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How beautiful sweet, cool, short curls look
by blueokwhite
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Short hair has become more and more popular in recent years because of its ability to modify the shape of the face and head. There is an online saying that describes short hair as "a face cut is like a facelift", which means that as long as it fits your face shape and temperament, it will double your appearance level.

In theory, short hair is suitable for almost any face type and head type of people, but different hair quality conditions, appearance level and temperament, even if the same hairstyle, the effect may be very different. Some people cut short hair relaxed fashion and look young, some people cut short hair but show rustic old - fashioned even pull down the level of appearance and temperament.

So how do you know if short hair is right for you, and how do you choose which looks better, straight or curly? Here are a few short hairstyles of this Japanese little sister to explain the beauty of a different kind for everyone, while explaining how to keep short hair just look good.


The standard for the most beautiful short hair is here

Hairstyle is very good-looking, appearance level temperament accounts for half only, the other half is hairstyle outline shape and face model head blend degree, this just is key. No matter how good your looks are, you'll get dragged down. So, you have to know the standard of perfect short hair to know if you are suitable for short hair.

Do hair style first look is hair quality hair quantity and head type, this is the most basic option. What detail sees is facial features, face, neck to wait, according to these oneself condition, can judge you roughly whether suit bingle, perhaps choose the bingle of what type.

The first is cranial height, which is a hard indicator, because cranial height is the height of the hair, which is better to modify the face shape. But it does not mean that a low cranial top can not keep short hair, you can adjust the level of pomp or perm to increase the height of the method, also can get the perfect hairstyle effect.

For example, the girl's cranial top is very high, from the hairstyle point of view, the top of the head and bangs form the lowest point of this piece of face, and the length of the face close to or the formation of 55 points, such a proportion is the most perfect standard of short hair. As long as it conforms to this point, even if the appearance level is almost, it does not affect the hairstyle effect.

Therefore, the design of short hair must be around the height of the top of the skull to launch a series of hairdressing techniques, the ultimate goal is to let the hair conform to this standard. Only do this short hair, just the most beautiful.


Not enough hair shape for a perm

If you have a high head, you have an advantage. As long as you find a skilled Tony teacher, you can boldly cut your hair. The details need to be designed according to your specific conditions and fashion trends.

If you don't have the height of the top of your head, it's easy to have a short haircut that compresses the shape of your face and makes it look rounder. This kind of circumstance can increase hair root unplumpness through high level hairstyle, but also be limited to coarse hard healthy and hair quantity lady. The best way to have soft and thin hair is to perm it to increase the height of the top of the head and get the perfect short hair.

The key of bingle perm is the top of head, can increase cranial top height, can let hair amount show much again, still can increase the model ability of hairstyle, obtain lasting modelling effect. Hind neck and temple cannot hot roll, cut short cut thin to make tighten up the effect of suiting, such ability highlights the dimensional feeling that gives cranial top curl and clever sex.

Also some people worry that the ironed curly hair will show the old, in fact, there is no need to worry, show always hairstyle style choice problem, as well as the hair color problem. First of all, the style of hair should be in line with the sense of fashion, volume size varies from person to person, but hair color can not be ignored, because hair color can not only improve the brightness of skin color, but also offset the old air feeling of curly hair.

If the top is long enough, bangs will definitely be too long. Go for a center part. If the length is shorter, go for bangs. Hair color can be based on their skin color, combined with the popular trend to choose, or let Tony teacher according to the needs of hair style, help you design a suitable hair color, not only won't be old, but also let your hair style full of fashion sense.

This little sister's short hair is a true reflection of her daily hairstyle. The change of the shade of hair color, the change of curl size, the change of hairstyle style, was changed by her to create a different style sense. Enough to explain, bingle has mutability not only, also have fashionable feeling more, basically be foil and the ability that decorates face model, very powerful indeed.

Girls like short hair, can refer to this little sister's short hair style, may be able to give you some inspiration. In fact, there are many styles of short hair, little sister's style is standard short hair, shorter than this is super short, and the longest type of short hair is the Bob.Read more at:short formal dresses online | formal wear brisbane

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Which is more bad for hair, perm or dye
by blueokwhite
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Today's hairdressing topic, to share with you one of the most easily overlooked, but have to say the topic, that is perm or hair color which is more harmful to the hair quality.

The reason I'm talking about this is because a fan wrote me that her hair was often dyed and a little dry, so she went for a perm on a whim, and it got burned. The barber said it was because he often dyed his hair, and had nothing to do with perm.

I think this problem a lot of friends are met, the barber is certainly in the blame, because I am a little experience of the barber before perming, will ask and understanding of the history of customer dyed hair perm, hair will be, make sure you can handle is very hot, can appear otherwise a lot of unexpected results, such as hair scalding hot, hot coke, etc.

As for perm and dye hair which more injury hair, the following with my decades of experience in hairdressing work, through three hot dyed knowledge points, to give you an in-depth interpretation, read you will have the answer.


Perm and dye can damage the quality of hair

No matter perm or dye hair, it is a very complex chemical process, need to open hair scales, change the internal structure of the hair or pigment, this process has certain destructive to the hair quality, can take away a part of the protein, bring about the hair hot dyed after the occurrence of dry, gloss reduced phenomenon.

The main component of the first agent of perm water is ammonia, the purpose of using ammonia water is to open hair scales, conducive to the penetration and absorption of the main agent sulfur generation, to cut off the role of disulfide bonds in the hair. Once use excessive can bring about hair interior to form cavity, nutrient does not stay, moisture evaporates fast, still can cause hair elasticity to abate, wool scale falls off or close the phenomenon such as not completely. The second agent of perm water is an oxidant, the main component is hydrogen peroxide or sodium bromate, excessive use will also lead to dry hair, hair color becomes shallow, brittle and easy to break phenomenon.

The main component of hair dye is ammonia, which mainly plays a role in opening hair scales in the process of hair dyeing. However, ammonia is very alkaline, and excessive use will lead to hair structure relaxation, hair scales falling off, nutrient loss, and hair becoming dry and brittle. Hair dye matching double oxygen milk, the main component is hydrogen peroxide, the effect of different strength, oxidation of hair is different, excessive use will lead to hair expansion, water shortage, easy to break.

As you can see, perms and coloring can both damage your hair, but I mean it's when you overuse it that it can seriously damage your hair. Under normal standard operation, the damage will be much less.


The frequency of perm is low and the degree of damage is controllable

Perm hair frequency is relatively low, under normal circumstances perm once or twice a year, basically the impact on hair quality is not very big. Short hair is permed about three or four times, but with more frequent haircuts, damaged hair is cut off, so the damage is manageable.

The type of perm is more, a lot of hairstyle that is popular now needs to perm hair tip only, do not have too big effect to whole hair qualitative. With the constant improvement of perm technology and products, as long as the operation is proper and the control of the potion is accurate, there is almost no big difference between the quality of hair after perm and before perm.

But a full wave of curly hair can do more damage than just the ends of the hair. But it is also controllable, because the impact of perm on the hair quality, mainly softening and temperature, as long as the softening control is just right, according to the hair quality control temperature, the impact on the hair quality can be almost ignored. If the hair itself is relatively dry, such as sofa or self-curling hair, perm will be dry, but only need to do a good job of daily care and maintenance, there will not be too big a problem.

Only bad hairdressers, rule-breakers or overuse can lead to serious hair damage. Once the hair is damaged, it cannot be restored, so when perm, we must find a skilled barber, greatly reduce the damage of perm to the hair quality.


Hair dyeing frequency is higher, the degree of damage is much larger than perm

Perms can be done only at the ends, but hair dye must be done from the roots to the ends, and the process itself is much more damaging than perms. In addition, the frequency of hair dyeing is higher, because after hair dyeing, the hair will grow black new hair, and the color dyed before will fade, so it will form two or more sections of color difference, only through hair dyeing to unify the hair color, so the frequency of hair dyeing is much higher than perm.

Under normal circumstances, in order to maintain the consistency of hair color, also need to dye at least three or four times a year, and each time to the whole head, so coloring hair is much more damage than perm. Perm even if hair root grows new unripe hair, not very hot also won't have too big effect, can tie up or dish up, but dye hair is different, two sections of color is clear at a glance, cannot hide.

Dyeing normal color is better, if you choose a lighter tide color, the damage will be greater. Because wet hair requires the bleaching of the natural pigments in the hair in order to achieve the desired color, bleaching can be very damaging to the hair.

After catching tide color, still can face the problem that fade seriously, because color is shallower, hair quality is poorer, pigment molecular structure is smaller, stability is poorer, fade faster also. Add the black that sends a root to appear new unripe hair, form obvious color difference with light color hair, affect aesthetic feeling very much. Right now can pass to continue to drift hair and complement color to achieve the unity of hair color, hurt hair is unavoidable.

The white hair crowd is the same, more than ten days do not dye hair root will continue to emerge white hair, do not dye it affect beauty, dye it laborious also hurt hair, so the frequency of hair dye is much higher than perm, the degree of damage is much larger than perm.

After reading the above introduction of the three perm hair dye hair knowledge points, I think we must have the answer in the heart! Want to reduce the frequency that dye hair, had better choose darker hair color, color is darker when dye hair qualitative damage is smaller, even if hair root grows black new unripe hair, also won't form bigger color difference with the hair color that catch below, so even if do not dye hair also won't have too big effect.Read more at:green formal dresses | grey formal dresses

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Be a woman who knows how to dress, even if you're in your 50s or 60s
by blueokwhite
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The best state for a woman is to cultivate both inside and out, to keep her heart calm, her eyes bright and full of wisdom. The appearance of the modification should not fall, can be through some wear to as far as possible to reflect the charm of more foot.

Here are women in their 50s and 60s who don't have the most impressive looks or impressive features, but do radiate the most appropriate aura. Follow the way they dress, and you'll find that the pieces they use don't have to be flashy, but they do.


Coat selection

The steps of dressing in winter will be more trival, especially the selection of coat, must not be ignored, after all, this kind of clothing on the one hand to bring the effect of temperament, on the other hand, also cannot ignore the formation of warm meaning. In addition to these two points, but also as far as possible to create a pair of body modification.

Coat selection can generally be handed to a variety of colors to complete the coat, if you think that black and white has long been the two colors people often use, ordinary and simple, can not cater to your gradually become fashionable taste, you can use this plaid coat. The design of this grid is delicate and neat, and the combination of colors will not be messy.

Women of more than 50 or 60 years old, in addition to the use of a variety of pure color coat, the grid pattern, can also be properly in the wardrobe to fill in different scenery, and express a variety of characteristics and style, increase the embodiment of modeling identification.

The plaid coat chosen by this woman mainly uses a patchwork of several basic colors, and can be found that this color has a full complement of women's skin tone. And the sheet that combines inside is tasted, it is ok to break through the limitation of all sorts of color respect more and imprison, bold use oneself very fond big red, it is a few bright colour as red even.

Nevertheless, also have a few people feel case grain coat is more difficult to grasp on collocation, so the long coat of a few pure color can get their favour, can use the colour that a few oneself can control to model a concise and easy dress article and very advanced dress style.

This long coat in camel color, which has this healing color support, makes the whole coat look more approachable. The lady in the inside is a dress, if the winter use, remember to use a thicker design in the material, all kinds of wool dresses worth trying.


Inside take

After the coat was solved, be about to properly apply all sorts of inside build to become modelling further complete, become harmonious, and those who build inside choose, let a lot of women do not know how to start more. The particularity of winter season, need a woman is modelling the form that administrative levels feels when wearing build, can apply the cooperation between shirt and knit uncut upper garment, will model a very concise dress, and the change of this kind of colour respect can let a woman oneself open use brains, create the style that gives him to like.

This woman, for example, uses a combination of earth-colored pieces to create a stylish look that is both calm and simple.

Women over 60 who don't have personal ideas about what to wear, or who don't like too distinctive a look, can use a simple white shirt and a colorful knit.

This lady uses a very simple black and white, black knit waistcoat and white shirt, which is the most elegant style, and can be used to match all kinds of coats at any time.


The adoption of trouser suits

It's easy for women in their fifties and sixties to fail to make a breakthrough in their style, leaving them looking flat and even similar every day. If you don't know how to choose pants, you can first escape the small black pants, after all, these pants are slightly more common, can be changed to white pants, look very simple and fresh.

This woman, in her sixties, is wearing a nine-part pair of trousers, which, regardless of leg shape, creates an inclusive effect and gives the legs a straight shape.

The choice of trousers is random, can be flexible change, do not hang on a tree, is to use the same color, the same style of trousers.

The color can be appropriately changed. For example, the gray sweatpants will be more relaxed and moderate in style display. This kind of pants also have obvious sagging feeling, and the pants are not tight, so they are comfortable to wear and look very thin.

Women in their fifties and sixties, when dressing, can look at her collocation demonstration, to find some of their own can also control the way to wear, or to find some of their own can control the single product. From the use of pants, black pants are not the only choice, can be changed to other colors of pants.

Like this blue denim pant, it has bell-bottom elements for a more stylish look. Clean blue, rich in rich fresh beauty, with a variety of dull colors.Read more at:long evening dress | formal dresses

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Wear fashion state super young
by blueokwhite
Nov 22, 2021 | 293 views | 0 0 comments | 19 19 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Some people always think that fashion is only related to age, and even equates beauty with youth. However, when we see a lot of attractive women, their fashion has nothing to do with age and appearance. Instead, the older you get, the more attractive you look, the more radiant you look.

She is 87 years old and has an interesting soul. Her white hair and wrinkles are not signs of aging, but strong evidence of her growing wisdom. She is an interesting and sunny old woman. She wears her favorite clothes, wears her favorite makeup, and has an optimistic and positive attitude towards life, which makes her look radiant.

Like all women who love beauty, this grandmother loves to dress up and pose beautifully for the camera, choosing her clothes carefully and matching her accessories to be a delicate and elegant old lady.

Many older women, will automatically give up their own image, wholeheartedly devoted to life, gradually lost themselves. However, women's innate desire to be beautiful never changes. Deep down, they also want to be beautiful and attractive. In fact, it is not difficult to become beautiful, for example, the grandma's dress is relatively ordinary style, but in the collocation to add fun, plus optimistic and positive attitude, look comfortable and eye.

With the growth of age, the collocation of clothing should not always be given priority to with dark colors, and the appropriate addition of bright colors can not only add color, but also make the overall shape appear vivid and energetic.

Bright colors add vitality

Red is always the representative of passion and enthusiasm, grandma who loves beauty has a special love for red. Gules wave dot dress enthusiasm shows color, the style of shirt money, appear able and capable temperament. Pair it with a light grey hoodie for a casual yet comfortable look. The most characteristic is the plaid cap worn on the head, exaggerated modeling, fashionable and interesting.

Color make public color, always can bring more vitality and attract eyeball degree, also can move a person more. Put on bright color clothing, instantly add infinite vitality, but also can achieve the fresh fruit of reducing age. Compared to dark colors of clothing, can also make the mood more cheerful. And the old man's capacity is infinite, all sorts of bright color should match only proper, not only fashionable and decent can reveal easy and moving temperament again.

The grandmother wore a light plaid suit and matching pantsuits for a formal look. The fabric of suit is not stiff type, soft material, loose style, more comfortable and natural to wear. Wearing a red beret and black sunglasses, modern and tasteful.

Loose dress version suits mature woman more, come can decorate the inadequacy of figure, 2 also can wear comfortable experience, can reveal the elegant temperament that gives a woman again at the same time. However, loose style is not without shape, if too loose, will bring a lackluster and slovenly image.

Loose style is elegant and generous

This suit suit, the color is light, it looks lightsome and flabby. The style of self-cultivation is not tight, it looks natural and easy. The straight shoulder line and the able collar foil the tall and straight figure, and the loose half skirt can add a few minutes of gentle feminine taste. Her red beret and colorful ankle boots are all expressions of fashion.

Fashion regardless of age, even if the hair is gray, cheeks no longer smooth water slippery, as long as always maintain a fashionable attitude, the same can be beautiful and handsome. In the photo, grandma and granddaughter are wearing the same outfit and making the same facial expressions. Grandma's stylish attitude and cute facial expressions are instantly appealing.

The plaid suit in grandma's interpretation, showing retro, elegant and handsome charm, with a white T-shirt to add a bit of casual taste, wearing a golden pendant necklace shows rich levels, a bold sunglasses as an ornament, looks fashionable and interesting, can not help but want to like for grandma.

Older women are more than just one face. It's good to be mature and natural, fun and attractive. The choice of dress can as his heart, need not care about the eye of others, but elegant atmosphere, also can be fashionable and vivid.

Add cute and fun elements

The grandmother's smile is so sweet that you can't even see what she's wearing. Her gentle, infectious smile shows her confidence and positive attitude. This distinctive black sweater features a cute baby collar with white lace outline on the edges to instantly dissolve the dull color of black, plus a cute bow shape to instantly relieve stress and relax your mood.

Age is no excuse for not dressing up. The older a woman gets, the more she loves beauty. Young girl, although simple dress up also can send out the glamour that gives youth, and age is getting older, need to express oneself attitude and lasting appeal more through dress and dress up.

Some fun and cute looks should not be rejected easily, such as manicures, perms and showing off your charm can make people forget the boundaries of age and relieve the stress of life.

No one can achieve the real cold age, calm face, happy and elegant aging more charming. Apply a red lipstick to moisturize your lips, add color and release your feminine charm. Do the hair fluffy and stylish, create a fresh and elegant posture. What you loved when you were younger or didn't have time to try, this time can also be implemented, be a beauty loving and confident fashion grandma.Read more | long formal dresses

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Grandma dresses like a model for old age, natural and authentic
by blueokwhite
Nov 18, 2021 | 248 views | 0 0 comments | 13 13 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

A wise woman loves herself at all times. When a woman learns to please herself, she can live a delicate and beautiful life. The years are long, be kind to yourself, give yourself some leisure time, seriously dress up yourself, enjoy leisure and good time.

Women are born with a love of beauty, irrespective of age. Beauty is never limited, it varies from age to age, and can still be charming even after the age of 70.

The elderly grandmother shared today has a simple and gentle smile. At a glance, you can be attracted by her gentle eyes. This is the calm and open-minded after the test of time, without affectation or flattery.

It doesn't matter if the style is loose

This grandmother chose a loose blue coat, dark dark tone foil dignified temperament, collocation a bright red scarf, the instant will be depressing feeling swept away, strong contrast of warm and cold foil a lively atmosphere, the head wearing a shallow orange tonal knitting cap, elegant, fashionable, savour.

The dress of middle-aged and old woman, it is to want to wear above all comfortable and easy, all sorts of stiff modelling can bring the inconvenience of action, suit the dress of oneself body condition, just be the most comfortable, the most decent way.

Moderate loose style, will not be too slim show the flaws of the figure, will not be too loose, bring sloppy and not spiritual condition. Leave some space, it will be more convenient to wear, but also create a natural and relaxed atmosphere, comfortable and relaxed clothes will bring happiness.

Like this body modeling, grandma wearing a dark blue coat, loose style, the color of the atmosphere, she is generous. Loose style can be convenient in the coat with different types of lining, keeping the temperature at the same time, and can make the shape has a changeable possibility.

A khaki knit sweater is built inside this milk, blue and khaki collocation, low-key, natural and do not break fashionable feeling, the change of depth, pull open the administrative levels of modelling, and the sleeve edge of a sweater exposed by the cuff, not only can play the role of wind, but also can show fashionable attitude.

In addition to the relaxed style, the range of color selection should also be enlarged. Dark tonal, really can create a mature atmosphere, but, always choose dark tonal clothing, also can bring depressing and drab feeling, but also can affect the mood of relaxation. Old people dress, beautiful color do not refuse, wear up to show color and good-looking.

Bright colors are fashionable and vibrant

Such as the body modelling, grandma was a dry rose pink long dust coat, soft and romantic color, show the years of peace and better, more foil a grandma's color and female charm, collocation is a red scarf, a simple round a circle around the neck, warm and nice, middle-aged and old women can be beautiful romantic emotional appeal.

The older you are, the more you like red items. It can be a local ornament, such as scarf and accessories, or a large area of decoration. Bright colors create a lively atmosphere, highlighting good color, but also bring a festive and enthusiastic feeling.

When using red in a large area, we should also pay attention to the grasp of proportion, if we do not pay attention to the adjustment of the shape, it will also bring a tacky feeling. The grandmother chose a red shawl, paired with a white sweater and embellished with a pearl necklace, that was elegant and chic.

The dress of the old person does not always be cookie-cutter, appear already depressing also can lack interest rate, apply different color to wear build, can abound modelling already, can light up the mood again, the life is more insipid, want to live more have flavor.

In addition to black clothing has a versatile effect, earth color is also very easy to match the type, such as light camel, is a low-key mild and inclusive color, very suitable for deducing natural and elegant feminine taste. Take the choice of red single product, in the neckline exposed a small part, no loud and overwhelming publicity, but can add more hotspot.

Age is just a number. Dressing decently is a person's decency. Besides pure color department, the sheet of case grain kind also nots allow to miss, should match color only not too flowery, the addition of case grain element can make a fashionable atmosphere restoring ancient ways more.

Like this single product, is the use of pure color and grid stitching, the body of the choice of rich coffee, the sleeve stitching fine grid, simple cutting, rich and orderly color matching, generous and good-looking. A knit hat, a pair of tan sunglasses, and a cute smile are so cute and energetic that people can't help but praise her funny soul.

Be open to the fact that you are growing old. Aging gracefully is most attractive. The dress of middle-aged and old woman, natural, decent can move people's heart most, do not need to dress up forcibly already tender, also do not need so deep, do him bravely, cherish him, the moment holds beautiful posture, did not have so difficult actually.Read more at:australian formal dress shops | floor length formal dresses

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Don't show your ankles in winter clothes
by blueokwhite
Nov 16, 2021 | 370 views | 0 0 comments | 18 18 recommendations | email to a friend | print | permalink

Although exposed ankle in winter clothing can enhance modeling highlights, belongs to the more common collocation careful machine, but with the rapid decline in temperature, compared with fashion personality, a lot of fashionable essence people pay more attention to dress warm and comfortable, choose "not exposed ankle" wear way, win temperature and grace.

This kind of collocation method has the reference value to the old cold leg or the pursuit warm practical middle-aged woman, this winter dress does not reveal the ankle again, for you to share 27 sets of warm wear, elegant fashion and very thin, let's have a look!

One, small foot pants boots

The easiest way to cover your ankles in winter is to start with boots, such as Chelsea ankle boots, Martin boots, under the knee boots or over the knee boots, especially boots near the knee, warm and stylish, minutes to enhance your aura.

1, lamb hair jacket small pants boots

The boot design that suits winter is more, recommend knight boots or knee boots quite among them, good control and collocation is flexible, fashionable feeling is full.

There is a detail to pay attention to, boots have a modification effect on the calf line, but the trouser version should not be too loose, the combination of small foot pants more agile and show thin legs. For a warm and stylish style, pair it with a lamb coat. The shorter version is friendly to small people.

2, down jacket/cotton-padded coat pants boots

Small pants and boots can protect the ankle, with a lot of options, in addition to lamb coat, down jacket, cotton jacket is also a safe choice.

For example, the length of the waist to crotch between the waist down jacket, cotton-padded jacket, can block the hip area, suitable for the middle-aged woman of all figures.

3. Over-waisted woolen coat pants boots

The woolen coat has advantages that are hard to replace. A length that goes below the waist and below the knee is best for the little guy.

At the same time, small foot pants stretch legs in the connection of boots at the same time, and a loose and tight coat, comfortable and warm and decent.

Two, lamb hair short coat wearing demonstration

In addition to covering the ankle area with thigh-high boots or socks, it's also crucial to keep your winter clothes warm and stylish.

Lamb coat is the most middle-aged women in winter can not miss the style, because the length of the waist, it on the height, body tolerance degree, small, tall wear are not a problem.

For example, khaki, beige, camel, brown gray or blue gray waist short lamb coat, with radish pants, straight pants, connected socks, temperature and grace.

When the lower outfit is relatively slim and tight, it is recommended that we choose to use A version of the lamb coat, A version of the nifty age reduction, on the waist and abdomen area plays A role in modifying, and small foot pants, straight pants loose combination, resolve the embarrassing problem of dressing.

Here is a detail to pay attention to, bottoms, shoes as far as possible from black or the same color.

Three, down jacket wearing demonstration

What's a middle-aged girl who isn't interested in a lamb coat to wear? The answer is get down jacket, which is warm, comfortable and classic. Who can't love it?

If the figure is not tall enough, it is recommended to start with the above kind of waist short bread clothing or medium long quilted down jacket. The former is not only comfortable and warm, but also easy to create a high waist line, like the combination of high waist straight skirt and straight pants when wearing open, so as to optimize the proportion of body in minutes.

Quilted down jacket is relatively fluffy, not afraid to stretch the horizontal width, the combination of wide-leg pants, straight pants are easy.

Down jacket length is longer, when wearing build, need to notice these two points more, the first is waist line problem, resemble combination pants of tall waist is worn open, perhaps the choice accepts a waist money down jacket.

The 2nd it is to notice pants outfit choice, recommend pants of small straight tube, small foot and radish pants, on panasonic show tall show thin tightly.

Four, long coat wearing demonstration

Winter long coat, is also an effective way to create a warm look, this kind of single cut simple and smooth, modify the figure and enhance temperament.

The middle-aged girl that takes elegant temperamental route, can choose big lapel long coat, want to wear gentler but person, might as well try horn buckle long coat.

Similarly, when wearing a combination of small pants and boots, the whole body is wrapped up, but the temperament is half the same. Of course, combination pants or straight pants and socks are also acceptable.

Among them, with the help of pants to protect ankle, it is recommended to choose high waist wide leg pants, combination of long coat or small wind short coat, easily raise the waist line position.Read more at:formal dress online | short formal dresses

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Appearance level again high also can't carry the top of the head "lie prone", show the face is big and have no temperament, do hairstyle fluffy is the key
by blueokwhite
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No matter how good your appearance, the wrong hairstyle is a waste! Appearance level again high, also can't carry the head to lie! When doing hair style, the unkempt degree of the top of the head just is the key that designs hair style, break away from this principle, again good appearance level, only the hair of the top of the head lies prone on scalp, show face not only big, still can affect your temperament.

Hair is so important to women that a hairstyle that suits their face shape is like a face-lift. But for Asians, most of the face is round, facial features lack of three-dimensional, cranial flat, do hair if the hair stuck to the scalp, no matter how good the appearance level will make you temperament.

If you've had a haircut and your face looks rounder, except for the bangs, there's definitely a lack of volume at the top. Lack of height at the top of the head creates a sense of compression and roundness. If you're feeling a little old after a new perm, in addition to the curl size, it's probably because the top of your head is too flat.

No matter do what hairstyle, want the head to send root fleeciness to rise only, facial features ability more stereo, face model also looks better. For people with a high skull on the top of the head, thick hair or a lot of hair, there is no need to think too much about this, because the roots of any hair style will be fluffy and difficult to stick to the scalp.

Women with a flat top, soft hair and thin hair are not so lucky. If you ignore the height of the top of your head, you will end up with a rounder face and thinner hair. So, what hairstyle does hair root ability fleeciness rise? Here are three ways to increase the height of your head and lift your appearance up a few notches.

Korean-style traceless Morgan perm

Korean non-trace Morgan hot is specifically aimed at the root of the fluffy perm way, the use of special tools, only in the root of a C hot volume, the height of the top of the head increased a few centimeters. Not only will it stretch your face, but it will also match your hairstyle to your face.

Morgan perm is also very popular now a perm root method, after the root almost no trace, can only feel the hair root fluffy up. No matter what style you wear, as long as the roots are high, the face will look better and the hair will look better.

Morgan perm for curly, straight, long and short hair. The Bob, for example, is most suitable for Morgan ironing. Easily solve the problem of hair sticking to the scalp.

Morgan wave big wave

To the person that likes big wavy long hair, want to iron already the wavy grain that gives tenderness and romance, want to let hair root get natural fleeciness feeling again, use Morgan to iron only with big wave hot hair combination together, ability obtains hair root fleeciness big wave hairstyle.

The traditional method of ironing big waves, the root of the hair is very difficult to iron up, because the hot wave of the big volume can not roll to the root of the hair, only a small bar to roll to the root of the hair, in order to iron the root of the hair. But the hair from the small barre is too old and not fashionable, so only Morgan perm can solve this problem.

In addition to big waves, other types of curls can also be combined with a Morgan perm. For instance medium long curl, wooden horse is ironed, air cushion is ironed, clavicle is ironed and so on hair style, suit to use Morgan ironing method, will promote the pompous degree of hair root.

The roots are fluffy and hot

With short hair, it's easier to get that puffiness. For example, coarse and hard hair quantity slant more people, even if the height of the head is insufficient, as long as the hair is cut short, the supporting force of the hair root can automatically produce a degree of loosenness, let the hair style produce height. But to fine soft or the person with less hair amount, can have the help of the method of perm only, increase the height of the top of the head.

Go for smaller curls. As long as you control the shape and color of your hair, you can not only add height to the top of your head, but also make your hair look more stylish and youthful. Hair amount slants much, choose texture to iron can let hair root fleeciness rise.

The bingle with some fashionable feeling strong, need to iron hair root fleeciness only, hair tip iron a radian, also very fashionable. Whether it's a big curl or a small curl, the design is to make sure the roots are ironed.

Do what hairstyle, hair root is king!

It doesn't matter how beautiful your hair color is or how bouncy your perm is, if you don't have a loose root, your hair won't look great. That's why hair designers in Japan and South Korea pay special attention to the roots, because No matter what style asians wear, they only look good when the roots are loose.

Some people do not pay attention to this detail, the hairstyle that makes always almost feels, the problem goes up in hair root. Often hear people joke that the hair is cut very well, very good perm, color is also good, but the feeling is not right, it is likely to be related to the lack of hair root.

This is the problem that had said before me, appearance level is again tall also do not set hair root "lie prone", hair root pours temperament completely without. Morgan perm will solve almost all of your root problems, but the band also has the disadvantage of poor durability. Because Morgan perm only perm the root, as long as the hair is long, permed C volume will leave the scalp with the hair, the unkempt will disappear.

Some smart girls have learned to use hair clip, hair bar, electric coil rod to make fluffy hair root modeling, some people will use a hair dryer with a roller comb to blow hair root. If you don't know how to shape and lazy, it is recommended to perm Morgan once a month, afraid of spending money and want to be beautiful, it is best to learn their own hair root modeling skills.Read more at: formal dresses sydney | formal dresses melbourne

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A 50-year-old woman would wear a "peacoat" more elegant
by blueokwhite
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When it comes to winter's most popular practical item, many people will think of woolen coats. In addition to warmth and comfort, woolen coat is also a powerful tool to highlight the wearer's own advanced temperament. It is practical, versatile and grand, and is a true winter treasure item.

Do not cross more resemble this kind not to carry a person common foundation money, more test wears the person oneself collocation foundation, arrive when the woman especially after 50 years old, want to win decent and elegant with the aid of coat, so need to notice coat to carry money and collocation. This winter, 50 year old women will be wearing "peacoat" more elegant, just look at Japanese granny Yoshiko Tomioka, every one is very high class!

First, suitable for winter coat style

With the development of fashion, the style of woolen coat is gradually diversified, no matter the style, version or color are very rich, when a woman over 50 years old, when choosing woolen coat, she can give priority to some simple age-appropriate styles, rather than blindly following the trend as the vertical axis.

1, earth color coat

For example, blogger Yoshiko Tomioka, in her winter coat wearing, the public can hardly see coat styles that are too strong in design or too fancy. Even if they use light pink or light green coat to reduce age, the cutting style of the coat itself is minimalist to the extreme, and more classic coats are based on basic colors and earth colors.

Especially khaki, camel, brown or oat color, these colors and contracted coat design photograph are united in union, play to give coat itself simple sense already, sedate and intellectual.

2, plaid long coat

Earth color fastens coat is the leading role that winter wears to take all the time, and there is still a kind of coat quietly popular rise in this winter, namely case grain long coat. This kind of coat superimposed plaid elements, than pure color coat retro literature, is used to create elegant British style.

When wearing case grain coat nevertheless, case grain design color does not suggest too noisy, can choose from gray, brown or other neuter color, more implicative intellectual.

3. A-version medium coat

Winter coats can be divided into H version, X version, O version or A version according to different versions. H version and X version are the most common in daily life and I believe everyone is familiar with them.

A version of the coat is A bit more playful, which is great for reducing age in winter, but this kind of coat has A girly feel, so try to choose black, camel or caramel colors to avoid going too far.

Two, wear skills

Whether a 50-year-old woman will wear a woolen coat depends not only on style choice, but also on collocation. Only by mastering some collocation skills can we win in this winter.

1, simple color matching is not simple

Many of us may think that clothes have to do with body shape and age, and that being fit and young makes you look good, but as blogger Yoshiko Tomioka shows, being good at dressing up can also make you look better.

First of all, tomioka Kaiko knows how to do subtraction in color matching. Generally, the whole body color is in one or two kinds. If the main color of the shape is dark, it will also use white, beige or color to light up the shape.

2, fold wear rich clothes

Coat wearing looks old and monotonous, many times the problem is on the inside, the inside looks humble, but it decides the shape is bloated or durable.

In this regard, women in their 50s are advised to play up their folding charm by folding a top, vest or down jacket under a woolen coat to balance warmth and style.

3, style harmony

The so-called style harmony, mainly refers to wearing a woolen coat, for the style to add a large difference with the coat style of the single item, so as to collision out of fashion spark.

For example, use a streamed-down shirt as an undercoat, and combine coats with casual items such as hoodies, bunched bottoms, jeans or sneakers.

3. Demonstration of wearing woolen coats

After reading Tomioka Kaiko's coat selection and wearing skills, let's take a look at her matching demonstration.

1. Beige coat white sweater white jeans ankle boots

No matter fashionable how to develop, with color department build law all the time very get fashionable essence people welcome, in winter most show temperamental clean with color department build law than matchs white with creaminess, quiet downy advanced.

Cropped jeans and ankle boots, on the other hand, lengthen your legs and take away the heaviness of a woolen coat, keeping you warm and slimming.

2. Woolen coat pants sneakers

Seemingly unrelated items can often be combined to create a sense of fashion, such as woolen coats, trousers and sneakers.

Coat modelling had these recreational sheet to taste to join, street feeling is full.

3. Black A-style coat blue skinny jeans

When wearing a loose coat, it is necessary to follow the tension combination technique in order to avoid looking bloated and short.Read more at: red formal | white formal dress australia

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70-year-olds wear them even more than young people
by blueokwhite
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Many people think of fashionable young people take it for granted, in fact, the old man is also very care about their dress, they not only pay attention to style, color, also care about the material, they have their own aesthetic and fashion sense, although not too fashionable, but also can show their style, they can choose their own clothes according to his be fond of.

Today's topic is the old woman's daily dress, this 70-year-old woman has a set of clothes, simple clothes after her collocation, immediately appears lively, interesting and fashionable, without the embarrassment of forced dress up young, there is no dull and old age, her fashion makes her look energetic, very charming.

A good look of clothing is the first to see the color of the match, many people to a certain age, spring, summer, autumn and winter, clothing throughout the year are black contracting. Although black is versatile and classic color, also can bring the feeling of mature atmosphere, but, always wear black also can appear boring, be inferior to broaden vision, a lot of good-looking color also suits old woman very much.


Earth color gentle and temperament

In the fashion world, black, white and gray are for everyone, and earth colors are also colors that can bring out women's beauty. Earth color, low-key, gentle and temperament, wearing on the body will not be too eye-catching, although not very eye-catching, but particularly eye pleasing, with the effect of filter, looks natural and advanced.

Like the coat of this camel color, take the knit sweater that fastens with the same color inside, the collocation of different lightness shows certain administrative levels, with the addition of tonal scarf, can bring the effect of warmth already, also let modelling appear rich not drab. The bottom outfit is matched with a black straight leg pants, which is natural and elegant and shows temperament. Simple collocation makes it easy to wear and good-looking.


Local embellishment adds bright spot

If hope modelling more have hotspot, can use a few bright color to undertake small area ornament, can deck modelling not only, also can add fashionable feeling. The grandmother opted for a bright red knit hat to keep her head warm and draw her eyes, paired with black sunglasses for a cool cool look.

Gentle beige is more skin-friendly than camel and can bring out lighter skin tones. The light color is almost white, but more gentle than white. Relaxed cream-colored can promote the lightness of modelling, integral modelling also can feel more lightsome.

The grandmother paired her beige sweater with white cropped trousers for a clean yet gentle look, while a pendant necklace was worn around her neck for a delicate yet layered look. The addition of silk scarf on the bag immediately makes the shape more attractive. The light silk scarf is tied on the bag belt, which shows dynamic and adds feminine flavor.

A few mature women like to use dark color to reveal their maturity and dignified, also have one part woman likes to use Ming yan color to play the part of beautiful. Dark colors are understated and less prone to mistakes, but also less likely to shine. Bright-coloured color is naturally having enough eye attraction, but collocation difficulty is higher, accidentally can wear a tacky feeling.


Bright colors are more vivid

Bright color is more high-profile, also can bring cheerful feeling, but, color type is too rich will bring dazzling feeling, neither key, also do not show temperament. The simplest with good collocation means, it is to use the collocation of the same color, namely a color on the whole body, unified and harmonious show theme, good-looking good build.

This body modelling is the tie-in means that applies same color, blue sweater tie-in blue jeans, fluctuation is relaxed blue, whole is unified harmonious very relaxed again. Pair it with a blue scarf that adds energy and layer to the look and also shifts the focus to the upper part of the body.

It is the collocation of a kind of color up and down, also need to create a few administrative levels to resolve drab feeling. For instance the difference that can wait from qualitative qualitative different, design will make those who give administrative levels rich. Soft sweater and stiff bull-puncher, one soft one hard between them, pull open administrative levels immediately, already fashionable good-looking.

If you like fancy collocation, remember to embrace solid colors to reconcile. A suit is the design and color to wear, without outstanding temperament, it is difficult to control a sense of beauty.

Like this body model, the nine minutes pants of design and color, bright and dazzling, lively and dynamic and very tension, if the upper body chooses the same design and color, it will appear too noisy. The upper body chooses the pure color single product phase combination, forms the complicated and simple combination, has the vitality, and will not be too conspicuous. And the color of jacket had better be a certain kind of color in pants of design and color, also can form the echo of fluctuation colour.

For the most versatile color, look for black. Black classic atmosphere, fashion circle will never be absent from her figure. Mature women want to wear a sense of fashion, we must pay attention to the match will not show old air.


Black fashion is versatile

Black lightness is very low, often bring a dull feeling, in the process of collocation, we must pay attention to not use black to wrap themselves tightly, moderately set aside space to resolve the dull feeling at the same time can also add more breathable sense. This grandma uses black and white photograph combination, the intense contrast adds hotspot, and the striped T shirt with blue and white alternate with inside, it is changed give out vigor, already fashionable and reduce age.

What's the best color? It must be the color that suits you best. A lot of people dress collocation scruple too much, in fact, the simplest way, it is to wear the upper body to see, if let you glow and show temperament, this color is the most good-looking color, with color bright-coloured or not, with the age also has nothing to do.Read more at: evening dresses melbourne | formal dresses in adelaide

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Autumn and winter are still the best looking "skirts boots"
by blueokwhite
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According to the different seasons, women's dressing and dressing will naturally change. After winter, it is necessary to do a good job of keeping warm. You can combine skirts and boots to create a fashionable outfit, which covers the flesh and looks thin. With overcoats and down jackets, it can also form a very elegant image.

Boots keep warm and show thin legs

Boots are a general term. They are divided into short boots and long boots. If boots are chosen, they will have a higher thermal index and have the function of significantly thinner legs. In particular, the material of the boots is a bit harder, which can make the whole leg shape get a good modification, create a sense of verticality and extension, and achieve a slimming effect.

This set of outfits is a perfect demonstration. The long coat is thick and warm, and is maintained by a belt, which makes the waist look thinner. Due to the long hem of the coat, the bottom can be directly controlled by the skirt to achieve a double warmth. The role of.

If you feel that the temperature is not so low, you can directly use the coordination between the long coat and the boots. In the use of skirts, you don't need to choose a length that is above the knees. It doesn't hurt to be shorter. It can be paired with leggings or stockings to create a sexy and feminine outfit.

The color of the boots used in this set of outfits is very simple, the boot shaft will be wider than the calf width, which helps to accommodate the leg shape, and the pairing between this kind of clothing and shoes can increase the fashion index of women a lot .

Because the entire range of the boots is very wide, and can even reach the area above the knee, the use of the skirt does not have to be too long. With the boots of the package, the legs also have a large range of coverage.

Most women are conservative in the selection of boots, because the entire fabric of the boots is more, if the color becomes more eye-catching, and the color system needs to be balanced, the overall matching will be more difficult. The color use of these boots is very versatile, and the skirts can use some simple colors such as gray, silver gray, and black.

Neat short boots

However, boots will wrap the calf, and women need to pay attention to the fit between the width of the boots and the shape of the legs when choosing, so as not to plug them in. Short boots have no such troubles. They can create a very neat shape, especially They are small black short boots, which can be used to match skirts of various colors.

Boots are designed to wrap around the ankles, which can resist the cold wind. However, the length of the skirt should form a sense of connection with the boots, which can form an elegant and warm look.

In the use of the color of short boots, just like boots, it can be slightly conservative. The basic and popular colors of black and dark gray allow you to choose the color of skirts or coats without too much. Pressure or burden.

The small black boots have a kind of reckless atmosphere, which can create a very simple feeling. The overall shape and structure of the boots are very atmospheric. The matching skirts also have countless kinds of cuts or colors, which can be a solid color series, or a skirt with polka dots or plaid.

The presence or the style attributes created by the small black boots are not outstanding enough, but they are the easiest and the best single product to control. When matching with a skirt, you can use a skirt with split elements to show the leg shape from the side, and the extension of the leg shape will be more significant than ordinary skirts.

But if you feel that this kind of skirt is not warm enough, and there is some air leakage, you can replace it with the most conventional half skirt. Taking the material as the distinction, replacing it with lace texture or velvet fabric, these can create the effect of recognition and change, or have a light and luxurious beauty, or have a sense of exquisiteness.

Skirt boots elegantly keep warm

You can also wear a variety of skirts in winter to match your favorite elegant outfits. But the choice of shoes is best based on boots, which can be regarded as one of the must-have items for autumn and winter.

Whether it is short boots or long boots, they can be paired with skirts of different colors. Using short boots, the shape will look more concise, and long boots can bring an extra layer of warmth to the calf. When the bottom of the boots has a high-heeled design, it can reflect the modern sense of the shape, and it can also gain a significant effect.

After the color of the skirt is selected, you can focus on using various boots to form a whole with it. The color of the boots can be dark black or replaced with a more gentle off-white, which can lead to women's wear The ride is quite soft. This set of outfits can be used for reference by women in their forties.

The coordination between the long coat and the inner wear and skirt maintains the uniformity of colors, which will cause the simplicity of the shape to be enlarged a lot and increase countless times. The addition of boots can be used to prevent the skin of the feet from being exposed, create a closed feeling, can present a more warm role, and can also use skirts to emphasize a somewhat elegant charm.Read more at: formal dresses online australia | plus size formal dresses australia

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