing, because white is inclusive, so even if the bottom is flowery, you are not afraid. In addition, you can also try some soft color, look happy and easy to the eye.

Everyone will get a sweater in the fall, which will be less flattering and more versatile than the pullover version. Knit unlined upper garment with simple sense is close-fitting wear close skin breathable not tie flesh, color respect recommends everybody first choice gentle earth color, have autumnal atmosphere feeling, very classic not easy to be out of date.

In the early autumn, the weather is not so cold, with thin small cardigans open slit straight tube half skirt, gentle and sexy, commuting leisure is very practical wear.

Printed sweaters and colored sweaters with color stitching are also very popular this year. Although they look very fashionable, they are far from versatile as the basic style. For ordinary people, it is easier to wear texture without complexity, and it is easier to control simple and clean pure colors if you want to highlight temperament.

Small loose version, with a little lazy casual style, no matter with pants or skirts are very comfortable.

Lazy cancer star person's wardrobe must be prepared with a shirt skirt, simple style, abandon trival fashion elements, collocation does not need to spend too much thought, and bring your own aura.

Especially in autumn, many shirt skirts will be designed into the style of a windbreaker, which can be worn as a coat to keep out the cold. If worn only with buttons and belts, it will become a dress. With waist line, it will enhance the femininity, elegant temperament and show thin.

The clear cold wind that takes a bit of alienation feeling nowadays, rustling big woman wind is more and more popular, reduced the melting element of feminine taste, can wear an advanced feeling with the simplest foundation money only.

The most representative single product is the suit pants, the fabric has a certain sense of crisp and straight at the same time very vertical, pants legs have a certain margin and not too loose, especially modified leg type, commuting to work and shirt collocation is the best CP, it is easy to wear.

If you think it's too formal to wear a basic shirt, you can also pair it with a sweater, which is gentle and elegant. Or fold a T-shirt underneath and unbutton it a little more for a laid-back, casual look.

Daily travel feel suit pants are too formal, can also be changed into casual jeans, cotton and linen fabric leisure sense is stronger.

Casual and versatile jeans, each of us more than one in the almirah, summer wear light color more relaxed, but also to the visual drop in temperature, to the autumn and winter choose brunet more appropriate, and brunet jeans with a taste restoring ancient ways, look more texture.

Loose straight jeans do not pick the figure, it appears that the legs are straight and long, in early autumn can be matched with a variety of shirts, a little formal, a little leisure, wear a effortless fashion, more cold knit sweater or folded coat, simple and casual and easy to wear texture.

Autumn meaning is gradually thick, windbreaker can also be arranged in advance, light ripe girl wants to wear more temperament, abandon trival design and flowery color, choose classic basic color collocation is not easy to go wrong.

Slim version looks tall and straight, but also easier to wear the aura, autumn clothing whether style or color should be appropriate to do subtraction, such a dress looks clean and comfortable, highlighting temperament is also very senior sense.Read more at: red formal dresses | white formal dresses

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